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21 Oct 2009
Lotina is working with a psychologist for the present season, a personal coach that’s suggesting him what to say to his players. This is one of the keys that explain the good moment lived by the club.

His name is Joaquín Dosil Díaz, a professor of sporting psychology at the University of Vigo and that’s the personal coach of politicians, entrepreneurs and some sportsmen , like Spanish motorcyclist Jorge Lorenzo. Dosil is not paid by the club, but by the same Lotina, who see his advices as a key factor to keep a good communication with his players.

Dosil, who has written seventeen books about sporting psychology, talked to La Opinión A Coruña during the week, he was explaining his work with Depor’s coach, “The important thing is to see him obtaining benefits from our meetings. I hope he will stay happy with me. We talk twice a week about the keys that must be transmitted to the players, though the final decision of what should be told to the players corresponds to him. I just help him to have the needed technical, tactical and mental information, so that he can vary the message according to the circumstances.”

The psychologist said that Depor’s players must learn to live at the top places of la liga, but that this situation can’t change the way of working, “It’s a new situation due to the current standings, but it isn’t about the way of working. Since two years ago, Deportivo has kept the same dynamic, which is to be focused in the process, in the performance, in the ‘day  by the day’ ad not only in the results. Other thing would be if only three matchdays were left in the calendar. Right now the results are pretty solid, but it’s the performance of the ‘day by the day’ what’s making Depor to be up there. It’s the daily work the fact attracting the work of the coaches and the players.”

It’s from Dosil that Lotina is getting the message that the team must avoid the euphoria, "In cyclic sports, on every Sunday there are many thoughts, lots of emotion involved and many influences in the game. You can notice euphoria in the crowd, but the athlete has to focus on his work independently of the rest. We know that each player is different and has his way of processing and interpreting information and reality, but from that point we establish our mental strategies to see everyone following the same line. We go beyond a group of individuals who play football together. " Dosil said.

For Dosil the key is to transform the euphoria into a challenge for the players, “ The big difference between some athletes and others is that the ones that are mentally strong are the ones that rapidly assume the new reality, and keep on working in order to maintain or even improve the situation, while those who are mentally weak are athletes who will face that situation with a number of thoughts that really hurt them, because they stop focusing on the ‘day by day’ and start to focus only in the results. That's what we need to work at this stage "



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