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17 Jan 2010
Eleventh confrontation between Manzano and Lotina; Mallorca’s coach was saying that this is a final, while Depor’s manager thinks the opposite. Lotina confirmed that Juca and Antonio Tomas will be starters, but didn’t give more clues about the lineup.

Gregorio Manzano is an experienced coach that started to work in the world of football during the year 1983, he never took part of the game as a professional player, but already coached fifteen different clubs in Spain. This is his second stage at RCD Mallorca; which started at the beginning of the season 2006/07. His biggest achievement was the Copa Del Rey conquered with RCD Mallorca on the season 2002/2003.
This is the eleventh confrontation between Manzano and Miguel Angel Lotina. The series is favourable to Depor’s coach as he already added five wins against only one of the Bailén-born trainer. Manzano’s lonely victory over Lotina occurred on the liga season 2007/08 as his Mallorca defeated Depor at the Ono Stadi with a 1-0 score (matchday 29)

Depor’s coach gave a press conference on Saturday’s morning, just before the trip to Majorca; he started analysing the good moment lived by Deportivo and Mallorca, “We represent two teams that nobody thought would be so high in the table. Mallorca is the best local team and off course is the toughest opponent we could meet right now, but we are going there hoping to be ourselves.”

Later, Lotina discarded that his players are tired after so many matches played in the month of January, “No, the Copa is just pushing the fans to feel more excited. I see that people are hopeful. The other day, during the game against Valencia, we all were excited and is a feeling reaching us. Yesterday we rested and I believe that the team is thankful, we should now focus in la liga.”

About the lineup for the game, the Basque manager confirmed that Juca and Antonio Tomas will be starters, but didn’t want to say who will be the playmaker in the formation, “There’s the doubt, it could be Iván Pérez, Pablo Álvarez or Valerón. He (Pablo Álvarez) says to be fine, he trained today and we’ll see how he is tomorrow.” Asked if Manuel Pablo and Filipe will continue on the left, he just answered that “Maybe, it could be, it is a possibility.”

Finally, for Lotina and despite the current position of both teams at the table, this game is not a final, “It isn’t determinant, we still have the whole second round. Right now is only one more game for both teams. I hope the penultimate will be more important, a lot of changes could still occur in la liga.”

Mallorca’s coach gave a press conference on Friday; he started praising the collective game of Deportivo, “It’s a team to notice, because it’s very solid; it’s a balanced group since the past year, with a good coach and it doesn’t lose the order during the games. They are making a great physical effort and have four or five players that are in-form.”

Later Manzano was describing Sunday’s game as a final fro his Mallorca, “The work done by Deportivo within the last two seasons should be an example for the teams that are not so big. It is one of the inquiries, if we will be able to end the first round undefeated at home, because we will face the worst possible enemy. It is a final exam for us.”

The Bailén-born trainer is hopeful about a victory in order to stay inside the European places, “We will see how the things end during a first round in which we still have to play against Depor and Espanyol; a victory will reaffirm the idea that we are going to fight for the European places. The three points will consolidate that dream, but we need to win. It won’t be easy.”

Finally, Manzano was admitting that the public was a key factor in the Copa clash with Rayo Vallecano, and now he wants to see the same scene against Deportivo, “They were great the other day, now let’s hope the weather will help to see them supporting the team, because the team is doing the merits to deserve that support.”



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