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22 Nov 2009
First back-to-back win for Depor on the season, Aguero scored early and Lotina’s team had to come from behind to clinch a deserved victory. The winning goal came in the stoppage time and was scored by Guardado from the penalty spot.

Lotina decided to play with Riki in attack despite the Madrilenian attacker didn’t take part of the starting formation tested on Friday, this after the third appeal presented by the club succeeded. The rest was the expected squad. Aranzubia was at the goal, Manuel Pablo at the right-back position, Filipe on the left, Colotto and Lopo at the centre of the defence; Juan Rodriguez and Antonio Tomás were at midfield. The true is that Lotina presented a 4-3-3 scheme, with Guardado attacking from the centre and joining Lassad from behind, then Mista was playing towards the right wing and Riki towards the left.

At Atletico, Diego Forlán started sited on the bench, but the main surprise was to see youngster Álvaro Domínguez playing at the centre on defence alongside Pablo Ibáñez. Another novelty was the presence of French Florent Sinama Pongolle on the left wing. In attack, José Manuel Jurado was joining Sergio Leonel ‘Kun’ Agüero in the quest for the goals. Before the kick-off, Depor’s players jumped to the grass with a message on their shirts “Animo Brayan

The start of the game couldn’t be better for Atletico Madrid, because after just two minutes Lopo committed a huge mistake as he couldn’t clear the ball against ‘Kun’ Aguero, then the Argentine had an open way to face Aranzubia and beat him with a crossed shot that entered by the far post. It was just one of the few defensive errors committed by Depor’s defence on this season.

In the rest of the game, Depor was always trying to reach the opposite area, while Atletico Madrid was locked at the back zone and waiting to unleash a counterattack. In the first minutes the Galicians had difficulties to create scoring opportunities, but later the chances started to arrive. The key aspect was that the Galicians never lost the calm as they had the score against them and as the Madrilenians were trying to stop the game with continuous fouls. Another important factor was the mobility of the whole attacking line, and it’s that Riki, Lassad, Mista and Guardado were constantly switching their positions.

And the reward for the locals arrived soon, and it was in the preferred type of actions for the Galicians: a set-piece. Antonio Tomás took a corner-kick and the resulting cross was headed first by Juan Rodriguez at the near post and then Diego Colotto did the same at the centre to score the goal and tie the actions. It is the second goal in liga for the Argentine defender.

Deportivo continued dominating the actions after the goal, and was passing over a defensive line of Atletico Madrid that was having a lot of problems. At the minute 27, the Galicians had a clear occasion to take the lead, Guardado started the play and passed to Riki on the right, then Lassad found the resulting cross, but the Tunisian couldn’t capitalise the play after two attempts, the last one saved by Pablo Ibañez at the goal line. Later Cleber Santana entered for Raul Garcia, who suffered a hamstring injury.

Then the polemic arrived for the first time in the game, because after a one-on-one action visiting keeper Sergio Asenjo committed a clear penalty over Riki, but referee José Luis Parada booked the striker because he thought that the attacker was simulating the penalty, it is the third straight time that the ex-Getafe is booked for the same reason. To remember that he was coming to this game after been sent off at Getafe.

To mention that the public at the Riazor was extremely upset with the work of the referee, because it booked Riki and Mista for minor fouls (Manuel Pablo was even booked when the teams were going to the changing room), while the visitors were committing continuous infractions and never saw a yellow card, at least in the first part. However the local players never lost the patience and continued in the quest for the second goal, but the headers of Riki (40’) and Lopo (45+2’) missed the target.

It was solid first half of Deportivo, just stained by the initial error of Lopo, which was washed away by the other central defender, Colotto. Depor surprised with the mobility of its attacking players, side defenders Manuel Pablo and Filipe were trying to release the crosses from the wings, and one of the keys was to see Guardado more attached to the centre than to the left, which allowed him to have more participation in the game. Riki, Lassad and Mista were also pretty active and constantly switched their positions. Another key was the solid work of Antonio Tomas and Juan Rodriguez at midfield.

The half started with Colotto heading out a new free-kick of Depor. Then, two minutes after the pause, Pablo Ibañez was battling for the ball against Riki and Asenjo ended committing a penalty over Mista, and this time José Luis Parada whistled it, but his assistant told him later that Mista was offside, which was true, and the penalty was annulled.

The script was the same one of the first half, with a Deportivo that was taking the game very seriously and that locked Atletico at the back thanks to its quick moves in attack. At minute 53, a drilling cross of Juan Rodriguez was cleared by defender Dominguez (53’), in the next minute Sinama-Pongolle had an attempt to score that was easily stopped by Aranzubia, it was just the first shot on target for the visitors after their goal.

Lopo and Colotto were close to score two minutes later, again after a set-piece, and again Juan Rodriguez was the one that headed the ball at the near post. And the Andalusian appeared again at the 59th minute to release a shot from close range that was saved by Asenjo, in the next play Lassad missed the target. The Tunisian had a discrete participation in the first half, but in the second was the best attacker for the locals, this despite of his lack of aim.

Depor reduced the intensity at the middle of the half, moment that Atletico Madrid used to release a couple of attacks, one of those ended with a shot of Aguero that passed near to the post (65’). Then Lotina, who was at the stands, ordered to replace Mista with Adrian. The Murcian was very active throughout the game, but was now tired. 

The Galicians recovered the control over the actions within the final minutes and had two clear attempts to take the lead, first through a great move of Colotto that ended with a cross that Lassad headed out (75’), one minute later the Tunisian failed again after a great sequence between Adrian and Guardado, but the striker smashed the ball into the body of Asenjo when he was already lying on the ground. Then Lotina sent Valerón to replace Lassad, who played well but that at the same time missed too many occasions.

Colotto, who was very dangerous in the aerial game, had a new attempt to score, but the ball went out (86’). Before that action, Pablo Alvarez replaced Riki and ‘The Shark’ was decisive, because he was the one that sent the cross that would mean three points for the Galicians. It seemed that Depor was going to lose two points at home, but in the stoppage time Pablo Ibañez committed a new penalty, this time over Lopo, the Catalan fell down to the ground after surpassing the defender during a great effort of Pablo Alvarez on the right and everybody looked at Parada Romero, who decided to whistle the penalty. It must be said that the penalty was controversial.

The action generated a huge protest by Atletico’s players, even coach Quique Sanchez Flores had to enter into the pitch in order to calm his men, Aguero was reclaiming to the fourth official and was booked, while Cleber Santana was sent off. With Sergio out suspended, Andres Guardado came to score his first goal of the season throwing a perfect shot from the penalty spot, which gave a more than deserved victory to Deportivo.

First back-to-back win for Depor on the season; things started badly as Aguero scored early in the game, but a solid reaction allowed the comeback of Lotina’s team. It was a dramatic victory as the winning goal was scored in the stoppage time and from the penalty spot, but it was more than deserved after the things done by Depor on the game. The key was the mobility of the players on the pitch, because the combination between Lassad, Riki, Guardado and Mista gave troubles to the visitors during the whole game. Also to notice the solid work of the defence and the secureness of Juan Rodriguez and Antonio Tomas at midfield, without forgetting the always dangerous aerial game of central defender Lopo and Colotto.

The result leaves Deportivo in the Champions League zone and just waiting to know the result of Valencia, but at least the Galicians will be able to keep the fifth spot on the table. On the next Sunday the Galicians will visit the Sardinero stadium in order to play against another team in troubles: Racing Santander (17h00 CET).

Deportivo: Aranzubia - Manuel Pablo, Colotto, Lopo, Filipe - Juan Rodríguez, Antonio Tomás – Mista (Adrian 67’), Lassad (Valerón 76’), Guardado – Riki (Pablo Alvarez 82’).
Atlético Madrid: Asenjo - Perea, Pablo, Domínguez, Antonio López - Assuncao, Raúl García (Cléber Santana 32’) - Maxi Rodríguez (Reyes 82’), Jurado, Sinama-Pongolle (Simao 57’) - 'Kun' Agüero
Goals: 0-1: (2’) Agüero, 1-1: (21’) Colotto, 2-1: (90+5’) Guardado (penalty)
Referee: José Luis Parada Romero. He showed yellow card to Riki (32’), Mista (36’), Manuel Pablo (45+2’), Assuncao (56’), Dominguez (90’) and Aguero (90+4’). Santana was sent off (90+4’).
Venue: Riazor (20,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (51% - 49%); Total shots (21 - 14); Shots on target (11 - 5); Saves by the keepers (1 - 3); Corner-kicks (9 - 3); Offsides (5 - 0); Fouls committed (13 - 24); Accuracy in the passes (85.47% - 85.27%)




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