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17 Nov 2009
Depor is fifth in the table and living one of its sweetest moments in recent years, but the players prefer to be cautious as they say that the first mission is to clinch the permanence at Primera División.

“We are not saved yet. We must go game after game and always thinking of the next weekend” was the reminder of Filipe Luis when he was asked by a journalist from newspaper La Opinión A Coruña about the European chances of Deportivo. “As soon as we are able to clinch the 43 or 45 points that we need, then we will decide if we are going for this or for another thing” was the conclusion of Diego Colotto about the same issue.

And that’s the general consensus that La Opinión found out when it started to interview the rest of the players. Juan Carlos Valerón, one of the captains at the club, was assuring that despite the current good moment, Deportivo will also live tough times, “Depor must be prepared to face the scenario when things go wrong. We are living a good moment, because we had a solid start and we’re content. But we’re conscious that tough moments will arrive, and we must be a team that knows how to overcome complicate situations.”

Daniel Aranzubia was emphasising that the team was prudent on the past campaign and that the same “tactic” should work now too, “On the past year we were prudent and it was a good, because we were going game after game. It is true that when we saw the team up there, during the last part of la liga, we discarded that prudence. It was until then that we started to think of the top places.”
It was exactly the same feeling of midfielder Antonio Tomás, “We must continue like this. La liga is very long and the first thing is to achieve that goal: to save us. We must go out for that achievement and later we will start thinking of other things.”

Right-back defender Laure was trying to explain this “tactic” of assuming the things with prudence, “We must be ambitious and always looking to the top places, but until now we are doing fine with this way of working, especially for the calmness with which we are doing the things. The first thing is to achieve the permanence. We must keep the same speech, because so far it has worked for us.” 



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