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27 Oct 2009
“It’s not the end of the world” That seemed to be the message of the players after the heavy defeat at the José Zorrilla. Lotina was saying that he was more worried about the lack of goals than by the errors committed in defence.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was feeling sorry for the performance of this team at the José Zorrilla, "We had a very bad evening. I don't want to rest merits to Valladolid, but the first three goals were avoidable. In a general sense the team was stuck, we had too many falls, collisions between our own players. The true is that despite the errors in defense, I am more worried by the lack of aim in attack, because Depor had enough occasions to score two or three goals."

“We are leaving with a painful 4-0 and I feel sorry for it, especially for our fans. Maybe next year we should not come to play, we will call Villar (president of the Spanish federation) and pact a 3-0. The true is that we all lost the game and we all committed mistakes. We allowed Valladolid to play good football.” The coach added.

Finally, Lotina maintained the speech about the European aspirations of his team, “Nobody is talking of Champions League at the changing room. This result is a strong hit for a team that’s screwed by this defeat. Now we must correct some things, but clearly you can lose a game after achieving several victories.”

Filipe Luis was trying to argue that Deportivo has only lost one single game and not the war, “We have lost three points, whether we have received four goals. The points were going to be useful in order to be up there, but it’s just three points. We must now turn the page, correct the errors and start working once again. We leaked four goals due to small mistakes that they knew how to seize. When a team is losing the normal thing is to attack, and then a lot of chances trough the counterattack might appear, because the team loses the order. “

Keeper Daniel Aranzubia was feeling sorry for the result and not for ending his record of minutes without allowing a goal, “I’m hurt because we lost the game, not by the fact of missing the clean sheet. The defeat was caused by some punctual errors that they knew how to seize and scored four goals against us. When the score was 2-0, we had a couple of chances to reduce the distance and we missed them. Now we must change the mentality and think of the next rival, the Copa Del Rey is a new competition and we will have a pretty game against Murcia.”

Juan Carlos Valerón entered during the second half, he was also emphasising the defensive errors of the team, “We committed errors in the first goal and especially in the second, which was allowed too soon after the rest. They took advantage of the counterattacks and there you have the result, they won fairly. Now we must learn from these errors and be aware that we will have this kind of games during the season. We neither can be obsessed by this defeat.”

Like Filipe, Andrés Guardado was trying to minimize the impact of this result, “We appreciate the fans that traveled here and we want to tell them that this defeat is meaningless. We are living a positive moment, trying to complete a good year and staying at the top places. It’s normal to hear now that we are a mess; that we miss punch in attack and all that stuff, but on the past week we were great. Truly it wasn’t a good game for us, but nothing happens.”

Central defender Diego Colotto was promising an improvement in the defensive tasks of the team, “We are conscious that in order to be fine the team must fight hard, we are living an important moment and we lost against a tough rival. We will work in defence and will try to improve some aspects.”

Lassad Nouioui was another player trying to argue that this was just a defeat on the season, “Sometimes things don’t work out and it has happened to us in today’s game. But well, we must now think of the next game. I just think of the team and the true is that today I played better than in past matches. In the end you end with the idea that we lost 4-0.”

Midfielder Antonio Tomás is aware that the goals were the product of Depor’s mismatches in defence, “It was a big defeat. The goals were more caused by our own errors than by the successes of the rival. We just hope to obtain positive conclusions from an adverse result like this one.”

One of his partners at the centre of the ptich, Juan Rodríguez, was feeling sorry for the setback, “The coach has said nothing to us. The true is that the team is feeling frustrated by this defeat, but tomorrow we must forgive this game and start all over again.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was trying to explain the causes for the defeat, “Some days it’s almost better not to leave home. It’s difficult for a defensively strong team like this one to have committed these mistakes, errors that have put the game in favour of Valladolid. Not only in the first goal, but especially in the second and third. Although this stadium hasn’t been positive for us, you can not give excuses like the cold, the field or anything like that.”

At Valladolid, coach José Luis Mendilibar was giving his opinion about the match, “It has been a hard worked victory. We must be more aggressive, more selective and play with the lines closer to each other. We need to be more relaxed and not be so impetuous. This victory can help us to continue working and to continue improving. I didn’t see the things clear within the first sixty minutes. If they score that chance that hit the post with the 2-0 in the scoresheet, we would have suffered. Our strikers weren’t finding the ball and we didn’t feel comfortable.”




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