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01 Dec 2009
The papers weren’t impressed by the display of Deportivo, but they also believe that is just a new proof that Lotina’s team is aspiring to big things on the season. Meanwhile, the media on Cantabria is pessimistic about the fate of Racing.

La Opinión A Coruña: Missing the connection with the 4-3-3. Deportivo started with the same 4-3-3 scheme implemented the other day against Atletico. This system created some problems in the first half, because Racing pressed up front and the Galician team struggled to combine and connect with the three offensive players. In addition, Lassad and Mista, aren’t used to practice the withdrawal at the wings, so that’s the reason why we saw defensive problems, that’s why Antonio Tomás and Juan Rodriguez were forced to avoid the local entries by the sides. The midfielders were somewhat overwhelmed to contain the superiority of Racing at midfield, but the opponent didn’t create occasions, because Deportivo's defensive line didn’t allow it. After the injury of Lassad, the system was kept until the break, with Guardado on the field and the team won more ability to work at midfield. The second half was more moved, though also with only a few clear chances. Deportivo took control of the actions with four men at the centre. The game was destined to end in a draw, but the Galician team produced a good move to score the goal. Richard Barral

La Voz de Galicia: Depor finds gold in a potato field. Lopo gave three new points to a strong and seamless Depor, side that was able to adjust playing in an unacceptable pitch. A new action in a set-piece, the tenth that ends in goal, shot the joy of the Galicians. This team, based on a defensive security bombproof and also in its unwavering faith that the opportunity to win the match eventually will arrive, matched yesterday the Champions League spots. The three-time champions Barca will arrive to face a team to which the label of revelation begins to be small. Now it wants to become a candidate for everything.

In Santander, it was forced to get muddy before enjoying of the victory. But the Galicians, as it is since the season started, are not shying away from work. The success always waits for them at the same point: in a set-piece action. At the middle of the second part, Guardado took a corner to the near post and Lopo finished the play in a tangle of legs

Lotina gave continuity to the scheme debuted against Atletico. With Riki, Mista and Lassad circling the rival area, the entry of Sergio changed the arrangement of the pivotes, as the Catalan was located now at the centre moving Antonio Tomás to the right and Juan Rodriguez to the left. But this system, which had fired the offensive flow of Depor in the previous matchday, was revealed ineffective on yesterday’s game. The pace was marked by the errors of the rival, and thus, while Racing only created troubles in two consecutive errors from Aranzubia, the visitors settled with a couple of counterattacks led by Filipe, unstoppable in his attacks with the ball at his feet.

The injury of Lassad, replaced by Guardado in the final moments of the initial period, was useful to verify the versatility of Juan Rodriguez, who became one more playmaker on the pitch. The Mexican was embedded at midfield, away from the goal, but where he is more involved with the ball. In Santander nobody noticed his inactivity during a week where he spent more time out with flu than training at Abegondo.

Nothing changed after the break, despite an army of gardeners worked to re-bury the raised lumps before. And that taking in mind that Geijo, who minutes before had claimed a possible push of Lopo inside the area, only needed 40 seconds to test the reflexes of Aranzubia during an attempt that was searching for the top-corner of the goal. Those were the moments when the local team insisted, when Serrano didn’t find opposition and was giving passes to his forwards. Lotina rearranged the team into a 4-4-2 and Juan Rodriguez, who was delayed on the right, ended the bleeding. Depor, who did not exist in attack until this point, with Mista very far from his performance in recent matches, returned to smile with the entry of Pablo Alvarez performing as a playmaker. After the goal Racing sank. There was only the chance of Colsa as he sent to the wood the assist of Xisco, just when hundred fans of Depor sang, “Barça and Madrid, we already are here!”

AS: Depor won with the same inertia with which Racing collapses. The Galician team did not made more merits than its opponent to take the points, but it seems that El Sardinero is its home, because this is the 13th straight visit adding points. With this victory, Lotina’s team reaffirms itself at the heights while the rival sinks. The first half was boring as you can’t imagine. Racing and Depor did not shot on target and the only remarkable thing was the request for a penalty of Lopo over Geijo when both teams were near to go to the locker room. The action was not dangerous, because the striker had his back at the corner of the area and should be studied whether the central laid his hands on the back of the Swiss attacker or if he was trying to fool the referee. Turienzo could whistle anything and decided on the easiest.

The other events during these initial forty-five minutes were sprayed by boredom and lack of creativity. At Racing, the only positive thing is that the team finally achieved a solid defense, but neither scared the rival. Lacen still missing and without him, Colsa is not enough to initiate, distribute and reach the opposite goal. Munitis attempted to vindicate, but Filipe Luis is a great side defender. With Portugal he learned how to defend during his years at Castilla. In this way the captain got bored and then, with his replacement (Luis Garcia) on the pitch, the Brazilian found a highway to show his exquisite skills with he ball. Up front, Geijo and Tchité never coordinated, and at Primera you need something more than will. You need goal.

Depor settled on his secureness at the back zone, because its midfield sector was predictable. With so little electricity, Mista, Riki and Lassad were in disadvantage. They received the ball when they had the back to the goal and none of them broke the back line of Racing where, of course, Moratón breathed consistency. With so many blackboards and with so less art, there were only three shots; the first one of Riki and the other by Morris and Serrano.

The second half seemed to be disputed by two different teams, as both sought the victory with more speed and quality. Toño saved a couple of occasions while Geijo tested Aranzubia from long distance. Racing was deployed in search of its first league win at home with to many attackers and false wingers, and in the attempt they lost midfield territory. The Galicians seized the error to launch its own attackers, until it found an isolated play to score the goal; maybe a little unfair, but another win. Alfredo Matilla

El Diario Montañes (Santander): The Racinguismo was lately used to look at the standings without too much upheaval. In the worst case, its team was located at the middle. In other words, they were used to not suffer too much. But suddenly the green fans have met their old fate. The days of dreaming of Europe are now far away; too far. Now, again, the salvation is the highest thing to which the fans can aspire when they are attending every fortnight to El Sardinero; and all of this after just 12 matchdays. Just the time that Racing has needed to reconnect with its history of suffering and little happiness.

Yesterday, at the end of the day, Racing ended in relegation. The team that debuted last year in the UEFA Cup, and that two seasons ago was the pleasant surprise of the championship, is now hobnobbing with Xérez, clear candidate to the relegation before la liga started, also with the Malaga of Juan Ramon Lopez Muñiz, who had to leave Santander due to the poor results and his poor football. Their fight is now the survival. F Fernández-Cueto.



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