16 Nov 2009
Miguel Angel Lotina gave an interview to Sportpaper AS and analysed the possibility of making new signings during the winter window. For the first time he admitted that it is a possibility for the month of January.

Q: I guess that Angulo's injury was a blow.
A: What things are. Last season we were looking forward to the arrival of a left defender if anything happens to Filipe, we bring one on this year, and the injured one is him. An injury that's a shame, because it's long-term, but today these injuries can be surpassed.

Q: He should have convinced you during the few times he played, because you requested his renewal.
A: Angulo is a good footballer and we have confidence in him. As I said before, I recommend to the President to reach an agreement and have him on here for another season. It is an interesting player.

Q: As we are talking of a long-term case, you have now a month to make a signing. Are you going to do it?
A: I havenít spoken with the club, in the coming days I will meet Lendoiro and we will make a review. Neither is an immediate obligation, as Laure or Manuel Pablo can play there. I hope not, because Filipe has shown he can handle everything that we throw to him. We'll take a look in December and see how the team is doing.

Q: With all that's left on the season, isnít an excessive risk?
A: Whenever a player is injured, itís a problem. It is not the same to have a left-footed  player rather than to use a right-footed at that position. For us everything is a challenge on this year and this, too.

Q: To the casualty of Angulo on the left you should add the hole at the right. Arenít these too many shortcomings?
A: The right side ... Itís true that Lafitaís departure has left us without a player with the capacity to break and play between the lines. Now we donít have that player. We have Juan Rodriguez, who is at a good level and gives us other things: the aerial game, work, driving overflow... Also Pablo Alvarez, who is playing in that situation of appearing as a substitute, then as a starter... I even think is good for him to play that way, so he can give his best. But yes, I miss a more offensive player in order to have more options.

Q: From what you say it seems you will sign during the winter period and not now...
A: I am aware of the situation at the club, I need to be like that. I can not begin to ask for a player now. We must speak first, in December there may be some exits... Everything we ask should be in the attempt to improve the current squad and taking in mind the clubís situation. But surely we will do something in the winter market.

Q: You are talking of exits, do you think we could see a big transfer in January?
A No, our big moves in the market have to wait until the ends of the season. We all know what players can be transferred: Filipe, Guardado, Lopo ... Now the Spanish market is closed for them, but not during the summer.

Q: Returning to the subject of the casualties, Lassad will go out in January due to the African Cup...
A: It would an important casualty. He didnít play the last game due to an injury, but is taking the pace and keeps getting better. That, when it comes, it's going to be a tremendous problem.

Q: Left, right and playmaking function with Lassad. Do you think the team can handle it?
A: When Lassad is fit, surely he can fulfill the playmakerís role, as it was demonstrated against Sporting, who was in a more than acceptable level. I hope he will be ready for Atletico (Madrid). If we lose him in January, his exit will be very strong, because the Copa starts again during that month, there are many games....

Q: Are you confident that Adrian can take control?
A: I think heís getting better. He is a talented player, although late, he will leave some good things. When you bet in a player without talent, you know his limits: he goes until this point, but when you talk about talented players, there are no limits. Currently, he is not at a good level, but every day I see him better. I am very hopeful with him.

Q: The dedication and commitment are the signs of this Depor. Isnít Adrian lagging behind in this aspect?
A: No, though is the impression you have. People will say and think that heís slow, but is very fast, one of the fastest at the team. He doesnít have character... but is a football player and itís only a matter of time.

Q: Fifth in Liga and qualified for the last-16 round in Copa. Are you beyond your chances?
A: We are excited, because we are exceeding our goals, both individually and collectively. We are the example of a solidary team, and it is not what I say, is what others coach say. They say: 'Itís a pleasure to see ití, as a team of course, because there are others who play nicer. That's because we have an exemplary squad, and now we are seeing this on the field.

Q: In this league there are six teams above the rest, but two of them are Ďskatingí. Is it possible to reach Europe?
A: La Liga is very long. Those below are Villarreal and Atletico (Madrid), but still have time. They can win four or five games in a row at any time, something very difficult for others. We must try to stay up there. Things in la liga are decided in the last ten matchdays, and if we reach that point in a good position, we'll see. What we can not do is to wait to see others failing and then to fail by our own actions.



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