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23 Nov 2009
Lotina and the players were satisfied with the result and also with the game practiced by the team. Depor’s coach also emphasised the coolness of Guardado as the Mexican decided to throw the penalty.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina watched the game from the stands, he was emphasising the evolution of his players on this season, "The important thing is that the team was fine and that the players are growing, Lassad and Mista are going up, and Guardado was very calmed after all the fight created with the penalty. "

“These three points were hardly worked, as any of the points added on the present season. The team was fine, we only gave a few options to Atletico. At the middle of the second half , when our players were tired, they started to push and we were locked at our own area, but our people were very well placed and sincerely we did the merits to deserve to victory.” He added.

Finally, Lotina preferred to maintain silence when he was asked about the work done by the referee, “I won’t talk of the referees. Neither I was able to see the plays clearly from the stands. I prefer to wait for the video and later we can comment. In a general sense, we made a nice game, very solid in defence and we had a lot of opportunities before the penalty. We are satisfied.”

Diego Colotto, one of the scorers for Depor, was talking of a fair result for his team, “In this kind of games is demonstrated that football sometimes is fair, it was like this on today’s game, because we had a lot of opportunities, in the end the victory is more tasty with a goal like this one. We are a compromised team and we already defeated the three big rivals that have passed over here.”

Meanwhile, Riki was feeling sorry for the yellow card that he saw in the first half and for the attitude of the referee, he even assured that Paradas Romero would have sent him off if he would have been the player fouled in the last play, “In the first play, Pablo touched me and later Asenjo committed a foul. If in the play of the last minute the fouled player would have been me and not Lopo, then he would have whistled in their favour and would have sent me off.”

 About the game, the Madrilenian is convinced that Deportivo deserved to pick up the three points, “The team has made the merits to be where is now. We are a team that needs to work together in order to achieve important things, and we are doing it, because we are helping each other”.

For keeper Dani Aranzubia this was a suffered victory, “We deserved the last goal, justice was made after all the opportunities that we had, in the other hand Atletico just had the chance of Aguero. If we stay on this line we can start to dream. In the end a lot of tension was accumulated.”

Striker Lassad Nouioui completed a good game though he failed three clear opportunities, the Tunisian also appointed that Depor deserved the three points, “These three points are very important, there was a clear penalty in the first half and justice was made in the end, we deserved the three points and we achieved the mission, the important thing was to add.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was feeling excited with the environment had in the game, “There is an extraordinary communication between the public and the team, which is demonstrated by the sacrifice of the players. We can’t ask more to the public, the players and coaches. We are living one of the best years taking in mind the potential of the team.”

Atletico’s coach Quique Sánchez Flores was feeling disappointed with the result, “We didn’t expect this end, but these are the things that occur in football. We have the clear picture that’s going to be difficult to overcome the present situation in liga, but there are symptoms of a recovery, though we are also feeling uncomfortable during the games, we don’t feel strong and today we faced one of the stronger rivals in the competition.”




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