16 Jan 2010
Juan RodrŪguez has become into one of the best players at Deportivo during the present season; he living a solid moment, with two goals scored in liga and now wants to continue adding minutes on the pitch.

Q: You work tirelessly and always score some goals. It is difficult to offer a higher return.
A: There's always room for improvement, you can always try to progress and can not conform. Of course I'm happy with how things are going with the team, and also from a personal point of view. But you can not stay there and must continue improving.

Q: You and Filipe lifted Depor when it seemed sunken in Copa.
A: The true is that he was the one doing everything and who put us back into the game. We must congratulate him because scored the 1-2 and gave me the ball for the equalizer. It is something to be happy because we are doing a spectacular season.

Q: On Wednesday it seemed he was playing everywhere.
A: He is a side defender with an offensive projection. There were times when I was at the right wing and he was beside me. These are his qualities and we have to seize it, because itís good for the team.

Q: The coach said that things were disordered a little bit and that he was the one that put the team back into the game.
A: Yes, we donít need to be so predictable and occasionally have to break the pattern. Filipe did it perfectly.

Q: Was his decision or did he commented something about it?
A: These are decisions that come out during the match, we didnít say anything.

Q: You neither prepared the play of the 1-2, isnít?
A: No, because if we had rehearsed, we would be doing this every Sunday. It was all spontaneous.

Q: You already scored three goals, but your best mark was with Malaga: five...
A: (Interrupting) Yes, and two more in the Cup

Q: Are you going for the record?
A: I donít have any goal. I will welcome any number and that's it. I never had an objective of goals for one season I am not starting right now.

Q: Are you ready for another 90 minutes in Majorca?
A: Sure, everyone likes to play and compete. Now we must be recovered and try to be at the top against Mallorca, because everyone wants to add minutes and games, and hopefully I can get a new chance.

Q: Arenít you afraid of getting injured as other partners?
A: No, if there would be fear, we would stay at the dressing room. The hope can defeat the fear and that takes away all the tiredness.



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