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29 Oct 2009
Important, and at the same time unfair, win for Deportivo; Murcia made the effort in the second half, but it paid the price for its lack of aim and ideas. In the end a goal of Lopo after a corner-kick is giving the advantage to Depor.

Lotina chose a 4-4-2 lineup for the occasion, in the end Lassad stayed on the bench and the duo in attack was composed by Rodolfo Bodipo and Mista. Manu was debuting at the goal of Depor, Angulo did the same occupying the left-back position, Laure was defending the right side and the couple Piscu-Lopo played at the centre of the defence. Sergio and Juan Rodriguez were at midfield, Pablo Alvarez performed on the right wing and Iván Pérez did it on the left.

At Murcia, coach José Miguel Campos surprised with a team full of novelties. Chando and Natalio, the main scorers of the team at Segunda, were reserved and the spots in attack were for Enrique García ‘Quique’ and ex-Salamanca Isaac Jové. José Luis Sánchez Capdevila was joining Guillermo Pereyra in midfield and Dani Aquino was performing on the left wing.

Real Murcia started strongly and Manu had two interventions within the first two minutes, firstly stopping a shot of Quique (1’) and later blocking a corner-kick sent to the path of Ochoa. The debuting goalkeeper had a solid performance and was one of the reasons why the Galicians achieved a new clean sheet on the season. Depor responded with a short-range effort of Mista after an assist of Sergio, the shot was stopped by Alberto.

The Galician side started a little nervous, because it was losing the ball at midfield and was committing some small errors in defence, something that Murcia tried to capitalise. At minute 6, Dani Aquino took a free-kick that Manu stopped and that was later cleared by Piscu. Ten minutes later Manu appeared again to stop a cross that was searching for Quique.

Little by little, Depor was feeling more comfortable on the pitch, the defensive line was putting a lot of pressure over the attackers of Murcia, but at the same time the offensive line wasn’t working at all, neither Sergio nor Juan Rodriguez were controlling midfield and the only way to reach Bodipo was through long passes that were an impossible mission for the Equatoguinean striker. Meanwhile Mista was lost in the battle for the ball, running across the pitch, but without any important appearance.

Murcia had its next opportunity at minute 24; it was a long distance shot of Quique that was blocked by Manu with his right leg. Later the locals had fourth straight corners, the last one ended with Sergio Fernández missing the target from mid- distance (27’). The best chance for Depor came at the 31st minute, Iván Pérez sent a cross to the area and Pablo Alvarez was pulled down inside the area, referee Rubinos Pérez didn’t whistle the penalty and Bodipo ended the play sending the ball out.

The best moment for Murcia came within minutes 40 and 42, first Dani Aquino, the most dangerous man at the home side, took the ninth corner for his team and his cross went directly to the near post, but the ball was cleared by Angulo, later El Torito attempted from mid-distance and his shot went out close to the post. The first part was boring, with two teams that seemed solid in defence, but without fresh ideas in attack, that’s why the public at La Nueva Condomina was witnessing a goalless game without excitement.

The lack of ideas continued during the second part, Mista was running all over the pitch, but Bodipo was not receiving a proper pass. The first approximation for Murcia came at minute 51, again it was Aquino attempting with a corner-kick threw directly to the goal, and Manu cleared the danger. One minute later Issac attempted from long-distance, but his effort went over the crossbar.

Depor had its first approximation at minute 55, Angulo assisted Mista, and the Murcian sent a cross that didn’t find a receiver. Then Lotina decided to shake his offensive line, Lassad entered for Bodipo. The Equatoguinean attacker spent the night alone up front and Depor’s coach was trying to bring some company to Mista.

But Murcia continued as the most dangerous side on the pitch, at minute 60, Issac made a great play on the left side sending a cross into the path of Capdevila, but the midfielder sent a shot directly into the hands of Manu. Four minutes later the same Issac attempted from long-distance, but his crossed shot missed the target.

Then Lotina replaced Mista with Adrian, the Murcian was hard working throughout the encounter, but without having a real impact in the game. Murcia responded with the entry of ex-Villarreal B Alejandro Torres Guzmán ‘Chando’, one of the two top-scorers at the team. And he was close to score one minute later, but his cross was cleared by Lopo.

And Depor reached the goal in its lonely clear opportunity during the second half; Adrián started the play assisting Pablo Alvarez at the centre, then the right winger attempted from the edge of the area, but his shot was deflected to a corner-kick.  Then Sergio threw the corner and the cross was going into the path of Adrian and local keeper Alberto, but it was Albert Lopo who came from behind to head the ball and score the goal.

Immediately, Murcia enjoyed of its best opportunity through a free-kick of Chando, but Manu made a great save keeping the narrow win for Depor. With ten minutes remaining in the clock, Antonio Tomás entered to replace Sergio. At minute 82, Pedro attempted from the edge of the area, but he missed the target. Two minutes later Iván Pérez had a chance from close range, but Alberto made the save.

Murcia made a big effort and deserved a better luck, especially during the second half, but Depor just needed one play to define the things. The combinations in attack tested by Lotina, first with Bodipo and Mista and later with Lassad and Adrian, didn’t work out and a defender had to come to score the winning goal, which again was scored after a set-piece.

Important victory for Deportivo, not only because it was achieved away from home and scoring a goal that might count as double, but also because Lotina’s team played a poor game, without clear ideas in attack and with only a fewer scoring opportunities. The key was the effectiveness in set-pieces, a solid proof of this was the number of corner-kicks, because Murcia had 15, some of them very dangerous, but Depor only needed four to conquer a goal that’s putting the series in favour of the Galicians. At defence, Manu was a key piece, same thing than Lopo and Piscu, while Angulo made a solid debut in official competitions.

The second-leg will be played at the Riazor on November 10 or 11, for the moment Deportivo returns to la liga competition hosting Sporting de Gijón at the Riazor (Sunday, 21h00 CET), an opportunity to regain the impulse lost against Real Valladolid.

Murcia: Alberto - De Coz (Albiol 79’), Ochoa, Sergio Fernández, Escudero - Bruno, Pereyra, Capdevila, Aquino (Pedro 73’) - Isaac, Quique (Chando 68’).
Deportivo: Manu – Laure, Piscu, Lopo, Angulo – Pablo Álvarez, Sergio (Antonio Tomás 80’), Juan Rodríguez, Iván Pérez – Bodipo (Lassad 59’), Mista (Adrián 68’).
Goal: 0-1: (77’) Lopo
Referee: Rubinos Pérez. He showed yellow card to Sergio Fernandez (38’), De Coz (65’), Lopo (88’) and Manu (90+1’)
Venue: La Nueva Condomina (6,533)



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