17 Nov 2009
Midfielder Sergio had a sincere interview with newspaper Xornal de Galicia. He talked about the recent past and also about the European chances of Deportivo. Hw tries to keep both feet on the ground, but also dreams of Europe.

Q: In all these years, you have lived both, glorious and difficult moments. How is the squad now?
A: It's building a new base, returning to work from the bottom trying to be the team that was before, the same one that was lucky enough to play at the elite. When I arrived, the group was already done; I only had to add my grain of san. Now it’s true that we are light years ahead of that, but we are working in order to be the same team that we were in the past.

Q: You were surrounded by great players like Mauro Silva, Makaay, Valerón ... and also of young talents. What do emphasise of those names?
A: I'll take the entire group. I think we were a group of very good footballers, with extreme levels. For me it was a pleasure to play with them. It's the kind of players that make you pull out your best football. I consider myself privileged to have practiced this style of football with them. With Valerón, Fran, Mauro… it was a luxury for me to compose the double pivote with Mauro… Naybet, Diego Tristan, Makaay ... I won’t be tired of mentioning all of them. For me it was an honor and a privilege to have been chosen to be with them.

Q: With the current players at the club, do you think they can maintain this level until the end of the season?
A: That is our hope and our work. We are very pleased with how things are going and I think the award has come too fast. Last year the team did not pass any trouble. This year it was a matter of achieving a little more and it seems that we’re succeeding. That if we will be able to stay there? In football it’s very difficult to talk about what will happen in three months. What’s true is that to be there is something that gives us more confidence. Let's see if we’re able to bring out our best football, which I think we can achieve, and let’s see if we can keep displaying that level of football until the end of the season, also this positive streak and the position in the table.

Q: And why not, to get into Champions.
A: No, no, no, the true is that we must be consistent and keep both feet on the ground. Right now the Champions League is a utopia. Clearly we're there and the first four spots are going to the Champions League. If we are one of them great, but I think that neither the team was built up for it, nor are we thinking of this. What we think is that entering into the UEFA Cup would mean a great prize.

Q: Although you have been a key in the success of Deportivo, you are not a player loved by the fans, although it seems that this year things are changing.
A: The fans have taken a radical turn on me and I don’t know why. For me is my pleasure. Now, when I jump to the pitch at the Riazor, virtually there are no whistles but the contrary, people even applaud me. It's a great feeling, amazing. Because it is true that, in recent years, the public, at the minimal problem, was charging against me. But this year things have changed and it’s a joy for me. From here I want to thank for this change and let’s see if we're all happy.

Q: Which ones are Depor’s main rivals on this season?
A: The big rival is ourselves. If we maintain our level, our intensity, our desire, our solidarity with the partner, our aids, our way of working and running, we are going to be our own rivals. It's true that our rivals are now those teams that will fight for a UEFA position. I think that Villarreal and Atletico Madrid are going to be fighting for this goal at the end of the season, this despite of their poor start. The top four teams appear to be a little more certain, but well, we neither can mislead. There's always a surprise and let’s hope that we are going to be one of the surprises on this season.

Q: What remains of the coaches that Depor had in the recent past?
A: For Jabo (Irureta) I have a special love, like a second father. When I arrived he showed me all his love, gave me his trust, his support. He treated me like his son. Caparrós was a more professional worker. As a person, he was disappointing. Professionally, I really respect him, because he got what he came to achieve at Deportivo, which was to save it from the problems. And of Lotina, he is like a second Jabo. He is very lovable, very affectionate with the players, he is always thinking of us. He's very emotional, very heart thinking, a person that likes to be aware of all the problems faced by the players. He is very accessible and generates a good atmosphere at the changing room.

Q: About the last casualty, Angulo, how is the player?
A: Brayan has spent a few months with us, but already has deepened on the squad. It's a very nice guy, a great team mate, a very happy guy. The true is that we're all very touched by his bad luck. He and his family had a lot of enthusiasm for being able to play at the Riazor. It was his first game in front of his people. I want to send a big hug and tell him to be patient and quiet, this is very difficult. He should know that we're there for whatever he needs.



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