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27 Nov 2009
Deportivo and Racing are like two cousins that meet two times a year; and it’s that only 339 miles are separating La Coruña from Santander, reason why both teams are going to see a lot of familiar faces on Sunday’s game.

Before the 1990’s, Deportivo and Racing Santander had a similar history, with several promotions and relegations at Primera División. Both teams were considered as “mid-class” clubs in Spain. Vision that was partially modified at the end of the past century as Deportivo started to clinch titles and become a well-known name in European football.

However, both clubs kept the same mentality and each time that Depor and Racing are visiting each other at Primera División, the fans have a great opportunity to travel and watch live the games. Currently, only Sporting means a shorter trip for Deportivo among the clubs hosting Primers football (177 miles from Gijón).

But the curiosity is that the short distance in a geographical sense is also seized by the players in order to continue with their careers, and it’s that is very common to see players that have performed for both clubs. The first two players that made the transition were Víctor García Hernándo and Ricardo García Martínez ‘Cuca’, who joined Depor at the same time in 1941 after spending several years in Santander.

Since the last promotion of Depor to Primera División, seventeen players have performed for both teams, and six of them are still playing for one of these two sides. Maybe the pinnacle of this relationship was reached in the summer of 2005 as both clubs agreed a multiple operation that took Munitis to Racing, while Antonio Tomás and Dudu Aouate were arriving to Depor.

Depor has in its current squad three players that already performed for Racing in the past: striker Rodolfo Bodipo (2001-2004), midfielder Antonio Tomás (2003-2007) and winger Pablo Alvarez, this last one loaned there during six months (2008). Racing also has three players in its current squad that performed before with Deportivo: winger Pedro Munitis (2003-2005), striker Xisco (2006-2009) and defender Pablo Pinillos (1997-1999).

The other eleven players that have performed for both teams within the last two decades are:
* José Emilio Amavisca (1998-2001 with Racing and 2001-04 with Depor);
* Dudu Aouate (2003-06 with Racing and 2006-09 with Depor),
* Jaime Sánchez (1996-97, 2000-01 with Racing and 1999-2000 with Depor),
* Javi Lopez (1996-98 with Racing and 1998-99 with Depor) ,
* Javier Manjarín (1993-99 with Depor and 1999-2001 with Racing),
* Dimitri Radchenko (1993-95 with Racing and 1995-96 with Depor),
* Luis Ramis (1997-2000 with Depor and 2000-01 with Racing),
* Gabriel Schurrer (1996-98 with Racing and 1998-2000 with Depor),
* Víctor Sánchez Del Amo (1998-99 with Racing and 1999-2006 with Depor), * Lionel Scaloni (2000-06 with Depor and 2006-07 with Racing);
* Aldo Duscher (2000-07 with Depor and 2007-08 with Racing).



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