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19 Jan 2010
Different reactions after the game, some players were admitting the defeat, while Juca said it was an unfair result. Lopo was predicting that Depor will end above Mallorca, and Manzano said it was the best game of his team on this season.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was admitting that his team placed a pretty bad game, "We didn't do the merits to deserve a point; we were feeling uncomfortable with the ball, without depth or precision, and it is very difficult in that way. We talked at halftime and corrected some issues. We planned two changes at minute five of the second half, but were unlucky and allowed a goal. It was a long time since we were losing a game and then lost the order. It was one of our worst games, though the level of the rival has a lot to do with it." 

He admitted that the position of Laure on the pitch meant a problem for the team, but it wasn’t the only one, “We had other problems. We never had the ball and had problems with the long throws searching for Aduriz. Besides, Mallorca is a tough rival to pressure and it created a lot of problems. We died too soon because we never found the connection on the pitch. The position of Laure wasn’t the worst thing; there were other problems that we needed to correct.”

“In the play of the 1-0 there was a mismatch due to the position of the players and we need to correct that problem. We weren’t well placed in that corner-kick and must be a lesson for us, it can’t happen again. Now the goal is to recover the team for the game in Copa.“ The Basque coach added.

Finally, Lotina said that he is starting to get worried with the yellow cards of his players, and it’s that Juan Rodriguez is already discarded for the game with Athletic for accumulation of yellow cards, “I made the changes thinking of the Copa and the cards. If I could, I would have rested Filipe and Juan Rodriguez, but wanted to avoid the cards for Juca and Antonio Tomás, who already had one. It’s too soon to say how we will be for Wednesday’s game.”

Laure was playing as a right winger and despite the problems for been performing at that position, he said that he was feeling fine there, “I tried to help and bring some hard work. I never felt uncomfortable playing as a winger, but still have to improve a lot.”

Later, the Madrilenian was admitting that his team played a bad game, “Mallorca played pretty good and it made us suffer a lot. In the second half the early goal forced us to open the lines and later the second came. Since that point it was complicated. We thought about the comeback, but we missed strength. We didn’t match the expectations and the early goal was a blow for us. As soon as they scored, we lost the order.”

Similar was the speech of Albert Lopo, “It was a fair defeat. We weren’t right. The team was well placed in the first half, but we never created problems to Mallorca. In the second part the team went out slept. I believe there was a foul in the play of the 1-0, but well, it was one of those games in which you want to do thing, but in the end you can’t.” Later the Catalan surprised with his prediction for the end of la liga, “I believe that Deportivo will end above Mallorca, that’s for sure.”

Right-back Manuel Pablo went beyond the idea that Depor played a bad game and said it was one of his worst matches, “It was the most disastrous game for me. He [Gonzalo Castro] surpassed me in the play of the goal, there was a moment when I was above him, but made an incredible control and resolved the play from the corner.”

The Canarian was also saying that Depor suffered due to the physical effort done in recent matches, “Physically, we are struggling after the Copa. In the close plays they always won the ball, but we must be quiet, because this isn’t the line of recent games. We didn’t match our level on here and let’s hope its only one game between eight or ten, but I think this stain is not erasing the previous period we had.” 

Meanwhile, midfielder Juca was saying that the result didn’t reflect the real level of Deportivo, “The result is not fair. The major part of the time Mallorca was the better team, but we are a team that’s better than it looked, we have a better game, and more attitude than what was showed.”

If Depor played one of its worst games, Mallorca played one of his bests, at least it was what coach Gregorio Manzano was thinking, “This is our best game of the first round, the players were wonderful. It was one of the matches that all the coaches want to see. The result is fair, deserved and besides we have completed a first round that’s almost impressive.”





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