12 Oct 2009
Midfielder Juan Rodriguez was an important piece in the victory over Tenerife, result that has put Depor at the 4th place in al liga. Now the Andalusian midfielder analyses with Depor Sport the goals of the team and the game Vs Sevilla.

Q: About the results, itís impossible to be betterÖ
A: The true is that weíre fine, because if somebody would have told me this on the pre-season, maybe I wouldnít believe it. But to be living in the Champions League zone and with 12 of 18 possible points added canít confuse our minds, because we must go game by game and focusing in doing our work. We know la liga is a long competition and that thereís a lot still to be played, though is also true that the team is there due to its own merits. The key is to follow the same line, which has worked out so far.

Q: And the fans know this, it has been a while since they donít feel so excited
A: We understand, because we are also excited. We want to enter into Europe, because we missed it on the past season, but a lot still ahead, and the fact of been at the top doesnít means that we are aspiring to the Champions League.

Q: What does the coach means when he says that the team still has to improve?
A: Itís just that we will love to win the games playing better, itís clear. Truly we are not matching the level of game that was shown on the past season, but in the end what counts are the points and the results. And we are fine in that aspect. From here to the end, if we continue like this, I would sign right now to end like this.

Q: The team improved during the second half at Tenerife, and it coincided with the entry of Juan Rodriguez to the game, I guess you will be happy with this.
A: Thatís the result of the collective work and not the job of one single player. The good thing is that no matter who goes out to the pitch, the substitutes do the same things than the other team mates and you donít notice the casualties. The one entering does the same things than the partner that played in the previous game, and thatís the key. Here, the result and the victory is a product of the whole team.

Q: All the players at Depor are emphasising the union and the comradeship at the squad, why is so special? Isnít the same at other clubs?
A: I spent four years at this club and I can tell you that this is the best environment that I have found at any locker room since I started my football career. I donít know what exactly happens at other clubs, but I guess things are also fine. What I know is that Deportivo is united and you can notice that on the pitch.

Q: One week ahead of a ďChampions LeagueĒ match, the third against the fourth placeÖ
A: Sevilla is living a good moment. Right now they are fighting at the same level than Barcelona and Real Madrid, besides they have a positive streak playing in Champions. We hope to see a great match, but itís going to be tough, because Sevilla has a large and competitive squad. We know the kind of rival that we will face and Iím convinced that we can win if we do the right things.

Q: I guess that willing revenge against the Andalusian team
A: Yes, we want the revenge, but this is a whole new season and each game is different from the previous ones. They will arrive to the Riazor occupying the third place, while we are fourth. If Sevilla wants to win at our home, they will have to suffer, because it will be tough for them. With the work done so far, we have good chances of winning the game.

Q: Any goal for the rest of the season?
A: The only thing we can think of is to go game by game, itís a clear picture. It is what we have done in past seasons and what we will continue doing. But right now I would sign to end in fourth place and qualify to the Champions League for the next season. But we can confuse ourselves, because we have only played six matchdays. A lot still to be played.



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