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13 Dec 2009
Second confrontation between Lotina and Hugo Sánchez; the Basque coach was affirming that Juan Dominguez will be a starter and was defending the decision of leaving Bodipo in La Coruña.

Hugo Sánchez Márquez is a Mexican coach that became a legendary player at Real Madrid as he won five Pichichi trophies in the 1980’s (1985, 1986, 1987, 1988 and 1990), he also won the golden boot of the season 1989/1990. He was even picked as the CONCACAF’s best player of the XX century by the International Federation of football history and statistics (IFFHS).

The Mexican began his career as a coach in 2000 with Pumas UNAM and won two straight titles: Clausura & Apertura 2004. Then he coached the national team of Mexico between the years 2006 and 2008, but was fired due the poor results and some internal conflicts. On December 22nd, 2008, he was hired as the coach of UD UD Almeria after Gonzalo Arconada was fired due the poor results of the squad. Curiously Arconada was fired after a series of bad results that started with a home defeat with Depor, now Sánchez is living the same situation as his team has lost five of the last six liga matches.

This is the second confrontation between Sánchez and Miguel Angel Lotina, the first meeting was the 2-0 win of Deportivo playing at the Riazor during the past liga campaign (matchday 32).

Depor’s coach gave a press conference on Saturday, just before the trip to Andalusia; he surprised everybody as was announcing that Juan Dominguez is going to start the game, “He’s a boy that plays in the same way no matter in which league he is performing. Actually, I am convinced that if he has the empty spaces at Primera, he can play better than at the B squad. I am calmed about this decision.” He said about he subject.

Asked about the rest of the starting lineup, the Basque coach admitted that Mista and Adrián are going to be starters, “Yes, Adrian and Mista are going to play; what I try to do is always to take the best decision; I always say the same, maybe sometimes I could be wrong, but always thinking that the eleven players that I’m sending to the pitch are the best ones.”

But the big part of the press conference was dedicated to Rodolfo Bodipo, Lotina was explaining the reasons why he was left out of the trip, “I don’t want to hear the player saying that for two games of ten minutes he wont’ be able to go to another Primera club; if he was going to be a starter then I would be picking him, but since he won’t be a starter, I don’t want to close the doors to him in order to go to another Primera team.”

“It seems that there are two clubs interested in him, and it won’t be fair to screw his exit. I talked to his agent, because he is from the Basque country, and he explained the subject. I try to be fair and leave him behind as I’m trying to do him a favour. It’s true that the casualties are screwing us, but I prefer to not pick him in order to give him a chance; if he would be a starter, then I would be picking him, but it isn’t worthy for just ten minutes, because in a month he would be protesting.” He added.

The Meñaka-born trainer was admitting that the past game against Barcelona was exhausting for his men, “The match with Barca affected us; physically we lasted more time in order to recuperate our players, and in a physiological sense we are screwed, because we had high expectations before the match.”

Finally, he was warning, again, about the potential of the rival, “This match is a trap, it’s a difficult opponent; what happens is that if we are going there thinking that Valencia scored three times against them, then we have to realise that they were playing with ten men, later Athletic also scored three goals, but in set-pieces. Sincerely, I do believe this is a dangerous game, a trap, but in the most difficult moments our team always go up and I trust in them.”

Almeria’s coach gave a press conference on Friday, he was saying that his team will think first of defending and that later will try to attack, “They, on the left sector, are pretty good and also have good players for the right wing; we will try to defend ourselves with our own weapons and later will try make some damage where I think we can penetrate them.”

For the Mexican coach, Depor is going to be a complicate opponent, “It is a tough rival, a team that has been showing strength, not only at home but also outside, and is very practical. For this reason we must be very careful because they do not despair, they patiently wait for the right moment to strike with their speed and that makes them very dangerous, because they might not score too many goals, but they are compact.”

Despite the recent defeats of his team, Sánchez believes that his men still have a margin to react, “Many points still in dispute and many matches are remaining in the schedule, we haven’t finished yet the first round and must have the patience to know that the points have to come, especially taking in mind the game that we have displayed, now we have a good opportunity as we are playing at home, we need to defeat a rival that will be difficult, but that can be perfectly defeated."

Hugo doesn’t have a clear explanation for the big numbers of goals allowed in recent matches, something that concentrates the main criticism towards the team, “We could explain that the only three goals received from set-pieces were against Athletic. Previously the team was somewhat fortunate not to have conceded goals from free-kicks, however for me three are too many.".

Finally, the Mexican is not worried about the rumours appointing to his destitution if Almeria loses against Depor and Espanyol, “Since my arrival as the coach of Almeria, we maintain a certain style of playing, which has strengthened the team; it’s now more compact and has helped us to pick up good results. We are in the same point than last season, just when we were living tough moments. I can tell you that there’s interest and desire to improve the things.”



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