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30 Oct 2009
Lotina was saying that the series in Copa is not defined yet, while he praised the debut of Manu and Angulo. Meanwhile Lopo explained the dedication in the play of his goal.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina gave his opinion about the match, “Truly we didn’t play so well.  But it wasn’t’ easy. Besides, the competition is just starting and this fact affects. We met a rival that has good players and that didn’t show the anxiety shown at Segunda. They gave us troubles because we also committed a lot of mistakes.”

No matter the advantage in the series, Depor’s manager was cautious about the returning leg, “This goal means an advantage, but we need to play at the Riazor. Ninety minutes still to be played and a narrow advantage like this is very short. The true is that they played without anxiety, which is one of the diseases in football. It’s more difficult at Segunda, because it’s harder, that’s for sure. Supposedly Murcia would be among the three top teams, but the lack of victories led to this and everything is harder.”

“In the first half, beyond our poor offensive game, the true is that we were bad in defence, we weren’t covering the lines as we should. We improved in the second part, but also lost the ball in many occasions. We were too hurried when we had the ball, amn we were bad in that sense. The team lost the ball in many occasions.” He added.

Finally, Lotina was emphasising the work done by debutants Manu and Angulo, “They were pretty good, both of them. Manu was fine and we already knew that Angulo is a good player. About Lassad, he is improving; it is not a matter of blaming the strikers. We lost the ball too often during the second part.”

Albert Lopo was not happy with the performance of the team, “We must improve a lot with our game. Murcia went out for everything, they were fine, it tightened the things and they have very good players. We didn’t complete a good game and in these cases we should be satisfied with the final result, but the true is that we need to improve our game if we want to close the result in La Coruña.”

He also explained the dedication after scoring the winning goal for his team, “It was for my girlfriend, my daughter and especially for Dani Jarque, because since his death I was hoping to score to dedicate the goal to him. As long as the goals are important to pick up a victory, but in this occasion I was alone, the ball came to me and I just had to push it in. It was a great cross from Sergio.”

Meanwhile, right-back Laure was thinking that he didn’t took advantage of the chance gave by Lotina, “I feel screwed to not have seized this chance. I didn’t feel comfortable during the first half, later I improved, but never found my place on the pitch. The true is that we had to be serious in order to surpass Murcia. They were connected since the beginning and released the pressure of the liga competition.”

Finally, debuting goalkeeper Manu was talking about the game, “I am self-critic and do not only think of the good things, but of the factors I still can improve. It was a complicate game, we suffered a lot against a running Murcia that was doing its game, but luckily we achieved the victory. But we haven’t achieved the pass yet. We need to start practicing again the football of la liga. I hope we will pick up the three points against Sporting, and later to advance in Copa Del Rey.”




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