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13 Oct 2009
Aranzubia has spent 307 minutes without allowing a goal, but he will need to double that mark in order to reach the record of Francisco Liaño. The former Zamora of Depor talked to La Voz de Galicia about the Depor’s current goalie.

After a doubtful pre-season the defense of Deportivo is recovering the solidity of the past campaign, and it’s that the team has achieved three straight clean sheets in liga, something that’s translated into 307 minutes without leaking a goal for goalkeeper Daniel Aranzubia. However, that mark is far from the record at the club, which belongs to Franciso Liaño Fernández, an ex-Zamora of the club that spent 682 minutes without allowing a goal during the liga season 1993/94.

That season also meant an historical record for the club and for Primera División in terms of average goals allowed in one single campaign, because Liaño just leaked 18 goals in 38 liga encounters (0.47 per match, the lowest average ever achieved in la liga).

Now retired, the Rioja-born ex-keeper talked to La Voz de Galicia and analysed the job done so far by Aranzubia, “Depor owes a lot of points to Aranzubia. I am the first one to admit that when he arrived during the past year, I had my doubts because over there he was replaced by a Segunda B keeper (Armando) after the injury of Iraizoz. But soon he cleared all the doubts and now is one of the major players at this Depor.”

Liaño also said that back on the season 93/94, he was not obsessed by any mark, “We never allowed the situation to turn into an obsession. Neither was a goal for the team. Nobody was talking of increasing the number of minutes without leaking a goal, neither we were making bets or making jokes about how long it would last, it was simply a magnificent streak that allowed us to have a nice start and that later led us to be the runners-up in la liga. We leaked a few goals, but a lot of the games were won by 1-0.”

“The Superdepor was a team that played by memory, the work in defence was very simple, because everybody knew their job. López Rekarte was the most well-know name, he was coming after winning everything with Barcelona. Nando came out from Valencia and knew how to play in the big leagues. Maybe Voro was the smartest one, he never failed and knew his own limitations. Djukic was the one with more talent, he was the backbone and that scared us, because he was capable of trying to elude the rival at their zone and also in ours. Ribera dominated the aerial game, which was great for us due to the kind of strikers at that time.” He added.

Now, Liaño thinks that Albert Lopo is another of the reasons that explains the good performance of Deportivo’s defence, “The defensive lines changes with the pass of time, they are quite different, the ones with four men at the back zone are more focused in defending a particular zone, but Lopo has a hierarchy and the defence is rotating around him. He is like Djukic, for his status of boss.”



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