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13 Oct 2009
Despite been a Juvenil A player, striker Juan Carlos is one of the best youngsters for Deportivo B in this start of season. Ramallo is using him as a playmaker and the results have been really good. Another promise for Depor’s future.

18-year-old striker/playmaker Juan Carlos Real ‘Juancar’ is one of the youngest promises that are shinning at Deportivo B. It was said at the start of season that a few Juvenil A players will be alternating between that squad and Fabril, and Juancar has been the one with more minutes so far, actually he played as starter in Saturday’s win against AS Somozas, meaning his fourth straight appearance as starter with the B team.

Despite the situation and the good chances for the near future, Juancar prefers to be cautious, as he said to Depor Sport during the past week, “I’m still a Juvenil player and still to learn a lot, but to be at Fabril means a nice reward for the effort done so far. At least it’s what I think. I have spent a lot of time at the youth teams of Deportivo and I always played with the upper teams.”

“If the coaches at Fabril have noticed me is because they watched me doing the right things at Juvenil A, therefore despite been in the upper level I won’t change my style of playing. At Tercera you will find more veteran people, the pace is higher and there’s a different environment on the pitch, but I am not scared of it.” He added.

Finally, Juancar already scored a goal (against Verín), but he was saying that it isn’t one of his priorities, “To score the goals was never my primary objective, but it’s clear that’s something good for everybody. I already scored at Verín and let’s hope I will do it soon at Abegondo, but as I said it before, isn’t one of my priorities.”



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