09 Oct 2009
Manuel Pablo gave an interview to newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa and talked about different subjects, including the performance of Deporís defence and his feelings regarding to his physical state.

Q: Deporís defense is the protagonist in this start of season. In three straight games you have protected Aranzubia very well. How do you achieve that communication in order to keep a solid block?
A: Firstly, with the movements made during the trainings, also with the indications of the coach. Later what you get through the confidence and all of that allows you to not leak any goal. It makes you feel more confident when youíre defending, sometimes it helps you to not be locked at the back zone. There are several factors.

Q: Can a small misalignment cause you to live a poor evening? It happened in the defeat against Espanyol.
A: I donít know how far this situation can take away your trust, but it affects a little. When you allow three goals then the most criticised sector is the defense, and that forces you to be mentality prepared for the next game. You know you need to correct imbalances.

Q: From one year to another and with the same coach, does it change the internal workings of the team's defensive line?
A: Since Lotina is at Deportivo, the team has always held the same idea, but the partial result is what makes you change during a game. That if you are forced to go ahead or if you must lock yourself at the back zone, even more than a change in the system.

Q: The coach says that the team has to improve its game. Does the squad consider this idea as exaggerated, is the team playing so badly?
A: No. It's true. We train in order to control the ball and we're not doing that. Maybe we're rushing or arenít giving the necessary importance to the game practiced since we are winning the games.

Q: Maybe because the Spanish teams are playing a worse football compared to past campaigns?
A: Not exactly. The technical quality and the physical level have gone up. But also the order, because now the teams are more balanced, there is a better tactical order and itís more difficult to create occasions, and thatís happening to us.

Q: You had a scoring chance against Villarreal, you tried to score from long-distance. It was a while since we donít see you attempting to score.
A: Yes, because I saw a clear opportunity and I tried. But I donít score a goal since many years ago.

Q: Yes, it was against Racing Santander, spectacular goal (season 2000-01). Do you remember?
A: Yes, it was the second, we won 0-3.

Q: When did you score for the last time?
A: In Copa Del Rey, it was in Murcia, but in the leagueÖ how long!

Q: Another great goal. It was on the season 2003-04. And that game was lost 4-3.
A: Yes, a great goal.

Q: And since then, what happens?
A: That I donít see the goal (he laughs).

Q: But are you attacking by your side like in the past?
A: It depends on the games. If you have the ball in your boots, you can go up, but against rivals that could be playing with two strikers you need to focus more on defensive duties. But itís clear that any side defender in the world likes to attack.
Q: With the pass of the years, what are the surprises that you are finding in football?
A: The young people. Those who are joining the game now have a quality and confidence that we did not have before. As for football, except the large gap marked by the giant clubs and one or two more teams, thereís a big equality among the others. But later, no matter how many years pass, Real Madrid and Barca always end up winning, itís always the same.

Q: You refer to young people. Letís talk about the ones you have to watch and cover, do you consider that they are more dangerous now?
A: We always had dangerous players. Now they are more physically complete, but we always had quality. Today the defensive work is even stronger and itís increasingly difficult to be surpassed by a rival, because you now have more aids. I believe that, today, the wingers are having more troubles trying to surpass the defenders than the defenders trying to stop the wingers.

Q: Who has caused you more problems?
A: Barcelonaís players are the most difficult to mark. ”scar Serrano from Racing too. And I've always said that the one that gives me more problems is Munitis.

Q: You signed an extension of contract during the summer and will be 34 in January. Did you have doubts about your performance in recent years?
A: No, not really. Iím working as in previous seasons and I feel like in recent years. I keep feeling the same. There may be tasks that make me feel more tired. But my body responds well. The basis of been feeling good is to make a good pre-season, and I did this on this year.



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