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12 Oct 2009
Andrés Guardado has qualified with Mexico to South Africa 2010; while Lassad and Ze Castro are close to do it. In this way as much as four Depor’s players might be taking part of the biggest event in football.

Mexico qualified for South Africa 2010 after an easy win over El Salvador (2-1), the Mexicans are joining the United States, while the other direct ticked in CONCACAF will be defined by Costa Rica and Honduras on Wednesday. Andrés Guardado played 89 minutes in the match played at Estadio Azteca and had a solid performance.

But the true is that Guardado has a discrete participation during the first half, Mexico focused its game by the centre and Depor’s winger only appeared a few time in attack, the main ones was a perfect drilling pass that Vela couldn’t capitalise as his final shot hit defender Marvin Gonzalez, the other was a crossed shot that went out.

However, Guardado participated in the play of the first goal, which brought tranquility to the Mexican side (halftime 1-0). The second half was different, because El Salvador opened its lines searching for a better result, while Mexico started to attack by the wings, something that gave a more protagonic role to Guardado. In this part of the game the winger was more active and even had two clear chances to score a goal.

Firstly with a direct free-kick at the edge of the area in which he hit the crossbar, later after a combination with Arsenal’s Vela that allowed Guardado to face visiting keeper Montes one-on-one, but the Mexican tried to resolve the play with a volley that didn’t surprise the Salvadorean goalie.

Meanwhile, Tunisia was close to achieve the pass in Africa after defeating Kenya in Rades (1-0), but a late minute goal of Nigeria against Mozambique left the things undefined (1-0).  Tunisia has a two-point advantage over Nigeria with one game remaining in the African group B. The ticket to the World Cup  will be defined on Wednesday as Tunisia visits Mozambique while Nigeria does the same with Kenya. Tunisia just needs to repeat the result of Nigeria in order to qualify. Depor’s striker Lassad Nouioui was picked for the match but he spent the whole game sited on the bench.

Another nation that gave an important step forward in the way to the World Cup was the Portugal of Zé Castro. They defeated Hungary in Lisbon (3-0) and took advantage of the defeat of Sweden in Denmark (0-1), now the Portuguese team is second in the group and a new win over little Malta will allow their participation in the playoff round. Ze Castro was initially picked for both matches, but later was released by national coach Carlos Queiroz. The nation that’s already qualified for the biggest event in football is Brazil, which means a golden opportunity for Filipe Luis.

In this way, Deportivo has the option to put four players in South Africa 2010: Guardado, Lassad, Zé Castro and Filipe. Portugal and Tunisia still has to secure their places though. Also, it seems that only Guardado has a secure place in the event, because he is a normal starter for coach Javier Aguirre, the other three will have to fight for a spot, a that means to impress their national coaches through their performance at Depor.



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