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22 Dec 2009
The papers in La Coruña and Valencia are satisfied with the result, and it’s that both sides understand that it was a tactical confrontation in which the important thing was to not lose.

La Opinión A Coruña: Seriousness in defense. In a general sense the game left an image of a very solid Deportivo that controlled Valencia at all times. The visiting team is made to damage the rival, but rarely threatened Depor during yesterday’s match. And all is the fault of the good work made by Deportivo. It was pushing Valencia up front and at midfield it was obstructing the outputs planned between Albelda and Baraja. Moreover, the forward position of Banega favored the blue and white team, because the game of Valencia was broke in two. There were four men behind, the two midfielders that never joined the attacks, and four players up front. So there was no surprise and Depor’s defense was controlling really well the game of Mata and Villa, this despite the mobility that both have. In the second half, the exit of Baraja allowed Banega to delay his position and then Valencia had more ball possession. Nevertheless, Deportivo controlled the game. It created danger up front mainly thanks to the connections between Valerón and Adrian, and also for the hard work of Juan Rodriguez, who provoked many fouls in long balls. Richard Barral.

La Voz de Galicia: Sharing Christmas. The first half passed quickly. A good sign, because against Valencia it seems as if a cloud of fear is floating at the stands of the Riazor. At least, this is what happens in a sector of fans with the bitter experience of earlier results. In contrast, other group attends to these matches with the confidence to see Deportivo winning. Returning to the first half, to say that it ended as it began; the game was played in all the areas of the field, but without a clear superiority for either team, unable to break the initial 0-0. The only moment when the result could have been altered was when the crossbar deflected a header of Valerón. In order to break the tie, the entire second half was still remaining.

A second part moved by the indecision of a goal sought by both teams and that Sergio had through a header that seemed like the perfect chance, but he sent the ball out. The beautiful moments in which both teams were attacking were followed by others in which it gave the feeling that the 0-0 was enough for both sides, because the 0-0, on Christmas Eve, was avoiding the upset of the defeat. Vicente Leirachá

Marca (Madrid): Without studs at the Riazor. Our championship said good-bye to the old year at the Riazor, scene of a meeting without blots, prepared from the board. Depor and Valencia did not pass the initial result in an unattractive game for the public, the image and likeness of the boards of Emery and Lotina. No error, no details to tip the scales, the game knew its destination, the 0-0, the point, the script.

The match was studied since the changing rooms. The destination was already marked. Deportivo and Valencia known each other; the two teams never lost respect, a fact that hampered the football during a cold Sunday in December. The game was analised from the changing rooms; nothing jumped out the script. Only Valerón and Adrian thought something different.

Valencia thought before acting. With Baraja and Albelda acting like shield bearers, Banega was free in front of the double pivote couple. The Argentine was intermittent. Joaquín, Mata and Villa, trident in attack, did not wake up until the second act of the film. At Depor, Valerón was a starter. The Canarian was a naughty student who wanted to disturb the class. From his boots came the danger for Depor, side that had more and better opportunities than its Valencian rival. Delfín Melero.

AS: Drowned on the board. Deportivo dreamed of ending the year at the Champions League places and Valencia with assaulting the third position of Sevilla, well nothing of nothing. Los Blanquiazules and Los Chés tied without goals in a game marked by the tactical rigor, the order and the boards, the kind of game that engage the coaches and upsets the fans.

The sensation of the game was the domain of Valencia, but the fact is that the more clear chances, regardless of the danger whenever Villa has the ball, were for Deportivo. Valerón, who returned to be a starter after twelve games, sent a good header to the crossbar that might be worth gold. The association of El Flaco with Adrian was the best thing of the encounter. The duo can manufacture a good play, both see the spaces, but both have big problems to define.

The night started with drums of the past with Djukic's presence at the stands, which stirred memories before the ball began to roll. Although more recently, the presence as starters of Manuel Pablo, Sergio, Valerón, Albelda and Baraja, was another nod to the history, but also the present of five old rockers who refuse with their football to hang up their guitar.

The first key to the game was going through the intensity, not hardness, and both teams did not fail on it. But yes, Valencia was more organized, more efficient; with a football of short possessions, the plan was to steal, run and wait for the appearance of Villa, which is not a bad plan. Gradually El Guaje was gaining notoriety, while the delighting moves of Valerón and Adrian began to emerge, although it all remained in fireworks.

The difficulties of maneuvering at both areas were total, and at all times the rigid defenses and tactics were winning the battle against the attacks; as there was a minimal risk at the back ... long ball. The message of Lotina and Emery was modeled: Do not force and try to steal up front to meet the occasions. However, Deportivo slowly began to find some cracks at the visiting rock. First a deep ball of Filipe to Adrian, then a masterful pass of Valerón searching for the Asturian, those were the first plays that forced César to sweat. The Asturian attacker of Depor, unaccompanied up front, sought the goal with more obligation than faith.

The little football at the Riazor forced to remember Silva, Riki, Marchena, Lassad, Pablo Hernandez, Juca... You know, when something is not carburizing, the best are always those who are not in the game. But in order to live up in the table, the teams must be real squads, and there the battle should be favorable to Valencia, team that only troubled Aranzubía when Villa smelled the ball. Lotina and Emery will go quietly to holidays, because yesterday, of course, the boards won the duel. Luis de la Cruz

Superdeporte (Valencia): The fear of losing and the shadow of Silva. As the result can not be changed, the best from the game is that there are now two weeks without football in which you will not miss Silva. With him it will be another story. It was a tricky match and the final result leaves us as cold as the weather. Losing the game was to not seize the good opportunity to keep the track of Sevilla in the fight for the third place. A draw might seem as a good result, but otherwise it was not enough to closely follow the movements of the first two places. Winning, of course, was the best. Watching the game and hearing the voices of the protagonists, it is clear that the fear of losing was the note that was going to mark the game, hence the goalless draw was the likely outcome. We are not used to see Valencia drawing, at least away from the Mestalla, so the game at the Riazor leaves some flavor that we do not known very well how to taste.

It seems that the team wanted, but also that it missed something else to successful complete its attacking actions. The shadow of Silva is not always as long as it was on yesterday’s game in A Coruña, but is always there. This point against Deportivo is not bad at all, but maybe it’s worse taking in mind all those games that Valencia didn’t know how to win at home, and that would have converted the team into a serious championship contender. Not that it isn’t now, what happens is that it gives the impression that Valencia is more a settled team at the top four positions than been a team capable of assaulting the two most powerful clubs. If this team is ready for bigger things, still has to prove it. There's time.



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