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20 Oct 2009
Aranzubia could break the fifth best mark at the club regarding to minutes without leaking a goal, this if he spends 71 minutes without allowing a goal against Valladolid. But more difficult is to reach the three best marks at Depor.

Deportivo is breaking all kind of records thanks to its solid start in liga, the one that’s calling the attention is the mark of minutes without allowing a goal. Joan Verdú was the last player that scored a goal against Deportivo, it was during the 2-3 defeat against RCD Espanyol at the Riazor on matchday 02, since then Depor has clinched fourth straight clean sheets: at CD Xérez (3-0), Vs Villarreal (1-0), at Tenerife (1-0), and Vs Sevilla FC (1-0). In terms of minutes: 397 minutes without leaking a goal.

It’s the best personal mark for Daniel Aranzubia and the sixth best in the history of the club. The previous all-time mark of the Basque keeper was 357 minutes; curiously it was broken at the same minute that Sevilla was releasing its only shot on target during last Saturday’s clash (a shot of Negredo that Aranzubia cleared over the crossbar)
Now Aranzubia searches the more near marks at the club: the fourth and the fifth. The fourth best mark in the history of Deportivo was achieved by Dudu Aouate and it occurred within matchday 20 and 25 of the season 2006/07: 451 minutes. The fifth best mark was for Francisco Molina and was conquered within matchdays 21 and 26 of the 2003/2004 campaign: 428 minutes.

Aranzubia is close to break both marks, because in order to pass the one of Molina the Basque goalie only needs 33 minutes during the visit to Real Valladolid, while in order to break the mark of Aouate the keeper will only need to spend 56 minutes without allowing a goal at the Nuevo José Zorrilla stadium.

More difficult will be to reach the best three records at the club. The best three marks at Depor belong to legendary keeper Francisco Liaño, who won the Zamora trophy on the season 1993/94, campaign in which he established the historic record at Deportivo about straight minutes without allowing a goal: 737. Something that he did after clinching seven straight clean sheets within matchdays 13 and 19. 

At the end of that same season, Liaño was close to reach again this impressive mark as he spent 714 minutes without leaking a goal within matchday 32 of the season 1993/94 and matchday 02 of the season 1994/1995. Before that, the same Liaño spent 629 minutes without allowing a goal within matchdays 12 and 18 of the season 1992/1993; that’s the third best record in the history of the club. In order to reach those three marks Aranzubia will need to at least clinch three new clean sheets.



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