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28 Oct 2009
Lotina pulls of the rotations in Copa Del Rey as he makes eight changes in the starting lineup, including three debuts on the season, while Real Murcia arrives suffering its worst start of season since the season 1930/31.

Real Murcia is the only club between Segunda and Primera División that hasn’t won yet in this start of season, the balance is nine matches played with seven draws and two defeats; in other words seven points that are leaving the squad in the relegation zone, a terrible present for a club that was aspiring to achieve the promotion on this season. It’s the second worst start in the history of the Murcian club, because on the season 1930/31 they also had seven points after the first nine games at Segunda. Meanwhile, Depor arrives to La Nueva Condomina living in the European zone, but chased by the ghost of the 0-4 defeat at Valladolid.

This is the fourth meeting between Deportivo and Real Murcia playing for Copa Del Rey. The first one occurred on the season 1930/1931 in a two-leg series that was part of the first round. Murcia achieved the pass with a 3-1 aggregate score that included a 2-1 win at the Riazor. Curiously at the time Murcia was also suffering the same poor numbers in liga than in the present. The other two series were won by Depor. Firstly on the season 1963/1964 in a two-leg series that was part of the second round. The aggregate score was 5-3 for the Galicians.

And the last confrontation in Copa occurred on the season 2002/2003; again it was a two-leg series, but this time as part of the quarterfinals. It was a tough confrontation for Depor as Irureta’s team could only achieve the pass thanks to the away goals rule. In the first-leg Depor achieved a narrow 1-0 win at the Riazor thanks to a goal scored by Aldo Duscher five minutes before the final whistle. In the returning leg Depor lost 4-3 after been leading 0-2 in the scoresheet. The goals were scored by Diego Tristán (twice) and Manuel Pablo.

Miguel Angel Lotina is planning several modifications for Copa Del Rey, but more than a punishment after for the big setback in Valladolid, it is a reward for the effort done by the “bench players” during the training sessions. The major news is the debut of the three players that haven’t performed yet on this season: central defender Adrián López ‘Piscu’, Asturian keeper Manuel Fernández Muńiz ‘Manu’ and Colombian left-back defender Brayan Alexis Angulo, this last two are even making their official debut wearing Depor’s shirt. 

Compared to the squad that was trashed at the José Zorrilla, only three players are staying in the starting formation: central defender Albert Lopo and midfielders Sergio and Juan Rodriguez . The rest is a complete different team. Manu will be at the goal, while Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ returns in order to cover the right-back position. Piscu joins Lopo at the centre of the defence and Angulo covers the left sector.

Lotina switches back to the 4-2-3-1 system, with Sergio and Juan Rodriguez in the pivote functions and with Tunisian Lassad Nouioui performing as a playmaker. Iván Pérez returns after failing in the game against Sevilla FC as the ex-Fabril will cover the left wing, while Pablo Alvarez will attack from right flank. Finally, Murcia-born Miguel Angel Ferrer ‘Mista’ returns from his pubic problems in order to play at the centre of the attack.

Juan Rodriguez talked before the game about the level of the rival, “It’s a very pretty competition. People are hopeful and we want to reach the farthest rounds. We must go game by game, thinking carefully of what we are doing, and not being too confident about Murcia just because they are at Segunda, the fact is that they have players coming from Primera.”

Meanwhile, Manu was talking about his debut with Depor’s first squad, “To debut in a club like Deportivo, which is currently playing at Primera, means one of the biggest moments in my career. I must give back the confidence of the coach with facts. I must demonstrate in every game what I do in the trainings. The competition is good for the whole team, not only for me. We can’t be just focused in la liga, which is important, but also is the Copa.”

List of picked players (18): Manu, Aranzubia (goalkeepers); Manuel Pablo, Laure, Angulo, Adrián López ‘Piscu’, Colotto, Lopo (defenders); Juan Rodríguez, Sergio, Antonio Tomás, Pablo Álvarez, Iván Pérez, Valerón (midfielders); Lassad, Adrián, Mista and Bodipo (strikers).

It’s the worst start of season for Real Murcia since the season 1930/1931 (seven points in nine games), and it’s that the team is in relegation after been a candidate for the promotion to Primera, that’s why coach José Miguel Campos could be living his last game at the club. To make things worse the owner of the club, Jesús Samper, exploded after the defeat against Recreativo (0-1) and blamed the players and the coach for the current situation. He even suggested that the team should start playing a more “offensive” game. So, the first-leg in Copa against Depor is finding the Murcian club in the middle of chaos.

Ahead of the match and despite the criticism, Campos is thinking of keeping the usual 4-4-2 lineup used in liga, though there are four novelties. One is forced by the injury of keeper Juantxo Elia, who suffered a muscular problem on Tuesday, he will be replaced by veteran Alberto Cifuentes, while the keeper of Murcia B, Francisco Romero, was picked as his substitute.

The next novelty is the appearance of ex-Lokomotiv Guillermo Pereyra replacing ex-Real Madrid Álvaro Mejía in midfield, the reason for the chance is a suspension, because Mejía was sent off during a previous Copa game against Numancia. The other two changes are made for tactical reasons: David de Coz replacing Miguel Albiol at the right-back position, while Dani Aquino will be attacking on the left side taking the place of ex-Malaga José Juan Luque. Aquino, an old wish of Lendoiro, has only played 151 minutes on this liga season scoring one goal.

The lineup is completed by ex-Numancia Juan Cruz Ochoa and ex-Hercules Sergio Fernández playing at the centre of the defence, ex-Valladolid Óscar Sánchez performing at the left-back position, ex-Castellón Mario Rosas joining Argentine Pereyra in midfield, ex-Alicante Pedro Sánchez attacking by the right wing and the duo Alejandro Torres Guzmán ‘Chando’-Natalio in attack. This last couple has been important for Murcia as it represents six of the eight goals scored so far at Segunda (three for each player). Dutch ex-NEC Nimega Mark Van Den Boogaart was picked for the game and will be sited on the bench; the 24-year-old midfielder hasn’t debuted yet on this season.

List of picked players (18): Alberto, Francisco Romero (goalkeepers); Ochoa, Sergio Fernández, Óscar Sánchez, Miguel Albiol, Sergio Escudero, De Coz (defenders); Bruno, Capdevila, Van Den Boogaart, Pereyra, Isaac (midfielders); Pedro, Chando, Dani Aquino, Natalio and Kike (strikers)

Murcia: Alberto - De Coz, Ochoa, Sergio Fernández, Óscar Sánchez - Pedro, Pereyra, Mario Rosas, Aquino – Chando, Natalio.
Deportivo: Manu – Laure, Piscu, Lopo, Angulo – Sergio, Juan Rodríguez – Pablo Álvarez, Lassad, Iván Pérez – Mista.
Referee: Rubinos Pérez.
Kick-off: 20h00 CET (La Nueva Condomina)



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