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06 Nov 2009
New victory for a Depor B that played 67 minutes with one more player on the pitch, and that needed the help of keeper Diego Rivas to clinch the win. It was a fair result and Ramallo’s team still leading its group at Tercera División.

Coach Tito Ramallo was having the important casualties of Juan Dominguez and Juan Carlos ‘Juancar’, both out injured, but was recovering Canarian Luis Ángel, who missed the previous game with Pontevedra B for injury reasons. The ex-Vecindario is one of the main top-scorer at the team. Other players fit to play were midfielder Momar Diagne and central defender Antonio Del Castillo.

The only substitution in the starting formation was the presence of Luis Ángel taking the spot of Juan Dominguez. The rest was the same team that defeated Pontevedra B. Diego Rivas was at the goal, Diego Seoane at the right-back position, Raúl on the left side, Vieytes and Rochela at the centre of the defence, Héctor Garcia was the partner of Dani at midfield, Diego Vela played on the right wing, David Añon on the left, Luis Angel was the playmaker and Hugo Garcia the striker.

At Santa Comba, coach Rogelio Gómez ‘Gelucho’ was having the casualty of defender Rubén Castiñeiras ‘Gelo’, while José Antonio Míguez ‘Toni’ started the match sited on the bench, later he entered during the second half, the midfielder was loaned by Deportivo for the present season.

Deportivo B dominated the actions and it had the best scoring opportunities, something that has been usual since the start of the league, but in this occasion the team also had some good luck, because the rival spent the last 67 minutes with ten men on the pitch and also because keeper Diego Rivas stopped a penalty when the scoresheet was still 0-1.

Led by an incisive Luis Angel, Fabril controlled the ball since the kick-off and the Canarian had the first big opportunity of the evening after he smashed the ball into the crossbar during a free-kick action. But things were more easy after Gonzalo Iglesias fouled David Añon inside the area. Referee Jiménez Alberte whistled the penalty and the local defender was sent off. Then Fabril’s captain Dani scored his third goal on the season from the penalty spot.

But despite been with ten men on the pitch, Santa Comba gave hard battle to Depor B, Julian López and Adrian Vazquez had clear attempts to score before half-time, but both missed the target. The visitors responded with a new opportunity for Luis Angel that was saved by local keeper Carlos Mariño. The final minutes were the more exciting moment of the first part.

And the second half started in the same way, because Diego Seoane was close to double the advantage after heading a free-kick of Vieytes, but Carlos made the save. One minute later the same Seoane handled the ball inside of Fabril’s area and a new penalty was called. Defender Pablo Baña took the chance to equalise the game, but Diego Rivas made the save, Baña even had a second chance as he got the rebound, but he missed the target from close-range.

And just two minutes later Luis Angel transformed the game from a possible 1-1 into a 0-2, the playmaker was well placed to catch a rebound after a header of Hugo Garcia, then he just pushed the ball in to add his fifth goal in liga, the Canarian is now tied with Hugo Garcia as the best scorers at the team. Seconds after the goal, Carlos Monje Serrano ‘Chirri’ replaced Diego Vela.

The two-goal advantage crushed the will of the locals and they didn’t have more chances, while Fabril had three new opportunities to increase the lead, the first two were crossed shots from Dani and Chirri that missed the target, while the last one was a new header of Hugo Garcia that went out. In the final minutes central defender Castillo debuted on the season after been out due to an injury, while Joshua replaced Hugo Garcia for the last ten minutes.
New solid presentation of Fabril at Tercera División, this time helped by the hands of keeper Diego Rivas, who stopped a penalty when the score was still 0-1. Depor B had the best chances and Luis Angel was the most dangerous player and even scored one of the two goals. This new triumph leaves Fabril as the leader of group one, just one point over second place Cercedas. On Saturday the team of Ramallo will host ninth place Celtiga FC at Abegondo (17h30 CET).

Comments of Tito Ramallo: “We have made a very complete game, playing with intensity since minute one. Keeper Carlos was the best player of Santa Comba, which demonstrates that it was a fair result. We had enough chances to deserve a bigger score, but they keeper was great. It’s a victory that reinforces our self-esteem. We still adding points outside home and now we are correcting some things, like the subject of the intensity. I’m content with the work done by the team.”

Santa Comba: Carlos – Paco, Uxío, David, Gonzalo – Pibe, Doro – Julián (Javi Calvo 58’), Pablo Baña (Suso 78’), Adrián – Adán (Toni 46’)
Deportivo B: Diego Rivas - Seoane, Vieytes, Rochela, Raúl - Héctor, Dani – Vela (Chirri 58’), Luis Ángel, Añón (Castillo 84’) - Hugo García (Joshua 80’).
Goals: 0-1: (24’) Dani (penalty), 0-2: (58’) Luis Angel.
Referee: Jiménez Alberte. He showed yellow card to Vieytes, Héctor, Añon; Paco, David, Pibe, Adrián and Toni. Gonzalo was sent off (23’)
Venue: A Fontenia (250).
Other stats: Occasions to score (7 - 13), Corner-kick (7 - 5), Fouls committed (20 - 11)




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