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05 Jan 2010
Not too much enthusiasm for the result; again the offensive game of Deportivo was criticized for its lack of ambition, while the defensive line was praised for showing, again, its strength.

La Opinión A Coruña: Without punch. Bad match, one in which Deportivo suffered, again, from lack of punch, despite enjoying of two clear opportunities, particularly an attempt from Lopo and other from Guardado. Depor missed a great opportunity to get the three points against a little Zaragoza, which achieved too much with the draw. It was a meeting that will not be remembered for many things, only by the point added and for chaining another matchday adding points. Depor holds in European positions and endures more or less in the regular line of the competition. It was a game mainly played at midfield, with very little attacking game. Deportivo’s defense did not suffer too much, but still lacking punch and a right winger capable of overflowing by that side, as it happens on the left with Filipe and Guardado. Depor used the classic 4-2-3-1 system, trying to control the game in the wide area. It tried to maintain control of the game there, but failed to reach the opposite area with a sense of danger, although it had some clear chances. Manolo Corredoira

La Voz de Galicia: Two images of Depor; this Deportivo of Zaragoza is a team that has no secrets... neither goalscorers. Everyone knows that everything works fine in defensive tasks, where its men move decisively and quickly without losing the position, and when an opponent removes them from their the place, soon a team mate will arrive to cover the slot where the rival is trying to sneak. There, in front of Aranzubía and moving around Lopo (who was close to score), settles the strength of this team that is doing so well in the league. But we can not silence that the team completed its fourth straight game without a victory. If they would have won one game (against Almeria or this one at La Romareda) the position of Lotina’s team in the table would be more meritorious. It is demonstrated that Deportivo is a strong team at the back zone, place where the men meet the expectations match after match. But the concern arises when the ball is approaching to the opposite area, place were the strikers, no matter who is playing, are always carrying the cross. Vicente Leirachá

Xornal de Galicia: Hard work and a single point. With almost the first round of the League already disputed, Deportivo made a serious match with a great defensive work, without losing the concentration and avoiding the opponent to make its game, but that isn’t new. Yesterday, in Zaragoza, the squad led by Lotina presented again the recipe of the hard work and solidarity as the formula for success, and it worked out just halfway. Because it only got a point, yes, but it also wasted a great chance to defeat a team in crisis and sunk at the standings, simply because their aim failed. Because it is not new that Depor lacks powder in attack, and sometimes, like yesterday, the stationary plays are not enough to score a goal.

In the first half, neither of both teams was superior to the rival, although the chances were clearer for the Galician side. Lopo, in one of his multiple attempts in set pieces, wasted the most dangerous opportunity, as he sent the ball over the goal of Carrizo from close range. Returning from the break, Depor imposed a higher pace and sought the victory in a more daring way. Lopo was close to score again, but found Carrizo in the way. Later, Guardado, with a powerful shot from the edge of the area, and Riki, who was very active since he entered to the pitch replacing Valerón, could have scored, but the lack of aim condemned Deportivo to the draw; a result that could have been different if Lafita would have seized the clearest occasion of Zaragoza, but instead he threw the ball out. However, Deportivo added a key point in their fight for Europe. Omar Bello.

Marca (Madrid): Wanting does not always means the power to do things. Zaragoza and Deportivo shared the points in a game that was dominated by the mistakes, especially at the home side. Los Maños tried, actively and passively, especially in the second half, but did not succeed in any of their arrivals. The same thing happened to Deportivo, side that had less approximations and whose best occasions were for a defender: Lopo.

Basically the game can be summed up by what happened in the second half, because the first part was to forget. Both teams did not show anything and there were no clear chances. The only notable play was a high shot of Lopo after a pass from Adrian. Curiously, the Catalan, who we should remember is a defender, had the two best chances of his team throughout the match, which summarizes the offensive ineffectiveness of Deportivo.

 Zaragoza rounded a lot more the area of Depor, but when the moment of truth arrived, the lights were off. You can not criticize anything to them because they made the effort, but the worrying thing is that there were no glimpses of any spark that could shift the balance in their favor. Not always is true the premise that wanting means to achieve things. About Deportivo we can neither get anything positive, especially in attack. The best was in the boots of Lopo, which says everything of the team's offensive game. Ultimately, the outcome reflected what both sides could give on the pitch, and also leaves a barren result for the goals of both teams. Miguel Angel Garcia.

Periódico de Aragón: More alive and buried. The impression was better, Zaragoza played with the lines more closely, with a better attitude, and always trying, and even stopped the bleeding of goals conceded... Yes, that's all true, but this team, now directed by Gay, still sick, very sick, is almost inert, and its main problem is the powerlessness, its own disability, especially towards the goal. Against Deportivo it put the heart, as in other occasions, and in some opportunities (Camp Nou, Mallorca or Bernabéu) not even that, but that virtue does not lead to anything, just to draw against a Galician team that was content with the result and that rarely sought the victory. Lotina always sins there... Santiago Valero.



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