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22 Jan 2010
Not all the players were feeling pessimistic after the heavy defeat in Copa Del Rey, some of them like Iván Pérez and Juan Dominguez still optimistic, while Lotina is feeling frustrated due to the injuries.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was very sad after the game, “The truth is that I am feeling disappointed, especially for the fans and for the effort done by the players. It is a big setback, but it helps us to mature. We knew that with the change in the system they were going to dominate the game and put more pressure in attack. In the second half they were simply superior to us. “

Later, he was showing his preoccupation for the physical situation of the players and the upcoming calendar, “The team is tired, we have several casualties and will now face a hard month, with two straight tough matches at home. Filipe ended the game with important muscular problems. The team is at the limit, but it what it is. Let’s hope people will start to recover. It was pretty to eliminate Valencia in Copa, we were hopeful, but this is the reality.”

“The good thing after today’s game is to realise that we have the same number of points than Sevilla, we say everything with that. We must be more careful now at the moment of analyse the things. To have the same number of points than Sevilla at this moment of the season means a huge merit. I can’t say anything to the players, especially for the big effort they are doing. To compare this Depor with the Superdepor is like comparing this Sevilla with the Sevilla of that time. No matter what, it was useful to use this system, because we could use it from time to time.” Lotina added.

David Añón is the second Fabril’s youngster that debuts on this season after the case of Juan Dominguez, he was giving his opinion about the game, “It is a dream come true, especially as I went out at the same time than a master like Valerón, but the result wasn’t positive. I am feeling upset for the game, but what the youngsters of Fabril want is to learn from the first team.”

Rodolfo Bodipo was complaining for the calls of referee Iturralde González, “The two fouls over me were clear and could have changed the game. With the 0-0 in the scoresheet, I was prepared to shot and he rival throw me, it was foul and yellow card. Later, with the 0-1, the defender failed to clear the ball, I won the position and he grabbed me. It was foul and red card.” However, he believes the result was deserved, “Sevilla knew how to neutralize our new system and defeated us fairly.” He said.

Despite the heavy defeat, some players still believe in the comeback, one of them is Iván Pérez, “Atletico Madrid was also thinking it was out of the Copa and look what happened, worst things have been seen. I never gave as lost a tie when we are talking of a two-leg series.”

Similar were the thoughts of other of the youngsters at the team, Juan Dominguez, “The truth is that things are complicated, but you never know what’s going to happen in football; we must go out for everything at Sevilla, because we don’t have anything to lose and bigger comebacks have been seen.”

The midfielder also said that Depor made a pretty effort despite the final result, “We neither made a bad game. We started well, but when the first goal was scored, and specially after the second, it turned into a broken game. Personally, I was feeling comfortable, and it’s good to keep adding minutes, but the most important thing is the final result.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro was at least feeling optimistic to see several youngsters on the pitch, “Neither we were lucky nor did the merits to deserve a good result. Right now we can only wait for a miracle in Seville, though is complicated. The positive reading is the good performance of all the youngsters that have played tonight.”

At Sevilla, coach Manolo Jiménez was feeling very proud of his team, “We were very superior, because we were effective, we did our job and never allowed Depor to play its game. Deportivo is a great team and it has a great coach, but it’s also truth that they have a lot of casualties, that’s why they tried to refresh things with a system of five defenders. We just tried to support our four suffered defenders also with a change in the system, and it worked out thanks to the job of all the players. We must try to recover our people and be ready for la liga, Copa and Champions League; February is around the corner.”




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