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17 Jan 2010
The second best home team in la liga hosts the fourth best visitor in a surprising battle for a Champions League spot. Lotina is still dealing with the casualties and plans to still playing with Filipe on the left wing, while Aduriz waits for Depor.

RCD Mallorca and Real Madrid are the only two clubs at Primera División that have won all their matches played at home, and that’s the secret for the success of this Mallorca. Real Madrid has played and won the nine games played at the Bernabéu, while Mallorca has played eight at the Ono Stadi: 2-0 Vs Xérez (matchday 01), 4-0 Vs Tenerife (matchday 03), 3-0 Vs Valladolid (matchday 05), 3-1 Vs Getafe (matchday 07), 1-0 Vs Racing (matchday 09), 3-1 Vs Almeria (matchday 11), 4-1 Vs Zaragoza (matchday 13) and 2-0 Vs Athletic (matchday 16). And all with an outstanding mark of twenty-two goals in favour and only three goals against, this last is the lowest number at Primera.

But Depor has also showed a solid face playing away from the Riazor; the Galicians have won four games in this condition and have added two draws, while they have only lost two games: 2-3 at Real Madrid (matchday 01) and 0-4 at Valladolid (matchday 08). The twelve points added away from home represent the fourth best mark in la liga for a visiting team, only surpassed by Valencia (22), Barcelona (21) and Sevilla (15).

However, Majorca has always been a tough visit for Deportivo; the Galicians have only won five times there playing for la liga, this after 24 visits between Primera & Segunda División, but in recent times things have been easier, and it’s that Depor has clinched three draws and one victory within the last five seasons, curiously this positive streak started when the name of the stadium was changed from Soin Moix to Ono Stadi.

Miguel Angel Lotina faces the stronger part of January with a squad full of casualties, within the final fifteen days of the month the Galicians have to face RCD Mallorca and Athletic Bilbao, two aspirants to the European positions, plus liga-contender Real Madrid, and without forgetting the double confrontation against Sevilla FC in Copa Del Rey. For the first match of this complicated period, the Basque coach has six casualties at his squad, but at the same time he is planning to respond through his most in-form players: Filipe Luis and Juan Rodriguez.

Both are now the Pichichis at the Galician team with three goals scored in all the competitions; the Brazilian scored the winning goal against Malaga in matchday 02 (1-0), later added one against Getafe (2-0, matchday 10) and more recently was the decisive factor to pass the tie in Copa against Valencia, performance that included a goal scored, without forgetting that he is the only field player that has participated in all the possible minutes played of this liga season. 

Meanwhile, the work of Juan Rodriguez is more silenced, with frequent rotations between midfield, the playmaking function and the right wing, and the Andalusian has not only responded in a defensive sense, but also in attack, as he scored the winning goal against Sevilla (1-0, matchday 07), and more recently the winning goal against Osasuna on the past weekend, plus the decisive goal in Copa against Valencia. The ex-Malaga is also the only player that has performed in all the minutes disputed in January between liga and Copa.

And it seems that now Lotina is basing his formations in these two men, for the game at the Ono Stadi the plan is to keep Filipe at the left wing, while ‘Juanro’ will do it on the right, just as both did in Copa Del Rey.  These decisions are conditioning the rest of the lineup, starting with the defensive zone. Since matchday 04, Lotina hasn’t touched the defensive sector, but now he is forced to do it in order to cover the normal position of Filipe.

As it happened in Copa, the plan is to move Manuel Pablo to the left-back position, which opens a spot for Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure‘ at the right side, while Diego Colotto and Albert Lopo will continue performing at the centre of the defence. Also, Daniel Aranzubia is returning to the goal after resting in Copa.

At midfield, Sergio is out injured, which opens a door for the return of Juca, the Brazilian returned in the Copa clash with Valencia and hasn’t played in liga since December (against Barcelona), Antonio Tomás will join him in the pivote functions. The big doubt is who will be the playmaker in the formation, all appoints it will be Pablo Álvarez, but Lotina says that Iván Pérez and Valerón also have options. Finally, Adrián will be the lonely attacker.

In the end, Lassad Nouioui wasn’t fit to play and was left out of the list for the game, which leaves Bodipo as the only alternative in attack since Mista and Riki are still out. The other players at the injury room are Angulo, Sergio and Andrés Guardado. For the occasion Lotina isn’t counting with David Rochela and David Añon, the two Fabril’s player that were part of the list for the Copa clash with Valencia (in the end both played with Fabril against Negreira).

Before the game, Manuel Pablo gave his opinion about the clash, "Both teams are doing a great season and we want to stay up there. What Mallorca is doing at home is incredible and we want to cut that streak. We are a team dragging with a long list of games played and have several casualties, there are players accumulating a lot of minutes, but I doubt it will be noticed. The team is fine, we saw this the other day, and we hope to follow this line.”

The Canarian defender also gave his opinion about been playing as a left-back defender, “It is a possibility that still there since Guardado is injured, but I don’t know how many time I will be remain playing there. We have to play a lot of games and I guess there will be changes, Filipe will surely return to play there.”

List of picked players (18): Aranzubia, Manu (goalkeepers); Laure, Manuel Pablo, Lopo, Adrián López ‘Piscu’, Zé Castro, Colotto, Filipe (defenders); Antonio Tomás, Juca, Iván Pérez, Pablo Álvarez, Juan Rodríguez, Juan Domínguez, Valerón (midfielders); Adrián López and Bodipo (strikers).

Back on 2008, the €6 million-transfer of Aritz Aduriz from Athletic Bilbao to RCD Mallorca raised the expectations and the fans were wondering if it was a worthy move, and in just one and a half year the San Sebastián-born striker has probed that it was the right call. On the season 2007/08 he was the Pichichi of the Majorcan team with eleven goals in liga, and the fourth player in terms of minutes on the pitch (2,748), his average was of one goal scored every 250 minutes. 

And for the present campaign, Aduriz is menacing to break all his previous marks as he already scored eight times after fourteen games in the liga competition (1,172 minutes), now with an average of one goal scored every 107 minutes, which is less than the half of the mark had on the past season. And to appoint that on the past campaign, he was the one that scored the goal in the 1-1 draw against Depor at the Ono Stadi (matchday 22).

But, like the case of Deportivo, coach Gregorio Manzano only has two available strikers for the game: Aduriz and Alhassane Keita, and it’s that Víctor Casadesús is out for five weeks after a shoulder fracture sustained in the Copa clash against Rayo Vallecano, while Antoni Lluís Adrover ‘Tuni’ is dragging with a hamstring problem since the past year. Also, Cameroonian Pierre Achille Webo is taking part of the African Cup. For this reason Manzano will use a 4-4-1-1 figure, instead of the normal 4-4-2 used in liga.

For the game against Depor, Manzano is using his most habitual players after resting the starters in the Copa clash with Rayo; ex-Depor Dudu Aouate will be at the goal, ex-Villarreal José Miguel González ‘Josemi’ will be performing at the right-back position, ex-Racing Ayoze Díaz will cover the left side and the central defenders will be Iván Ramis and Portuguese José Carlos Nunes.

Ex-Sevilla José Luis Martí and ex-Celta Mario Suárez will be the two pivotes, while Galician Julio Álvarez will be attacking by the right wing and Uruguayan Gonzalo Castro will do it from the left. It is a dangerous couple as combined, both players have contributed with seven goals scored in liga. Castro is also the sixth best assistor at Primera (4). Ex-West Bromwich Borja Valero will be performing as a second striker, he is also an important piece in attack with four goals scored on the liga campaign. Finally, Aduriz will be the central attacker.

Before the game, Julio Álvarez was interviewed by La Voz De Galicia, he said that for him, Mallorca and not Deportivo should be considered as the revelation of the season, “Because Depor was coming after making good seasons, while Mallorca had a complicate year, one in which tough things were overcome. Besides, the players that achieved this comeback left the club, because this is a seller club, and others came, players that are making a solid group and that aren’t noticing the casualties.”

List of picked players (19): Aouate, Lux (goalkeepers); Mattioni, Nunes, Josemi, Ramis, Rubén González, Corrales (defenders); Mario Suárez, Fernando Varela, Julio Alvarez, Gonzalo Castro, Ayoze, Martí, Pezzolano, Bruno China, Borja Valero (midfielders); Aduriz and Keita (strikers).

Mallorca: (4-4-1-1) Aouate - Josemi, Nunes, Ramis, Ayoze - Julio Álvarez, Martí, Mario Suárez, Castro - Borja Valero - Aduriz.
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Aranzubia – Laure, Colotto, Lopo, Manuel Pablo – Antonio Tomás, Juca – Juan Rodríguez, Pablo Álvarez, Filipe – Adrián.
Referee: Rafael Rodríguez Domínguez.
Kick-off: 17h00 CET (Ono Stadi)
Head-to-head Vs Mallorca: 14 wins for Depor, 18 draws, 16 wins for Mallorca (Primera & Segunda)
Record at the Ono Stadi: 5 wins for Depor, 7 draws, 12 wins for Mallorca (Primera & Segunda)



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