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19 Dec 2009
Striker Mista is ready to play against the club that made him famous in la liga, he was analysing the game of Villa and expressing his best wishes for a confrontation that he described as “Derby”.

Miguel Ángel Ferrer Martínez ‘Mista’ lived his best years at Primera División when he was at Valencia FC, club that’s visiting the Riazor on the weekend. The Murcian attacker talked on the press room after Friday’s training and said that he would celebrate if he scores against his former club, but that he wouldn’t do it at Mestalla, “For me Valencia is a special team for several reasons, maybe because it was there were I became a footballer and a person, also where I lived very good years in my career.”

He also said that the players at changing room are thinking of Sunday’s game as a Derby, “At the changing room we are talking of a Derby, quoting, this due to the rivalry with them, and that’s good as long as we are on the pitch. We need to be prepared in defence, with the lines very close to each other and not allowing them to think. We must push Valencia in order to not see them feeling comfortable.”

“We can not feel affected by the result of Mallorca, but if they lose, it might be a motivation to surpass two rivals a the same time. In any case, we must focus on ourselves. I f we do the right things, we will have good options to win. We need to be cautious, because we haven’t secured anything yet. Maybe this game can mark the line to follow, but a lot still to be played. If we end the year in Champions League, ten we could be a serious aspirant to end the season among the first four places.” He said about the possible combinations of results that might leave Depor fourth in the table.

Mista was hoping that the effort done by Valencia in midweek (2-1 win over Genoa) will affect its players, “Some people played yesterday and might repeat on Sunday, but they have enough time for the recovery. Valencia has a big squad and practices the rotations, though they won’t arrive to the game as fresh as we are right now. To have played a game in midweek might affect them. Anyhow, Valencia is once again a big team and everybody is afraid of them.”

The Murcian attacker was also talking of Villa, who is the striker to follow by Depor’s defenders, “We won’t discover Villa now. He is the offensive reference at Valencia and also at the national team. He is one of the best forwards in the world and I hope his good streak will end against Deportivo. Let’s hope he will not have his game, that we could defeat them and that we will surpass them at the standings.”



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