19 Nov 2009
With Angulo out for a while, it seems that Filipe Luis will have to play all the official games of Deportivo, at least for the next five months. The Brazilian talked about this subject during an interview with newspaper La Opinión A Coruña.

Q: Do you see yourself prepared to play everything from now own?
A: Yes. Last year we had more games, because we were in the UEFA Cup. The true is that Angulo’s injury is a terrible misfortune. I hope he will recover soon, because he is a beloved player inside the changing room, but we must be prepared to play everything.

Q: Manuel Pablo can also perform on the left side in case you ask the coach for a break in Copa.
A: Whenever I'm in good shape and my body allows it, I will be happy to play. If there is any problem, I'll tell the coach, but as long as I’m fine, there’s no reason to stop.

Q: Was it good this new pause in la liga or should be better to continue competing in order to keep the positive streak?
A: I think it’s good to rest. Sometimes, in football, is necessary to occasionally stop.

Q: So, are you grateful with it?
A: I'm happy with what I have at every moment. If there is a match, I'm happy, and if we have to rest, too. I'm happy to do what I like, which is to play football.

Q: In Getafe you completed another outstanding game with a goal and an assist. Can you ask for more to the campaign you are completing?
A: The true is that I'm very happy. Things are going very well on this season, but this has begun. There are many games still to be played, a lot of liga ahead and then there's also the Copa. We must be at the top in order to be a very regular team and finish the season well, which is the most important thing.

Q: What is the limit of this Deportivo?
A: I do not know. I am a very ambitious player. I strongly believe in this team and think we can be up there. We need to believe and now we are believing. In every game we go out in order to win and that's what makes a winning team.

Q: Don’t you discard to end la liga among the top four positions?
A: It is too early to talk about the standings. We have only played ten matchdays. We need to continue working, always trying to keep this streak and eventually we'll see where we are.

Q: Is this comfortable situation in liga something that invites you to take more seriously the Copa?
A: In the league everyone wants to be as high as possible, and the Copa is to give more minutes to everybody. Of course we want to go until the end in Copa, but we know it’s very difficult. The main thing is the league.

Q: After all the things that happened in the summer, have you become a more done footballer?
A: I'm growing every day. I try to improve on each training session. The coach corrects me and works a lot with me, like Ribera does. And then we have Eduardo (Dominguez, physical trainer) I improved physically. I'm young and I can improve and grow a lot. I try to do that.

Q: Compared to other left-backs at the giant teams, it gives the impression that Deportivo is not bigger enough for you. Do you also think so?
A: I'm happy here. This season I had to stay here, after everything that happened, and I'm delighted. I feel very comfortable. The summer helped me to learn many things I did wrong and that never will happen again.

Q: As example?
A: Now it's time to look ahead. Those things just happened and now I wouldn’t repeat them. These are issues that I was thinking. All this helped me to learn a lot and that gives me more confidence.

Q: Do you have the feeling that this will be your last season at Deportivo? A: I have a four-year contract. Who will decide whether I am going out or not is the president. I wanted to leave and couldn’t, and now I am delighted in La Coruña, and I will continue here as long as it takes.

Q: Do you think of going to the World Cup despite that Dunga forgot you for the last meeting?
A: For me it was a surprise to be picked. I enjoyed a lot while I was there, and I’m going to work at the top in order to be fine and to see the coach calling me again.



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