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27 Nov 2009
Doctor Lariño met the reporters on Thursday and admitted that more cases of H1N1 could be detected inside of Deportivo within the next days. He also said that Guardado might be available to face Racing at El Sardinero.

The case of Andrés Guardado still to be confirmed as H1N1 positive, but the alarms are already ringing at Deportivo. The club has increasing the measures to avoid the contagion and is already thinking of buying the vaccine as soon as is released for public use in January of 2010.

On Thursday doctor Carlos Lariño gave a press conference and talked about he current status of Guardado, “We saw him in the morning and was much better, even standing up. The laboratory tests will tell us on Friday or early on Saturday if he is infected or not, then we will decide if he can travel to Santander. The problem is not the symptoms, but how contagious the flu is.”

"Guardado could play if he’s already fine and well in a physical sense. The only thing that could block his participation in the game is the influenza A, because he can pass the virus to others during seven days. In fact, within the first 24 hours is possible to incubate and transmit the disease without displaying the symptoms. So, if the tests are negative, then it will be a normal flu. But if the results are positive, then he will be isolated for a few more days, this in order to avoid the contagion. To put him in a bus with the rest of the players could be negative for the rest.” The doctor added.

Lariño also said that he won’t be surprised if more cases are detected inside of Deportivo within the next days. Actually, he thinks it will be a normal infection among the population, “There will be more infections, it’s estimated that 30 or 50% of the population will suffer from this and the players make their life outside of here. For now, the vaccine is only administered to risk groups, but if it’s released in January, the whole squad would receive it.”

For the moment the doctor explained the measures the players are taking in order to avoid the contagion, “They do not share water bottles during practices, nether the mobile phones, and tell us as soon as they have fever...". So far, Fabril’s Juan Dominguez and David Añon have been diagnosed with the virus, also on Thursday it was know that Juvenil B striker Luis had the virus two weeks ago, curiously he returned a few days later to score a hat-trick against Conxo Juvenil B.

Finally, Lariño discarded that Rodolfo Bodipo is suffering from the H1N1 flu, this after visiting him on the morning. The Equatoguinean attacker hasn’t trained during the week and it has been determined that this case is pharyngotonsillitis.



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