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20 Oct 2009
Depor has added fifteen points after seven matchdays in liga, which is the third best mark of Depor at Primera División. The key for this are the set-pieces and the solid work done so far in defence.

This is the third best liga start for Deportivo after seven matchdays; the victory over Sevilla meant the fourth straight win for the Galicians and to add fifteen points on the standings. Historically, only during the seasons 1992/93 and 2003/04 the mark of the team was better; in both opportunities the Galicians had six victories and one defeat after the first seven games, which meant eighteen points.

Besides, the streak of four wins in a row means the six best streak in the history of the club; the best mark was established on the season 1999/2000 with Javier Irureta on board, at the time Depor added seven straight wins within matchdays 10 and 16, which later led to the title in la liga. In other three opportunities the team was able to add six wins in a row, the last time was during the season 1996/97.

Then, with Lotina coaching the team, Deportivo was able to clinch five straight victories during the season 2007/2008, it occurred within matchdays 30 and 34: Vs Murcia (3-1), at Racing Santander (3-1), Vs Athletic Bilbao (3-0), at Osasuna (1-0) and Vs Barcelona (2-0). The present streak of four wins in a row was also achieved in another four opportunities; the last time was within matchday 37 of the season 2000/01 and matchday 02 of the 2001/02 campaign.

Maybe the most important fact in the solid start of Deportivo is the work done in defence; the clean sheet achieved against Sevilla FC meant the fourth straight match without leaking a goal, which is the fifth best mark in the history of the club, and the best one since Lotina’s arrival. It’s the tenth time in which Depor achieves four clean sheets in a row in la liga, the last opportunity was within matchday 21 and 24 of the season 2006/2007, the last one with Caparrós on board: 1-0 Vs Mallorca, 2-0 at Villarreal, 0-0 Vs Levante and 1-0 at Real Sociedad.

The best marks of straight clean sheets were achieved with Arsenio Iglesias at Depor’s bench; the best is seven matches without leaking a goal and it occurred twice: within matchdays 12 and 18 of the season 1993/94 and within matchday 33 of the season 1993/94 and matchday 01 of the 1994/95 campaign. The other positive marks were six straight games without allowing a goal (1992/93) and five clean sheets in a row (1994/95).

The goal of Juan Rodríguez against Sevilla meant the second goal scored by a Depor’s player from a long-distance shot, the other one was scored by Filipe Luis against Malaga (1-0). But the key on the season has been the goals scored in set-pieces, so far the 55% (6 of 11) of Depor’s goals have been scored thanks to a stationary play.



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