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10 Oct 2009
Rodolfo Bodipo talked to Sportpaper AS after been discarded at the end of the pre-season and after debuting on the liga campaign at Tenerife. He assures that his relationship with Lotina is normal and hopes for new opportunities.

When Rodolfo Bodipo was told that Deportivo was trying to get rid of him during the summer window, he couldn’t believe it. Now, almost two months later, the player says that he understands the situation. Something he mentioned during an interview at Sportpaper AS, “It was more all the noise than what really happened. Nobody has explained the issue to me, but with the pass of time I have my own conclusions.”
”With the pass of the days, you realise that the coach trusts more in other players, then you should have in mind that I am a player with high wages, and I believe it was normal to see them taking that decision, especially taking in mind that  I had offers on the previous months” The forward added.
Despite the situation lived at the end of the summer market, the Equatoguinean striker says that he still have a “normal” relation with coach Miguel Angel Lotina, “My relationship with the coach is good, the normal thing between a boss and a worker, just like anybody else, and at the changing room I feel loved by all my team mates. Everybody supported me since the first moment. The day I was picked against Tenerife everything was joy and hugs.”

About his performance against Tenerife, Bodipo said that he still missing match fitness, “It was a reward for me. I had good sensations, but after two months without competing, I still missing that sparkle that you can only obtain when you have minutes. About the big opportunity to score that I missed, the true is that I was a little slow. I wanted to assure the play, so much that I changed the pace and I allowed the defender to arrive.”

Now that the forward has finally debuted on the liga season and despite that the coach has other priorities, Bodipo is optimistic about the near future, "The adversity makes you stringer. My philosophy is to work with a clean conscience and God gives at the end what everybody deserves. I just want to put things difficult to the team mates that are ahead of me and also to the coach”.



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