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09 Nov 2009
The media applauded the performance and the order of Deportivo to clinch a new victory in liga. Meanwhile the work of referee Gonzalez Gonzalez and the performance of Getafe were criticised.

Xornal de Galicia: If there is justice in football, yesterday's match should worth four points to Deportivo and not just three. The players of Miguel Angel Lotina fought the elements to achieve a superb victory. To remain that long with ten men is problematic, but with nine it becomes more difficult for any team. The burden for been playing with two men out is very strong, and that’s why the players ended exhausted. To emphasise the return of Mista, an experienced player who brought all his class at Getafe.

The game made by Deportivo is to frame it. It was exemplary, with an impressive organization and giving an image of been a block that is rarely seen at Primera. Not even the work of the referee tarnished it. Because when the team plays with so much involvement and organization in all the lines, it is very difficult to overcome. The defenders were magnificent and stopped Getafe, but the defensive work of the attackers is also to take into account. In resume: Depor was an exemplary team. Eduardo López ‘Beci’.

 La Opinión A Coruña: The work pays off. That's what Miguel Angel Lotina must have thought after seeing the triumph of his team at Getafe. The Galicians demonstrated to be a team worked in the attempt to show order, sacrifice and solidarity. They took the award of the points for being strong defensively, for knowing how to close the spaces and for knowing how to seize the opportunities; an award for perseverance and teamwork; the same virtues that could convert this Deportivo into a team to be above the mediocrity that’s often related to this league.

A few days ago, Miguel Angel Lotina spoke about recovering that football lost after the departure of Lafita and Verdú; a less vertical and now more elaborated football. Yesterday, the team seemed to do it. The long throws, as the coach insisted, became a resource rather than a habit. The long passes were used to change the orientation of the game and not to send the striker to war. The combination was the norm, both with eleven and ten players, and even with nine men on the field. Despite the expulsion of Riki and Sergio, and having the 0-2 on the scoresheet, the team dared to attack moving out the ball from the defense, moving it with discretion and forcing Getafe to run after it.

A proof of this improvement was the goals. The two moves came after elaborated plays and not by a set-piece, as it was used lately. Even in the first, the one of Mista, it came seconds after a clear occasion in which Depor moved the ball for more than a minute. From the top to the bottom, from the left to the right, from long to short, all the possible variants to demonstrate to the coach that for this week, they have learned the lesson. Pablo Reimúndez

La Voz de Galicia: An epic Depor brings the spectacle at Getafe; the connection between Filipe and Mista gave the win to a colossal Depor that negotiated with intelligence a match in which it suffered two unjust red cards. It played for 64 minutes with one man less and the last 20 with nine, and event then it was the better side. Rubén Ventureira.

AS: Depor fights against everything and the public whistles Michel. Getafe celebrated its 200th game at Primera and saw something never seen before: its team losing 0-2 against nine. The more Gonzalez Gonzalez insisted in making the life easier for Getafe, the less was done by Michel’s team. Depor, however, grew from adversity. Not only defended the 0-1 during one hour, but increasing its lead to 0-2 and held it for twenty minutes.

To see the negative attitudes repeating is bad, but the incredible is to see things getting worse. You can understand losing at the Bernabéu against ten, but it’s difficult to explain how you lose at your own field against a Depor that only had nine men. There was an illuminating detail: the only shot on target of Getafe in the first half was a direct corner-kick by Pedro Leon.

Off course the protest from the public was monumental, this time towards Michel. This environment favored Deportivo, which remained in place despite suffering two expulsions. Mista served as the replacement for Lassad and Filipe Luis was sensational, it doesn’t seem easy to find a better left-back in Spain. Getafe ended up embarrassed. The feature of is game is the discontinuity. Getafe wins the games or loses them, never achieves a draw. And lately is losing more than wining. Javier Hernández



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