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22 Jan 2010
The Galicians papers were feeling sorry for the ugly and disappointing impression left by the team in Copa Del Rey, but at the same time some signs of hope were recognized through the performance of Juan Dominguez.

Marca (Madrid) The Copa is only for brave people. Lotina proved to be a terrestrial coach as he gave the tie to Sevilla at the Riazor. His ultra-defensive approach and fear by the offensive players of Sevilla provoked to see the Galicians barely leaving their own territory. As Manolo Jimenez said during the week, stressing that he wanted to win the Copa Del Rey, Sevilla went out for everything since the beginning, with all the available men that the coach had for the appointment, and finally it achieved the prize. First Negredo, later Renato and finally Navas, killed a game that only had one color since the first minute. Pablo Egea.

La Opinión  A Coruña: Depor falls, Domínguez grows. Juan Dominguez will never forget last night game, neither the fans who attended to the Riazor. Everyone took note of his brashness. The ball does not burn at his feet, on the contrary, he always offer himself for the disposal of the ball and knows when to move the team forward and when it’s necessary to pass the ball back; he oozes pause and balance. It was his first official meeting as a starter at the Riazor, but he weighed the responsibility. Dominguez's contribution was the best news of the night and almost the only positive one. Apparently, he seems to be a player for many years. He just turned twenty, shows signs of a great player, driving the ball, passing it and also when he has to use resources to elude the rivals. He proved this without wrinkling before two hounds as Duscher and Romaric. He even had time and courage to join the attack and left Bodipo alone against Palop, just before the 0-1. This controversial play, with a possible penalty that wasn’t’ whistled, was born in the boots of the Fabril’s player and may well have changed the outcome of the meeting.

The good thing was Juan Dominguez, the bad, the behavior of the team with the five defenders system, unseen this season until last night. Sevilla's first goal came by the centre, where less vulnerable should be a crowded defensive zone, and that was the best example that this experiment didn’t work. In addition, the overpopulation in defence dismissed the presence in attack. Bodipo was an island surrounded by enemies. In the first half the team missed the connection up front, too many long throws and less combinative football to surprise the rival. Not even the entry of Valerón injected much more clarity. Farewell to the Cup and goodbye to the experiments. Eugenio Cobas

La Voz De Galicia: Deportivo betrayed by the tactic of Nadal. Not the best moment of the season for Deportivo. Despite the big triumph eliminating Valencia in Copa Del Rey, the succession of casualties, the physical effort to fill them and the eventual tactical changes due to the absences, have brought down the performance.

It’s hard for Deportivo to win, because of its blindness in front of the goal, and also because the circumstances have meant that the Nadal tactic, which used to save the games, is failing now. This tactic often consists in waiting for the opposite error, ceding the initiative because you believe in the strength of your defensive game, tactic in which the opponent will get tired of trying to find a crack in the defense, and once you are into its head, at the first error, you will impose your strength, your talent or your luck, or a combination of these three virtues. Exactly what allowed the Spaniard tennis player to survive during last season in the middle of his injury problems; it’s the same thing that, largely, has elevated Deportivo above the expectations.

It could the fatigue, the accumulation of casualties or the entity of the recent rivals, the truth is that Depor is choking the challenge of January, although the 6 points from the possible 18 in League have maintain the luxury of its current position. Now it has wasted its options in Copa with one of those explosions that stain the opportunities of a team that usually keeps a clean sheet. Only in the games against Madrid, Valladolid, Barca and this one with Sevilla in Copa, has allowed 13 of the 21 goals received in the whole year.

And in that situation, you start missing not only the goals from the forwards, but the strategy, which have benefited Depor and (if we do not count Guardado's goal in Valencia after a throw-in) that is missed when the game fails. Of course, with Guardado, Juca and Sergio injured at some point in recent weeks, good free-kick takers are scarce.

For me, the most positive thing from the defeat against Sevilla was the overwhelming quality details left by Juan Dominguez, who at least showed that we have a footballer there. And I also took a positive impression concerning the importance of Antonio Tomás, whose substitution demonstrated the problems of Depor to build its game. And above all, that the losses would not last forever and that if the team held in liga the current run of play, the struggle for Europe is guaranteed. Miguel Piñeiro

 El Ideal Gallego: A broken Depor looks only to the League. Juan Dominguez was one of the outstanding players of the game and demonstrated that he should be appearing more often. Only a miracle can give access to the semi-finals after yesterday’s crash. Lotina raised the encounter with five defenders and gave weight to Juan Dominguez at midfield. The youngster proved to have a huge future, and that he is trained to claim a protagonic role in this team as the days pass. Five players from the factory of Abegondo, Manu, Laure, Piscu, Ivan Perez and him, were at the starting eleven to meet one of the best teams in the national and international scene.

Diario de Sevilla: The great Sevilla is back; important step forward for Sevilla to become, again, one of the semifinalists in Copa Del Rey. In the absence of a tragedy next week in Nervión, the team of Manuel Jimenez will be again among the top four best teams of the tournament after crashing, literally, Deportivo at the Riazor. The Andalusians imposed with a restrained football, a great tactical disposition and tremendous effectiveness that settled the adversary.

Sevilla offered at the Riazor one of its best football versions of recent weeks, and it did it under a draw exactly identical to the one used by Jimenez just four days before at the Camp Nou. He just varied some parts, true, but the scheme was the same. Renato, Romaric and Duscher performed in the same roles assigned to Stankevicius, Marc Valiente and Lolo at Barcelona, with the only difference that Daniel Alves was not there to annoy and that situation allowed Romaric to have more freedom than Lolo. In short, it was a Sevilla with a line of four men at the back zone, three midfielders and three forwards if we consider wingers Jesus Navas and Diego Capel.

And under this scheme, Sevilla behave as an infinitely more solid team, as a group of laborers who knew perfectly what areas should be covered. These factors, united to the fact that Deportivo neither had enough audacity to come forward, encouraged the visitors to take possession of the ball from minute 1. It is clear that football has many circumstances, but the command belonged to a much better and prepared Sevilla on the field. Francisco José Ortega



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