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30 Oct 2009
The media was not impressed at all by the performance of Deportivo at La Nueva Condomina, despite the final result there was criticism against the level shown by Lotina’s team.

La Voz de Galicia: Lopo’s header covered up the poor game of Depor in Murcia. The Depor’s squad saw in Copa had a gray debut, boring and without any offensive presence in the match against Murcia. A goal by Lopo during an isolated play, fifteen minutes before the end, is leaving the tie almost sentenced. The less habitual players had minutes against a Murcia that, without clear opportunities, continually stepped into Manu’s area.

The Asturian goalkeeper, in his official debut wearing the blue and white shirt, had a lot of work, especially in the first half, moment when Murcia threw countless corners (18 in total) and tested the keeper with distant shots. Attempts by Aquino (a crossed shot at the edge of half-time) and an attempt of Escudero were the most prominent ones. But where Manu shone more was repelling, with great reflexes, the attempts from the edge of the area.

The offensive couple Mista-Bodipo was barely saw before being replaced. Although the few dangerous intentions of the Galician squad came from the Murcian attacker, including the lonely shot on goal during the first part (a powerful drilling shot), and the two cold attempts in the second (a deep pass to Bodipo that he missed, and a dangerous cross to the heart of the area that Murcia’s defenders repelled as they could). But with Pablo Alvarez and Ivan Perez disconnected from the game, Depor was barely saw around the area of Murcia. The best contribution of Pablo was to ask for a penalty at minute 30 after a cross from the left. The situation didn’t change after the break. Neither the entry of Lassad nor Adrian for Bodipo and Mista varied the tendency of a Depor without spark. Isaac, who created some difficulty to Angulo, frightened with a shot from close range and with a run on the right wing. M. P. R.

La Opinión a Coruña: The control was for the rival. Depor went out trying to control the game during the first half, thinking that this is a two-leg series. The team began to retreat, as usual, but this time it lacked a bit of pressure. Therefore, the defense had to temporize and both lines, defence and midfield, had to defend in a much delayed position. That situation allowed Murcia to have plenty of room to play the ball and that’s why the locals had so many options to attempt from the edge of the area. When Depor was recovering the ball possession, the people upfront was too far to start a counterattack. Hence, the team had just a few occasions at the opposite area. Since the entry of Lassad, Depor still was playing without putting pressure, but it was a little more advanced. That meant that the rival didn’t have so many opportunities like in the first part. Still, Murcia kept the control over the game, but this time without too many opportunities. Again, the strategy worked and saved the result, and we already saw this situation a few times on this season. Richard Barral

Xornal de Galicia: Deportivo arrived to Murcia with two clear objectives. First, to remove the bad image left against Valladolid in league (4-0); also, to secure the pass to the next round in Copa. And it only got the latter, because the 0-1 conquered in yesterday’s game at La Condomina is leaving the Galician team close to seal the pass to the next round, which must be endorsed at the Riazor.

Moreover, Murcia was the better side on the pitch and had the best opportunities, but Depor was more effective and optimized the goal of Lopo, goal that came, as usual, in a set-pieces. Yesterday's meeting served to witness the official debut of Manu and Angulo. And both were perfect, especially the Asturian goalkeeper, who was very secure at all times and kept a clean sheet despite the numerous opportunities of Murcia. Andrés Bello

AS: The witches are 'made in Galicia' because they are, but we must review the ancestors to see if there was, in past centuries, a 'cross' between Galicia and Murcia. Otherwise it’s impossible to understand that the locals, after a worthy game and after dominating Lotina’s squad, succumbed as it has been since the season started. In the only dangerous action of Depor and after a failure of Alberto (Murcia’s players argued that a foul was committed) Lopo headed the ball alone inside the area and virtually left the second-leg at the Riazor as a meaningless game.

It was the same story for Murcia’s team coached by Campos: territorial control, sense of danger thanks to a good Pereyra, thousand approximations with Isaac and Aquino claiming a spot in the lineup, but in the end they always lose. For Depor, at the end of the night, the best thing is the score, the best conclusion from its trip through the southeast, because for Lotina a night in Copa is clearly a night of 'discounts'; games for the reserves and in the major part of the cases they showed up why they are substitutes. If Murcia would have had what it doesn’t have, the needed punch, then the Galicians would have complicated their chances in this series, but between the opponent's weaknesses and a superb Manu, history is written very differently. At the end that's the factor that dominates in elite football: who knows how to seize the chance scores the goals and wins the matches, and who doesn’t ends knocked down. Its Darwin brought to this beautiful game. It's like life itself. Javier Orive

La Opinión de Murcia: Murcia can’t win a match, no matter it plays  well or poorly. Tonight, in the first leg of the knockout phase of Copa Del Rey, it was defeated by Deportivo La Coruña through a solitary goal from Lopo after taking the initiative throughout the match. But it doesn’t matter anymore, the offensive deficiencies are very serious and all the good work of the team is useless if there’s no reliable quality in the offensive line. Murcia is now only surviving due to its will. Not enough for Jose Miguel Campos, the coach, he’s almost out after missing a win on the season and only a miracle could fix this Gothic novel in a short period of time. In this sport anything can happen, but history does not look good at this point.
It’s also true that the negligence of Deportivo was a little surprising, which far to impose the good football done at this start of season, was limited to run after the ball only to lose it very soon. Much of the blame for the Galician invalidity was that Murcia took a step forward. The defensive line played a few yards ahead than usual and provided the pressure and the countless steals in midfield. Ernesto Fernández.



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