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05 Oct 2009
Lotina was happy with the result, but at the same time he thinks that his team still can play better. Similar were the thoughts of Pablo Alvarez. The entry of Juan Rodriguez was crucial, something even admitted by the rivals.

Despite the victory Miguel Ángel Lotina was saying that his team still can improve, “We can’t blind our eyes with the points, because we can play better. In a general sense, we are content with the performance of the team during these first matchdays, but it’s just a story. We can’t confuse ourselves. The tem has made some good things, but there are others that can be improved. We have won thanks to the work and the concentration of our players, but it’s possible to play better.”

The Basque coach thinks that the key for the result was the reaction after half-time, “At the changing room I told the players that we were going out for the game. In the first half Tenerife was controlling midfield, then we decided to stop this situation and later to search for a goal. If we would have played like in the first part, the logical thing would have been to lose the game, because until minute 30 we weren’t completing four straight passes. We changed the things in the second part, we improved with the entry of Juan (Rodriguez), and we seized the chances that we had through the set-pieces.”

Lotina keep insisting that his team can still play a better football, “The team is solidary, it knows how to compete, but despite all the good things we must try to play better. We must notice that today the heat was terrible, and in front we had an uncomfortable rival. Tenerife is a team that has the virtues of Segunda División and that also possesses freshness and quality. This is tough pitch and not everybody will be able to win on here.”

Andrés Guardado was one of the better players at Deportivo, the Mexican was very happy with the final result, “It wasn’t a spectacular game and for some moments they dominated us, but neither their opportunities were so clear. We are leaving content, because we have added nine points and we are up in the table. It looks easy, but we know that a lot still ahead, though it’s always pretty to start like this due to our motivations and aspirations.”

Winger Pablo Álvarez also sheared the opinion of Lotina about the need to improve the game of the team, “We must think that we can do things better. It was an equal game in which any side could have won, in the end things were decided in a play of strategy. We are defended well, we are a compact team, but either can improve and we know that the team must try to play better.”

Antonio Tomás recognized that he still short of match fitness, “It has been a while since my last game and I need minutes, but I’m happy. This is good for me in order to gain the pace. The coach is fulfilling his word, but we must also earn the right, he gives his word when you make an effort and you must give everything on the pitch.”

It was one of the best games of Diego Colotto at Deportivo, the Argentine scored a goal and had a great performance in defence, he was satisfied with his work, “I am content for me and my family. I am taking advantage of this moment in order to be at the starting eleven. I spent a full year with ups and downs and it was a good experience, now things are working out. Obviously I lived situations that nobody likes, but we always need to have a period for the adaptation and it has been useful in order to grow.”

At Tenerife, coach José Luis Oltra was saying that his team didn’t deserve the defeat, “They won with just too little, they guessed right in a stationary play, and we didn’t. The true is that we didn’t deserve to lose. We are getting too much punishment for all the merits done by the team. Anyway, we all knew that on this season we were going to suffer.”

Midfielder Mikel Alonso was saying that the team is depressed with the final result, “We are affected, we are not used to lose at home and it hurts. The goal came after a set-piece, and as they scored we could have done the same. After the goal we didn’t give the sensation that we could overcome the result. They were locked at the back zone and it was hard for us to play.”

He also admitted that the entry of Juan Rodríguez was the factor that changed the game, “In the first part I was having more freedom. Lassad was alone and the lines were much separated. But he came out and we were forced to practice a more direct football.”




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