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21 Jan 2010
New humiliation in Copa Del Rey and the executioner was the same: Sevilla FC. The Andalusians didn’t make a great presentation and just capitalised the immense talent of their attackers, while Depor never seemed to be a team interested in the Copa.

Lotina switched the system and sent the expected 5-2-2-1 lineup; the novelty was that Juan Dominguez was playing alongside Antonio Tomás in the pivote functions, while Juca was on the bench. It is the first game as starter at the Riazor for the Fabril’s midfielder.

The rest of the starting eleven was: Manu at the goal, Laure at the right-back position, Filipe on the left, Lopo, Piscu and Zé Castro at the centre of the defence; Juan Rodriguez as the playmaker performing towards the right wing, Iván Pérez on the left and Bodipo as the central attacker.

At Sevilla, coach Manolo Jimenez presented the expected 4-4-2 formation, with Diego Perotti and Luis Fabiano sited on the bench. Ex-Depor Aldo Duscher was at midfield and the hope to score the goals was Alvaro Negredo, without forgetting the presence of Diego Capel and Jesús Navas on the wings.

Grey game for a Deportivo that never felt comfortable in defense with the “old" system of five men at the back zone. At the same time, the Galician team was missing its best players in attack. Lotina’s team never represented a threat for Palop, and it only took the initiative after been losing the encounter. Anyhow it was a peaceful start at the Riazor as Sevilla was trying to control the game at midfield, while Depor spent the first five minutes moving the ball at their defensive zone. The first approximations for the locals were a corner-kick of Iván Pérez (1’), and a couple of passes searching for Juan Rodriguez and Bodipo that were easily blocked by the visiting defenders.

The first clear opportunity was for Sevilla, it was after a high cross from Capel that was cleared by Filipe Luis and that Renato found at the edge of the area, but the final attempt from the Brazilian went over the crossbar (9’). The Andalusians were having the initiative, but were unable to find the key to unlock the defensive wall put by Lotina, at lest at the beginning. At the same time, the Galicians weren’t showing anything up front, therefore it was a soulless match within the first fifteen minutes.

Later, the visitors started to push stronger. At minute 20, Sevilla was close to score as Diego Capel and Fernado Navarro combined on the left side leaving behind three rivals, the action ended with a cross from the side defender and with the final shot of Capel that was saved by Manu.

The first clear opportunity for the locals was created by Juan Dominguez, who made a great play at the midfield, then he assisted Bodipo, but the striker fell down at the edge of the area and no foul was committed. The Fabril’s midfielder showed a couple of interesting moves in the game, but was too alone to mean something important. And just when it seemed that Depor was starting to search for the opposite goal, Sevilla took the lead in the scoresheet. It was after a volley from Navas that went to the edge of the area, Manu didn’t search the ball and Álvaro Negredo didn’t miss from close range as his header passed over Depor’s kepeer.

With the goal, the game became more fluent, with Deportivo now having the ball possession and trying to surprise with quick plays searching for Bodipo, while the visitors were trying to increase the lead with their counterattacks, in one of these plays Negredo missed a great opportunity after a great pass from Capel, but the ex-Almeria forward just sent the ball close to the crossbar (31’).

And the increasingly presence of Depor in attack was confirmed with the ball of Juan Rodriguez that hit the post, it was after a cross from Filipe that the ex-Malaga midfielder headed at the penalty spot, then the ball went to the right post (35’). In the next play Piscu headed out a corner-kick of Iván Pérez. No more danger was created in the first part.

The start of this half was more entertaining, with Filipe Luis sending a dangerous cross that Palop blocked, and with Sevilla searching to reply with quick moves from Capel and Navas. The Galicians were pushing forward and tried to have the ball possession, while Sevilla was feeling more comfortable playing through fast counterattacks led by Navas, Capel and Negredo. And the Andalusians were close to double the advantage in their first counterattack of the second part, but Capel sent over the crossbar a good cross coming from Navas (50’).

In the next play Iván Pérez missed a good opportunity after collecting a cross from Filipe, but his attempt from inside the box neither was a shot on target nor a new cross searching for Bodipo. in the next play Bodipo sent out the ball from the left side of the area. Then Lotina made his first two substitutions as Iván Pérez and Antonio Tomás were replaced by David Ańon and Juan Carlos Valerón. Fabril’s striker/winger/playmaker Ańon was debuting with the first squad.

The moves didn’t change the system, though now Juan Rodríguez and Juan Dominguez were more delayed at midfield and Valerón and Ańon were alternating in the playmaker’s roles. The first attempt for Ańon came at minute 71, but he sent the ball over the crossbar. The changes didn’t bring fresh ideas to the local team, and it’s that the pressure of Sevilla was obstructing all the attempts coming from Lotina’s men.

And the visitors resolved the game and the eliminatory in a matter of two minutes. First Diego Perotti, who replaced Capel a few minutes before, eluded Laure and sent a cross from the left that Renato headed into the top-right corner of Manu. Just two minutes later, Zé Castro couldn’t contain Negredo and the striker assisted Perotti, who drilled the ball into the path of Jesús Navas, who didn’t miss from close range. Game over.

The goals killed the game and Manu even avoided the fourth as he stopped a close-range downward header of Romaric. Then Lotina switched the system taking Piscu off and as Juca entered to the pitch, with the move Depor was playing with a 4-2-3-1 scheme, with Valerón as the playmaker, David Ańon on the left wing, Juan Rodriguez on the right and Bodipo in attack.

But the game was already dead; the goals killed all the spirit at Deportivo and Sevilla was busier trying to lose some time. The only approximation of the Galicians after the goals was a shot of Juan Rodriguez from the edge of the area that Palop stopped (83’). And Luis Fabiano, who replaced Negredo some minutes before, was close to score the fourth after receiving a cross from the right, but he sent the ball out (87’).

Horrible game offered by a Deportivo that seemed apathetic towards the Copa Del Rey; the system with five defenders never gave the defensive security that the team needed, while the casualties condemned an offensive game that was simply inexistent. Sevilla just capitalised the quality of his attacking men and easily overcame a Depor that seemed more confused by its own changes in the system, and is that Lotina started with a 5-2-2-1 and ended the match with a 4-2-3-1 scheme.

This is the third straight 0-3 defeat that Deportivo suffers against Sevilla FC playing at the Riazor for Copa Del Rey, now the Galicians needs a ‘little miracle‘ (4-0 win) to achieve the pass to semifinals, the second-leg will be played on the next Wednesday, but before Lotina’s team will hosts Athletic Bilbao playing for la liga (Saturday, 22h00 CET).
Deportivo: Manu – Laure, Piscu (Juca 75’), Zé Castro, Lopo, Filipe – Antonio Tomás (David Ańon 55’), Juan Domínguez – Juan Rodríguez, Iván Pérez (Valerón 55’) – Bodipo.
Sevilla: Palop - Stankevicius, Escudé, Dragutinovic, Fernando Navarro - Jesús Navas, Romaric (Lolo 86’), Duscher, Diego Capel (Perotti 59’) - Renato, Negredo (Luis Fabiano 76’)
Goals: 0-1: (27’) Negredo, 0-2: (67’) Renato, 0-3: (69’) Jesús Navas.
Referee: Iturralde González. No yellow cards were shown.
Venue: Riazor (15,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (48% - 52%); Total shots (7 - 11); Shots on target (3 - 6); Saves by the keepers (3 - 2); Corner-kicks  (2 - 3); Offsides (1 - 2); Fouls committed (15 - 19); Accuracy in the passes (82.61% - 84.78%)



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