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03 Oct 2009
First confrontation between these two coaches, it’s also a special game for Lotina since he is reaching 100 games with Depor. The Basque was asking for implication to his players, while Oltra is not worried about the lack of goals at his team.

José Luis Oltra Castañer is a Valencian coach that had a brief career as a midfielder playing for Sabadell and Levante. He retired in the year 2000 and started to work as the coach of little Catarroja, he has been described as a coach that likes the offensive football. Later he worked with CD Castellón, UD Levante and Ciudad de Murcia.

For the season 2008/2009 Oltra signed for CD Tenerife and it was a big success as the Canarian club achieved the promotion to Primera División. This is his first official confrontation against Miguel Angel Lotina, coach that’s completing 100 presentations as Depor’s manager. Lotina is just the third coach to reach this mark with Depor at Primera, the previous two coaches that passed the ‘centenary footprint’ were Arsenio Iglesias (190) and Javier Irureta (266). Currently Lotina is the active coach with more games at Primera División (332).

During the week Depor’s coach explaining his feeling about been achieving the mark of 100 games with Deportivo, as he said to AS, “It’s cool to reach that number, the true is that it isn’t a usual thing to spend three years in one single club and reach that mark. We are talking of one hundred games, but I will love to increase that number.”

On Thursday he have a press conference before the trip to Tenerife; the Basque manager gave the key for the game, “We should forget about the last two victories and try to think that this is a different game, against a rival that has passed the test in the previous two games at home, a team that’s convinced of its possibilities and that possesses a powerful attack. We must fell involved in the game.”

One of the main issues analysed by Lotina was the inclusion of Bodipo in the list for the game, “Bodipo is in, because he’s fine, also because I seem him physically prepared, and because I want to travel with four strikers and Adrián is not with us. I never said that I don’t count with Bodipo. What I said that it will be difficult for him, because others are before him, but the phrase ‘I don’t count with him’ has never came out of my mouth.”

Riki and Lassad will compose the duo in attack, meaning that Valerón will continue on the bench, something that was analysed by the Meñaka-born trainer, “Valerón is each day better, each year he’s better after the injury, but he needs to be fresher. The Valerón that we saw at the Bernabéu is the player that we all want to see, and we will use him in some specific games. But I prefer to use him the forty percent of the time and not the one hundred percent of the time.”

Besides, the coach was defending, once again, the performance of Lassad after the latest criticism towards him, “He’s a very cold kid, balanced, introverted and I am not worried about him. I don’t think he will be affected by this situation, neither was he affected on the past year with the ‘boom’ of his debut. We must be patient with the youngsters. You can whistle if the players don’t work, but it isn’t correct just because things aren’t working out for him. Everybody could have a bad game, and we need to be more careful. They need more support.”

Finally, the coach is pleased to know that national coach Del Bosque is thinking of Lopo and Aranzubia, “They are there, and there’s no doubt about their skills, because they match the level. Their inclusion will depend on the form of the others, the injuries… because the national coach has a closed group that must be respected. They will have to continue with the same regularly. I have had Lopo during five years and now it's when I see the best of him. If he continues like this, it only depends on him, because he has the qualities to play at any team.”

Tenerife’s  coach gave a press conference on Friday, he is worried due to the injury cases that his team has suffered in recent weeks, but he doesn’t want to use this problem as an excuse, “Surely that we will be competitive. Any casualty affects the plans, but this team grows up against the adversities. The plague of injuries will only unite us. We must adapt to the needs of the game, besides to take care of any detail. I will never have an excuse for the players that I don’t have, besides the fans are always there in order to add that plus.”

One of the things criticised to Tenerife is its lack of punch in attack, and it’s that the Canarians have only scored three goals on the liga season, which is the second worst mark at Primera –Xérez still goalless- Despite the situation Oltra is confident of his team, “I trust in my players and also in the individualities. We are creating scoring opportunities and soon our time to score will arrive. Right now I am not worried about our lack of goals.”

Finally, The Valencian coach was giving his opinion about the rival, “Deportivo is a serious and very organized team. They have scored at least once in all the official games and right now they have two straight games achieving a clean sheet. We are talking of a rival with enough arguments, a squad with players that conforms a competitive team.”



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