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16 Oct 2009
Sevilla was the club that scored more goals against Deportivo during the past season, this after the two confrontations in liga plus the two for Copa Del Rey. Now Depor’s defenders are talking about the level of the rival.

Sevilla FC defeated Deportivo La Coruña during the four confrontations held on the past season, and it did it scoring nine goals (four in liga and five in Copa) against the Galicians, which means that the Andalusian club was the side that scored more goals against Depor during the past campaign. 

Beyond that, Sevilla has scored twenty-two goals against Depor within the last three seasons (6 games in liga and 4 in Copa) and it only ended scoreless in one occasion: 0-1 in liga during the season 2007/2008. and the list of scorers has Luis Fabiano and Frederic Kanoute at the top, with five goals scored by each striker; two players that have been a real nightmare for Depor’s defenders.

On Thursday Depor’s defenders were talking to La Opinión A Coruña about the challenge they face on Saturday’s clash. Albert Lopo was emphasising the level of the whole offensive line in Sevilla, “It’s that the whole offensive team of Sevilla is dangerous. Kanoute and Luis Fabiano have given me a headache, they are difficult to mark due to their fast movements and their physical strength, especially Kanoute. Navas is also playing well. He’s a winger that adds things that other players don’t. I don’t like to have them in front of me.”

Similar were the thoughts of Diego Colotto, “Sevilla is a so well balanced team that’s very difficult for us to emphasise specific names as the most dangerous ones. Sevilla’s players have made me suffer. Leaving aside the danger of their attacks, what we need to do is to complete a great defensive game." 
Meanwhile, and as Lopo did it before, right-back defender Laure was pointing out to Jesús Navas as a player to watch during the whole game, “He is a winger that’s difficult to stop and mark, this due to his velocity, his depth and because he measures very well the tempos having the ball at his feet.”



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