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26 Oct 2009
A disappointing Deportivo was crushed down by Real Valladolid; something that already happened on the past season. In this occasion the recently acclaimed defence of Deportivo failed completely, just like butter cut by a Violet knife.

The big surprise of the evening was to see striker Adrián López starting in the game, it was expected that Pablo Alvarez was going to take the spot at the right wing, but in the end coach Lotina chose the Asturian attacker. The rest was the same 4-3-3 squad that defeated Sevilla one the week before. Aranzubia was at the goal, Manuel Pablo at the right-back position, Filipe on the left, Colotto and Lopo at the centre of the defence, the trio Sergio-Juan Rodriguez-Antonio Tomás at midfield, Guardado on the left and Riki attacking by the centre.

At Valladolid, coach Mendilibar chose Uruguayan Nestor Fabián Cannobio for the role of left winger, a choice that was going to be important in the game. He was joining Nauzet Alemán and Diego Acosta in the attacking zone of the locals. Other novelty was to see Justo Villar as the starting keeper and taking the place of Jacobo.

Deja Vú. On the past season Deportivo played one of its worst games at the José Zorrilla stadium, and now the ghost is coming back, because this is without doubt the most terrible game of Depor in this start of season. The key were the errors of the defensive zone, something not seen within the last four matches in liga. However, the start was very promising for the visitors.

At minute 7, Depor had two straight occasions to take the lead; first Guardado didn’t find the ball inside the area after a good cross of Juan Rodriguez, in the next play the Mexican assisted Riki, who missed the target from close range. It seemed that the bet of Lotina was working out, with Adrian attacking from the right and Juan Rodriguez acting almost like a playmaker. A shot out of target made by Cannobio was the only worry of Aranzubia within the first fifteen minutes.

But everything changed three minutes later; a high cross was headed by Diego Costa at the edge of the area, but neither Filipe nor Colotto could clear the danger, then Cannobio was faster enough to find the ball and drill a pass to the left, just into the path of Nauzet Alemán, who just chipped the ball against Aranzubia and into the roof of the goal.

The goal put an end to the mark of Aranzubia without leaking a goal in la liga: 416 minutes. It wasn’t enough to break the marks of Aouate (451) or Molina (428), but at least it’s the best mark in the career of the Basque keeper. The goal disturbed Deportivo as the Galicians were not creating anything against Justo Villar. The visitors reacted until minute 24 as Lopo headed out a corner-kick taken by Sergio.

The polemic came at minute 29 as the referee whistled offside against Depor after a combination between Riki and Juan Rodriguez that was leaving the Andalusian alone against Villar. At minute 40 Antonio Tomás attempted from mid distance, but his effort was stopped by Justo Villar, this was the first shot on target made by Depor in the game.

Shortly before, Cannobio, without doubt the best player of the locals, was close to score with a shot that was saved by Aranzubia. At this point of the game the Violet team was playing through counterattacks, something that would damage the Galicians during the second part.

And Valladolid just needed 58 seconds to reply, and the goal was a new error of Depor’s defence that demonstrated the inaccuracies of the whole defensive sector throughout the encounter. It was after a foul committed at midfield, Borja Fernández was assisted and he run with the ball drilling a pass to Marquitos who easily surpassed Manuel Pablo to drill a cross that Colotto couldn’t block with his sweep attempt, then Lopo slipped down at the penalty spot and couldn’t clear the danger, then Nauzet Alemán appeared to collect the ball, elude Filipe and score his second goal of the evening –and fourth on the season- from close range.

It was a shocker for Deportivo, team that suddenly was down by two goals, but shortly after the Galicians had the chance to return in the scoresheet, because at minute 52 Juan Rodriguez hit the post after a cross of Filipe. One minute later Lotina reacted and ordered a double modification: Valerón and Lassad entered for Antonio Tomás and Adrián, which turned the lineup into a 4-2-3-1 with Valerón acting as a playmaker, Riki as right winger and Lassad as central attacker.

But it was too late, the efforts of the Galicians were smashing against the local wall and Valladolid continued with its strategy of attacking through counterattacks, though their most dangerous play at the middle of the second half was a direct free-kick of Canobbio that was controlled by Aranzubia (60’). Later Bodipo entered for Riki, but neither of them were a factor to unbalance the equation of this game.

And a new error of Depor’s defence was necessary to witness the third goal of the Violet team, Deportivo’s defence cleared the ball after a corner-kick of Cannobio, the ball was headed by Luis Prieto in midfield and returned to Cannobio, who sent a high cross to the area, Lopo and Manuel Pablo were there and seemed like an easy play from them, but the Canarian tried to clear the danger and instead assisted Diego Costa, who just had to beat Aranzubia from the penalty spot.

Depor was once again failing at the José Zorrilla with a humiliating 0-3 score, the true is that Valladolid did nothing of the other world as the locals just capitalised the three defensive errors of the visitants. The last attempts from Depor were a shot of Filipe after a rebound (83’), and a header of Bodipo after a cross of the Brazilian defender (86’). Both actions were stopped by Justo Villar. But more dangerous was the shot of Manucho, who replaced Marquitos a few minutes before, that hit the post (82’).

And Valladolid sunk the ship of Deportivo two minutes before the final whistle, it was during a counterattack in which Manucho assisted Haris Medunjanin from the left, then the Sarajevo-born player released an impressive shot that entered by the top-left corner of Aranzubia.  A magnificent goal that proved that this Depor is not a ‘Super Depor’ but a terrestrial team.

It was a game to put both feet on the ground, the Deportivismo was euphoric with all the marks imposed so far and with the fourth place of the team before this matchday, but the ninety minutes at the José Zorrilla pushed Depor back to earth. This time the defensive zone committed three crucial errors that cost the game. It was a match to break records, because Valladolid won for the first time at home in seven months, while Lotina’s team wasn’t able to score a goal for the first time in nine liga matches. The record of Aranzubia was also stopped in 416 minutes without leaking a goal, which is now the sixth best mark in the history of the club. This is also the worst defeat of Depor since the 0-5 suffered against Barcelona FC at the Camp Nou (January 17)

The worst part is that Valencia won at Almeria (3-0), and now they are the fourth place in la liga. However Depor is fifth and still living in the European zone. Now Lotina’s team will search for a quick reaction as its hosts in-form Sporting Gijón on the next Sunday (22h00 CET), but before it starts the campaign in Copa Del Rey against Real Murcia (Wednesday, 20h00 CET). 

Real Valladolid: Justo Villar - Pedro López, Luis Prieto, Nivaldo, Marcos - Borja, Rubio - Nauzet (Pelé 66’), Marquitos (Manucho 77’), Canobbio (Medunjanin  79’) - Diego Costa.
Deportivo: Aranzubia - Manuel Pablo, Colotto, Lopo, Filipe Luis - Sergio, Juan Rodríguez, Antonio Tomás (Lassad 53’ ) - Adrián (Valerón 53’) Riki (Bodipo 68’), Guardado
Goals: 1-0: (18’) Nauzet, 2-0: (46’) Nauzet, 3-0: (75’) Diego Costa, 4-0: (83’) Medunjanin.
Referee:: Delgado Ferreiro. He showed yellow card to Costa (8’), Colotto (60’), Pelé (82’) and Medunjanin (83’).
Venue: Nuevo José Zorrilla (17,400)
Other statistics: Ball possession (48% - 52%); Total shots (13 - 11); Shots on target (8 - 4); Saves by the keepers (2 - 2); Corner-kicks  (4 - 5); Offsides (2 - 3); Fouls committed (14 - 9); Accuracy in the passes (83.79% - 80.24%)




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