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05 Oct 2009
The papers applauded the effectiveness of Deportivo, while the entry of Juan Rodriguez and the solid performance of Diego Colotto were emphasised as the key facts for the Galician victory.

La Opinión A Coruńa: A determinant change. Yesterday, Miguel Angel Lotina repeated the same scheme used to beat Villarreal and Xérez, i.e. with two strikers and without a playmaker. And it was a team that didn’t work until the entry of Juan Rodriguez for the second half. Lotina put him as a link. That was the solution, because Tenerife did what was expected before the kick-off: some initiative in the game for the fact of had been the local. Initiative but little danger, which caused to see Depor not suffering too much during the first half. It’s hard to remember any chance for the team of Jose Luis Oltra, but also for Depor. Lotina’s team lived of the stationary plays, though without creating too much danger.

Six corner-kicks, no shots on target; few combinations in the encounter and too much vertical game; only the spark of Guardado and his mobility on the left allowed the team to intimidate Tenerife. In the first part, the Mexican produced the best chances of the team with a shot from outside the area and a cross that Aragoneses took out of the head of Lassad. Part of the problem was the lack of play at midfield. Both Sergio and Antonio Tomás were missing in action, at least in creating offensive plays. Their job was simply too destructive and were meeting too much with the defensive line. One advantage for Tenerife, team that without pushing too much was reaching the goal of Aranzubia.

Perhaps, if we look at the tactical side, we understand the change of Miguel Angel Lotina at halftime. Lassad, who was out of action during the first half, stayed on the bench to allow the entry of Juan Rodriguez. Lotina threatened with the ‘trivote’ and yet it was the solution. Juan Rodriguez was placed between the couple of midfielders and Riki. The team won depth and it cornered Tenerife at its own area during several minutes. That change and effectiveness with the set-pieces marked a game that seemed doomed to the initial draw.

A goal of strategy for Colotto unbalanced the game. Meanwhile, three straight games without leaking a goal, which demonstrates that the team continues to improve at defense. Perhaps the fans would like to see a Depor more colorful, with a more offensive approach or with more arrivals, but it’s fair to think that in many games, the work, sacrifice and delivering help to win the three points. P. Reimúndez

 La Voz De Galicia: Colotto allows the dream of Depor. The Galician team has room to dream. At least it slept in positions of Champions League, the fourth place that a few weeks ago seemed as a chimera. Yesterday, thanks to its defensive security and to the fact that stills capitalizing all its moves from the set-pieces, the team coached by Lotina earned the signboard of revelation in this start of season.

And Colotto is the greatest hero. Defensive bulwark alongside Lopo, who calls with both fists up at the gates of the national team, the Argentine connected the ball in all the strategic plays of his team. After a first half in which Depor seemed dead overwhelmed by the heat and by a rival, however, tireless, the defender headed a corner of Guardado; that was previously connected between Lopo and a rival, to awake the illusion of Deportivo. The Galician team has enough reason to smile: The Champions League is real. Pedro J. Barreiros

Xornal de Galicia: With the victory achieved at Tenerife, it was confirmed what was already suspected after wins against Xérez and Villarreal: Deportivo is going through a spectacular moment. And not just because it achieved the win. The team is demonstrating in each encounter a great attitude. Yesterday it didn’t allow to Tenerife to display its game and controlled the match all the time. It didn’t enjoy great chances to score, but once again capitalised a strategic action to take the advantage in the scoresheet and later knew how to manage it until the end of the meeting.

One of the keys of the meeting was the entry to the pitch of Juan Rodriguez. Lotina replaced Lassad with the Andalusian midfielder, though  the change may seem defensive, Deportivo took, thanks to him, the control in midfield, something that was critical to capture the victory. Subsequently, the coach bet on the presence on the field of two strikers, with the entry of Bodipo and Mista, when Depor was already ahead in the scoresheet. Eduardo López ‘Beci’.

 AS: What was a team absolutely accurate at Segunda División has discovered to be living a hell at Primera, and everything is related  to score some goals. Lack of precision, small fortune and little greed in the final meters have combined to convert Tenerife into a fragile team at the time of defining the plays. Off its aim, it’s impossible to score and more difficult to add points. It happened again yesterday, just on the day that its offensive production also decreased while a team with pedigree was appearing at the Heliodoro. It was Deportivo, a solvent team to seize the inability of the rival, just like Real Madrid did it one week before. Orderly and organized, Lotina’s team approaches to the pace of the big clubs with three points that were picked from the island with cunning. Colotto, emerged from the local confusion to defend a corner, made the difference. Manoj Daswani.

El Dia (Tenerife): Welcome to Primera. You can blame a few things to the team of Jose Luis Oltra after yesterday’s game. Perhaps it’s disordered within three minutes, enough to see an orderly but coarse Deportivo to go ahead. The casualties, against an opponent who has more football than the one showed at the island on yesterday’s game, were noticed. Juanlu and Bertran are the "strong" side of Tenerife; Alfaro is less Alfaro on the right and, despite the good level of Mikel Alonso, Ricardo is a vital piece to take the lead in the game. Even Manolo was missed, because Riki almost always won the back to Luna. The Argentine deserves a special mention. His was the mark of Colotto, the author of the goal. Just like it happened with Pandiani against Osasuna or Aduriz against Mallorca. It is far, far below the yield offered on the last season. And far, far away from the money paid for him in the summer. Several of his teammates will like to have the same opportunities that Ezequiel has had.

Another example, Angel. His coach has relegated him giving the priority to Dinei, who is working and seems to have. But only seems to have. Has much to prove. The Tenerife-born striker successfully demonstrated to deserve the role of revulsive during the previous year. And he deserves a try on this one. And yesterday the changes left many doubts. The one of Lotina (Juan Rodriguez for Lassad) gave hope to his team. The second of Oltra ended with the local hopes. Because he only piled people up front, subtracting velocity and mobility in exchange of long balls that makes things easier to the central defenders. It’s easy to say it after the match, but its true.Juan José Ramos



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