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14 Oct 2009
Tunisia is not yet qualified for the World Cup 2010, but it already secured a ticket for the upcoming African Cup of Nations, which means that Lassad could miss five games in liga plus four in Copa Del Rey.

Striker Lassad Nouioui could end missing nine games with Deportivo during the month of January due to the international action of Tunisia. The African nation was close to achieve the ticket for the World Cup during the weekend, but a late goal of Nigeria will force the Tunisians to wait until November in order to define the winner of the pass.

However, Tunisia already secured at least the third place in Group B, and that means that’s already qualified for the 27th edition of the African Cup of Nations that will be disputed in Angola between January 10 and 31. It also means that Deportivo will lose the player for at least three liga matches, which could be extended to five if Tunisia advances to further rounds in the competition. Also, Lassad could miss the two legs of the last-16 round and the quarterfinals in Copa Del Rey if Depor eliminates Real Murcia first.

The three liga encounters that Lassad will surely miss are: Zaragoza-Deportivo (January 2 or 3), Deportivo-Osasuna (January 9 or 10) and Mallorca-Deportivo (January 16 or 17). If Tunisia passes the first round, then the striker will miss the games Deportivo-Athletic Bilbao (January 23 or 24) and Deportivo-Real Madrid (January 30 or 31).  Meanwhile, the games in Copa that eh could me missing will be played on January 6 and 13 (last-16 round) and on January 20 and 27 (quarterfinals).



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