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22 Dec 2009
‘Satisfaction’, that’s the feeling that resumes the players’ thoughts after the match, Lotina was content because he liked the performance of his men, while Unai Emery was content because his team didn’t lose the encounter.

Despite that his team didn’t take advantage of the chance to reach the Champions League spot, coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was feeling satisfied with the performance of his players, "The result is far, it's fine. We are content with the team, with the attitude and with the way in which we faced a big rival. We just have the weird sensation that we had two or three clear chances that the rival didn't have."

“We are two teams that know how to defend, two of the best in the Spanish league. Do they say that we defend very well? Well they do it pretty well too, very well I should say. In the defensive aspect, the differences between us are minimal, because there are a lot of similarities between our schemes.” He added.

The Basque coach didn’t want to blame the referee for the punctual plays that affected Deportivo, “I am satisfied with what I saw. Maybe he whistled an offside in a play that was leaving us alone against the goal, but it was tough call, it was a clear opportunity… well, bad luck. I can’t give my opinion in the play of the penalty over Pablo, I didn’t watch it, and if he was wrong, well what are we going to do? But I insist: I am more than satisfied.”

However, Lotina understands that the fans would be happier with a victory, "We would have liked to go to the Christmas break in the fourth place and with two more points, but it can’t be. To have finished fourth before the break would have meant that the fans would have been more proud of us, we also could have remembered the old times, but I think that the public is satisfied with this last game."

Left-back Filipe Luis was also giving the point as good and wanted to emphasise the defensive work of the team, “To not have leaked any goal against Valencia is something complicated to achieve, and to have now twenty-seven points after fifteen matches means a very positive reading.”

The other side defender at the team, Manuel Pablo, was also having a good opinion about the performance of Deportivo, “They made things difficult for us, but we must said that we were very solid in a collective sense. Now everything is more tied at the standings.”

Meanwhile, striker Adrian was saying that Deportivo was the side that deserved the victory, “We could have won, because we created scoring opportunities, but in the end we must be content with the point added. At least I was feeling fine on the pitch and we must take in mind the physical display of the whole team.”

It was the first match as starter in liga for Juan Carlos Valerón since matchday 3, he was expressing how he felt during the game, “I am content in a personal level; I had very good sensations during this game. I can see that am improving and that’s important for me. Maybe this was the match in which I felt better since I surpassed my injury.”

“It would have been pretty to end the year with a victory, but honestly we must be happy with what we have done during this first round, though the season hasn’t ended yet. It was an equal game, with two teams that tried to not lose the order and they did it. Maybe we had more opportunities. At the end of the game they were attacking a little more, and we must be content with the draw.” The Canarian commented about the confrontation.

President Augusto César Lendoiro admitted that it was the result that both sides deserved, “The result is fair, though we had a couple of opportunities that we couldn’t seize. The best thing is that we are still there, close to the top places. I want to congratulate the players for the big effort done on the pitch; we can’t do more for less.”

At Valencia, coach Unai Emery was saying that his main goal was to not lose the game, “Starting at the point that the team always wants to win, we have to say that’s difficult to face a team like Depor, then I believe that the result is fair and we are satisfied, at least in some part. Our team is ambitious, but we must think of the great season made by Deportivo so far and that it’s a difficult rival at its stadium, and it’s that what we didn’t want was to lose the game.”

Defender Ángel Dealbert was also giving the point added at the Riazor as a positive result, ”We want to be up there and that’s why the team must fight game after game. We added a point in a complicate stadium and we keep adding, we are among the top four places and want to spend the rest of the season there.”

Similar were the thoughts of Argentine Ever Banega, “I would have liked to win, but the point is either important. I ended a little tired, but we needed to end the game in the best possible way. In the first half I didn’t touch the ball too often though I worked harder in the playmaker role. I had more appearances during the second half, because I was feeling more comfortable as a pivote.”




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