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23 Nov 2009
All the papers applauded the performance of Deportivo during the game. It was a dramatic win as the winning goal was scored in the stoppage time, but at the same time the media believes it was a fair result for the Galicians.

La Opinión A Coruña: If Depor always plays as yesterday, it will be in Europe next season. The exhibition was huge, regardless of the outcome. And that taking in mind that Atletico almost leave alive thanks to the lack of aim from the locals and for the work of referee Paradas Romero, who missed two separate penalties on Riki and Mista before pointing to one committed over Lopo,, action that Guardado transformed into the final 2-1. For scoring opportunities and football, the Galician team passed over Atleti, side that just showed a few things during the second half. The blue and white team had clear chances to sentence the game before. Although late, the 2-1 was a fair award for the insistence of Depor, who did everything to win.

Seeing what occurred later, the worst thing that could happen to Atletico was to score so quickly, within three minutes. Aguero, who never forgives despite how bad his team is, took the gift of Lopo to sign the 0-1. It was the best and the only thing made by the Madrilenians in a first part in which Deportivo gave a real offensive concert. Lotina enjoyed from his privileged position. He couldn’t be on the bench since he was suspended and decided to sit in one of the press boxes. From there he watched how his players were crushing Atletico. The Basque built a special plan for the occasion, with three forwards and three other men at midfield, and the new design worked. Eugenio Cobas

La Voz de Galicia: The impossible comeback of Depor. A penalty in the final second gave three impossible points to Deportivo. Almost pulling their hair due to the lack of aim, it tried one last action. With Lopo taking the job of a striker in the rival’s area in search of a cross that was coming after a move made by Pablo Alvarez, who saved the ball over the line to see his teammate, more alive, surpassing Pablo to fell down inside the area. This time the referee, who in the first half booked Riki for a controversial action in the area against Asenjo, called the penalty.

Depor rebelled against its fate after Atletico, which a point tasted like glory, just completed one shot on target after the goal, it was a long distance attempt saved by Aranzubia. It was only after the penalty that the visitors showed the genius they were lacking in the rest of the game, unable to shake the flaws that have put them in relegation. The Galicians, by contrast, are installed at the top and Europe begins to be more than an impossible dream, it’s looking now line a new horizon.

Lotina assured that only a few changes would be made, and the fact is that in terms of names there was only one: Lassad for Sergio, but the novelty caused a considerable mess in the scheme. From the very well-known 4-2-3-1 the squad passed to a 4-3-3 with Guardado running miles and miles in defense and attack, while Mista played towards the right, and with Manuel Pablo or even Juan Rodriguez joining him at that side. Pedro Barreiros

Xornal de Galicia: Depor proves to be great. Matches like the one played yesterday at the Riazor, between Deportivo and Atletico Madrid, demonstrate the greatness of this team, and also helps to engage the fans. The whole stadium was surrender to a motivated team that knew how to suffer and pick up a big joy (a 2-1 win against Atletico), in the end the squad achieved a victory just when it seemed impossible.

Lopo had given to Aguero the first goal when the match was just starting. Soon after, Colotto tied the game. And during the rest of the match, Depor attacked, missed the impossible and won in the 96th minute thanks to a penalty. As they known; as they deserved. Atletico got tired of protesting, forgetting that during the hour and a half before they did nothing, they never played football and never sought for the goal. Guardado picked up the ball, threw with the soul and brought ecstasy to the stands at the Riazor. A Coruña dreamed last night with the music of the Champions League. Omar Bello.

 AS (Madrid): It was unnecessary, it was foolish, it was painful, it was penalty. At minute 92, a neuron damaged pushed Pablo to put his leg when Lopo, a central defender, was trying to control an impossible ball, glued to the line with his back to the goal. Atletico’s defender arrived late to where he never should have gone and instead of meeting the ball, he hit rival. Paradas Romero, who had lit the Riazor at 48 ' after not conceding another penalty of Pablo (yes that man) due to a doubtful offside of Mista, hesitated and finally made the call

Before the moved ending, Deportivo had earned the victory and the points. And that taking in mind that Atletico had a dreamed start for any team living a full breakdown. At minute 3, Lopo fell asleep for a second, which for Aguero is like a minute and a half. Kun stole the ball, got into the area as lightning and beat Aranzubía making easy what it isn’t. The goalie covered the angle, but the Argentine calmly placed his cross close to the post.

But the advantage was never endorsed by the game. Deportivo, with Juan Rodriguez omnipresent and Riki making a grueling test of selectivity over Dominguez, were pushing Atletico to its area and very wisely, began to force all possible side free-kicks and corners. Depor connected the ball in all of those actions with Colotto looking like Santillana and converting Atleti’s defenders into the Smurfs. Thus come the equalizer in the 21st minute after a corner-kick launched by Antonio Thomas, which was headed first by Juan Rodriguez at the near post to see the Argentine scoring from the centre. Iñako Díaz-Guerra



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