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21 Jan 2010
Hugo Garcia resurrected to score a goal and participate in other three goals of his team; this new triumph leaves Depor B tied with Cerceda at the top of the Galician group, though Ramallo’s team has played one less game.

Coach Tito Ramallo was having the casualties of Vieytes, Karl and Richi, while Momar was struggling with a hamstring problem though he was part of the list for the game. Juan Domínguez was also out as he traveled (and played) with the first team to Majorca. At least David Añon and David Rochela were able to play the game after Miguel Angel Lotina decided to not pick them for Depor’s game against RCD Mallorca, while Raúl Garcia was returning after a knee injury.

The lineup was the usual 4-2-3-1 system; keeper Diego Rivas was having muscular problems and this time the starting goalie was Marcos Valín; Diego Seoane was playing at the right-back position, and Jonathan Valle played on the left, this since Raúl was still missing match fitness. The central defenders were Castillo and Rochela. Héctor and captain Dani were the pivotes, this time Chirri played at the left-wing, Añon on the right, Luis Angel was the playmaker and Hugo Garcia the central attacker, he wasn’t totally fit due to a muscular problem.

Meanwhile, A Coruña-based club Negreira arrived in need, just separated from the relegation zone by one point and remembering that its previous five visits to Abegondo ended in a defeat. Coach Julián Ferrero was using a 4-2-3-1 system, with Ignacio Fernández ‘Nacho’ and Esteban Capelo as the main references in attack. Alberto Rendo, an ex-right-back defender of Deportivo Juvenil A, was a starter at Negreira.

Despite the four goals, the true is that Fabril suffered in order to conquer the victory at Abegondo, in the first part it lacked intensity and effectiveness in attack, and it had to wait for the appearance of Hugo García to become a dangerous threat for visiting keeper Adrián Albor. And it’s that within the first thirty minutes, Depor B only had one clear chance to score, it was for Héctor as he missed the target from close range after a series of rebounds (20’).

More effective was the job of Negreira, and it’s that the visitors scored their first goal in their first attempt. It was after Jorge Colón took a free-kick at the left wing, he sent a cross to the box and keeper Marcos Valín tried to catch the ball, but it hit the ground first and the goalie couldn’t stop the danger, central defender Marcos Munín was inside the area in the attempt to head the free-kick, but instead he found the rebound and surpassed Jonathan Valle to send the ball to the upper left corner.

Things seemed complicated for the locals, but then the figure of Hugo García appeared to rescue Fabril. The Ourense-born striker appeared for the first time at the end of the first half, it was after a drilling pass of Héctor coming from midfield, the striker made a movement and eluded Munín at the edge of the area, then he was ready to face Albor one-on-one, but was fouled first by the same Munín. Referee Carballo Vázquez whistled the penalty and Dani equalised the game with a perfect shot. It is the fifth goal in liga for him. Munín was sent off in the same play.

Negreira faced the second half with one less man on the pitch and that was the decisive factor that opened the game. Soon, David Añon scored the goal that gave the lead to Fabril, it was after a play started by Seoane, Chirri sent a cross from the right and into the path of Hugo Garcia, who attempted to score from the box, but his shot was saved by Albor, however the deflection went to the far post and Añon was there to just push the ball in. It is the second goal in liga for him.

Fabril was now feeling more comfortable on the pitch and Ramallo made the first change, as Juan Carlos replaced a disappeared Luis Angel Then, the locals replied with the third goal, the play was started by Cristian Valle, who stole the ball at the left side, then he drilled a pass to Hugo García, who also drilled a cross from the left and into the penalty spot, Juan Carlos was there to defeat Albor with a drilling shot that entered by the centre. It seemed the game was defined, but a new defensive mismatch allowed the visitors to reduce the distance.

It was after a long throw coming from Negreira’s field, Castillo was confident controlling the ball at the edge of the area, but at the same time he was too slow and Miguel Casal Bouzón ‘Peloto’ took advantage of the situation to steal the ball and beat Valín with a drilling shot. Despite the display of Depor B, especially in the second half, the advantage was minimal and it seemed that Ramallo’s team was going to suffer until the end. Fabril’s coach reacted immediately and replaced Chirri with Raúl Garcia, with the move Cristian Valle advanced his position to the left wing and Raúl covered the defensive spot at that side.

And Hugo García, without doubt the best player in the game, appeared again to score the defining goal. Juan Carlos entered into the rival’s area and was facing three opponents at the left corner, then ex-Depor Alberto Rendo tried to clear the danger, but instead he sent a pass to Hugo García at the centre of the area, and the striker scored the goal with a perfect drilling shot that entered near to the right post. It is the sixth goal in liga for him, but the first since matchday 09 (Oct. 18). García even had the chance to score a fifth goal for the locals, this time after a solo-play that started at midfield and in which he eluded three rivals, but in the end the attacker sent the ball over the crossbar. The last change in the game was the entry of Diego Vela for Valle.

Hugo Garcia awakened to rescue Deportivo B as he scored his first goal in three months and participated in the other three to lead his team to a new victory. The result leaves the team tied with Cerceda at the top of the group at Tercera División, but Ramallo’s team has played one less game. On Saturday Depor B will hosts 8th place Vilalonga at Abegondo (17h00 CET).

Comments of Tito Ramallo, “The best news is that we are again competing. I don’t like the breaks, because you start missing the dynamic and it’s difficult to regain the pace. That’s why I was feeling uncomfortable. The game started as we expected, with us having the ball possession and with them defending their goal. After the first goal we were forced to increase the intensity of the game, and started to impose ourselves. In the end, the final score reflects what happened on the pitch. Hugo made a great game. When he could be able to train and play at the top, then he will be a real footballer; it depends on him. This is the Hugo that we want to see, but must continue like this”

Deportivo B: Valín - Seoane, Rochela, Castillo, Valle (Vela 85´) - Héctor, Dani - Añón, Luis Angel (Juan Carlos 59´), Chirri (Raúl 78´)  - Hugo García.
Negreira: Albor –Rendo, Munín, Colón (Juanjo 74’), Isaac - Gonzalo, Orlando (Adrian Prol 86’) - Cuqui, Capelo, Peloto - Nacho.
Goals: 0-1: (23’) Munin, 1-1 (40’) Dani (penalty), 2-1: (54’) Añon, 3-1: (65’) Juan Carlos, 3-2: (66’) Peloto, 4-2: (83’) Hugo García.
Referee: Carballo Vázquez. He showed yellow card to Dani; Colon, Gonzalo and Cuqui. Munin was sent off (40’)
Venue: Abegondo (400)
Other stats: Occasions to score (7 - 4), Corner-kick (5 - 1), Fouls committed (19 - 18)
Best players: Hugo Garcia (8), Rochela (7), Chirri (7), Dani (7), Añon (7) and Juan Carlos (7). Source. Depor Sport.




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