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05 Jan 2010
Mixed feelings at Deportivo; Lotina and the major part of the players were content with the result, though Riki was hoping for more. Lendoiro was at La Romareda and said that he is trying to solve the situation of Lafita.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina gas living his opinion about what he saw in the game, "We were talking about going out for the match, but we were too much hurried. Their line of defenders, the midfielders and the wingers were playing very close to each other, and that's why we didn't find the spaces. We missed velocity at the moment of been moving the ball.”

“In the first half we played well without having the ball, but maybe we missed velocity. In the other hand, we were too much hurried in the second part. We gave too many options to Zaragoza, the game turned into a match with occasions for both sides and the goal could have gone to any side. No matter what, I am content for the attitude and for what we have done.” He added.

Finally, Lotina was praising the level of Juan Dominguez, who completed his second game with the first team, “He is a youngster that surprises us during the trainings due to his daring behaviour despite been 19. We are giving matches to him and he was at the starting eleven, because he needs to improve his position on the pitch and adapt to the style of the team. If he was a starter is because he has the conditions to do it.”

Pablo Álvarez, who entered during the second part, was saying that the final result was fair due to the few opportunities had by both teams, “It was a very serious match, we defended well but neither created too many scoring opportunities. It was a fair result, and in the end we are adding a point that it isn’t bad for us.”

Youngster Juan Domínguez said that he felt well playing at La Romareda, “I had more work compared to other matches, but I felt pretty fine. I felt more comfortable than the day of Almeria, maybe because I was playing in my normal position. They play a lot by the centre and like to move the ball between the lines; we knew that because the coach warned us. Zaragoza was in a tough situation and we knew they were going out for everything. That’s why this point tastes really good.”

A thing that surprised was to see president Augusto César Lendoiro at La Romareda, he was sitting with Zaragoza’s president Agapito Iglesias, it seems that both are trying to reach some sort of agreement in order to solve the case of Lafita, something that Lendoiro explained after the game, “Neither of both clubs are interested in keeping this situation alive; Agapito Iglesias and I commented the issue and are trying to solve the case as soon as possible; we hope it will be soon.”

“But it isn’t a case that depends on Deportivo La Coruña; we neither have the money nor the player. We are missing both things. There is a serious problem between both clubs and we hope it will be solved soon. What happens is that Deportivo’s isn’t can’t solve it by itself. We have maintained the normal cordiality on these kinds of diplomatic relations. First and foremost is education.” Depor’s president added.

Who wasn’t satisfied with the result was striker Riki, for him Deportivo deserved more than one point, “We had the more clear opportunities of the game, in the end we are only picking one point, which at least is useful to still adding and stay at the top of the table.  With the pass of the minutes we knew they were forced to be more daring; Lafita had the clearest chance for them, but we did more merits to deserve the win.”

At Zaragoza, coach José Aurelio Gay was showing his satisfaction with the game displayed by his team, “I am content with the image and the game displayed by my players. We have entered to the pitch with eleven giants plus other three that were the replacements, and that’s why we faced at the same height a Depor that’s having a different dynamic at this moment of the season: fighting for Europe. We even were better during some moments of the game.”

Similar was the speech of midfielder Ander Herrera, “I believe we have seen an improvement and that we were mentalized that the only way to leave this situation is to keep fighting. We were at a good level, though we missed the goal, and we are now living a different situation compared to the one had in the last matches. The dressing room feels very compromised and convinced that we are able to leave this tough situation.”




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