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12 Nov 2009
Lotina and the players weren’t satisfied with the performance of the team, but at least they emphasised the qualification to the next round in Copa Del Rey.

Despite the aggregate score, coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was feeling sorry due to the performance of his team, “We had some mismatches in defence. The team must clarify some of its concepts; when we are trying to put pressure, all the players must do it; and when we are trying to defend at the back zone, everybody must do it. In the end we have passed, which is the best we can say about this match.”

"It isn't easy to play this kind of games, you win outside home and you end playing without public against a team at the bottom and the important thing is that we passed to the next round. At the rival team several players have more games at Primera that our own men. They have made things difficult for us. But this is helping us to extract some conclusions. It’s also useful for the players, because they are able to play and we can see them.“ The coach added.

Later the Basque manager gave his list of wishes for the last-16 round of the tournament, “I want a Primera club now. I don’t want again this kind of games, at least I want to have tension, both in the public and in us. Right now if we face Celta, then evidently we will have a lot to lose and they a lot to win, mainly because we are at Primera and they at Segunda and without chances to be promoted, at least for now. However, a Celta-Deportivo tie will be good for Galician football.”

Goalkeeper Manu was admitting that the team suffered a lot and was asking to improve the performance in Copa, “We ended the match suffering a lot, but thanks God we passed. We can’t relax. We need to do more and display the same game of la liga in the Copa. Maybe we were too much relaxed since it was a Copa match, or maybe because we were thinking of the break in liga.”

For right-back defender Laure, Deportivo had the control over the game all the time, “The control was at our side, though they had three occasions. There were moments in which we were failing the passes, but in general we were fine.” He also gave his opinion about a possible confrontation with Celta, “We are willing to play against them, but especially to eliminate them.”

Midfielder Antonio Tomás also gave his opinion about the goalless game, “We knew it was going to be a difficult match. They were trying to practice their game. We knew it was going to be tough, but passed the round, which is the important thing. We were better in the second half, we had our chances and in the end we passed, and that’s all that matters.”

Meanwhile, striker Adrián was explaining the sensations he felt on the pitch, “I was feeling fine and I’m glad, especially for the qualification. It was difficult during the first part, in the second we improved and we also had chances to score the goals. I was feeling fine, I had some opportunities and I’m content with the level of the second half. About the next round, a derby will be good.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was admitting that the Galician team suffered during the game, “The problems are the same for everybody, because today all the Primera teams have suffered, including Depor. Murcia had some opportunities, but we were superior; the important thing is that we passed the round, Now, a possible Depor-Celta will be interesting and appealing for Galicia.”

At Murcia, coach José González was feeling sorry for not achieving a win in the match, “The team was fine and we never were out of the tie, we didn’t have anything to lose, but we feel screwed because we were close throughout the ninety minutes. We had our chances even wit ten men; at least we can have the positive reading of achieving a clean sheet.”

Depor’s doctors determined that left-back Brayan Angulo suffered a knee contusion during the clash with Murcia, the Colombian had to left the pitch at minute 30. More specifically is a contusion in the fibula (outer shin bone) and that had affected the sciatic nerve. According to doctors, it isn’t a serious case, but more scans will be made in the coming days in order to discard any further problem. For the moment Angulo will be using crutches and will be under drug therapy, cryotherapy and physiotherapy.




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