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25 Jan 2010
The doctors of Deportivo confirmed that Filipe Luis will not return on this season and also that he will miss the FIFA World Cup. They also explained the details of the surgery that corrected the ankle injury of the player.

It is now official, Filipe Luis will not play with Deportivo in the remaining games of the season and will also miss the World Cup in South Africa. It was something explained by doctor Rafael Arriaza on Sunday, just after the operation to correct his ankle problem on the right leg, which was diagnosed as a fibula fracture and ankle dislocation.

Arriaza started talking of the reason why the surgery took place immediately, “When an ankle fracture and dislocation occurs, it’s always better to operate in the early hours, because if the ankle swells a lot, then you have to wait ten or twelve days until the swelling downs. Moreover, since it’s an irreducible dislocation, we couldn’t put the bone in its place, the foot was on risk and that could be an irreversible problem."

Later the doctor explained how the injury occurred, “The foot got stuck, Gorka (Athletic goalkeeper) falls over him, rolls over his feet and the player suffers a fracture of the fibula, which included a rupture of the ankle ligaments. When you have a dislocation, we try to reduce it on the field, but in this case it was irreducible. So we immediately take him to the hospital. "

Arriaza, who was joined by doctors Ramón Barral and Carlos Lariño, said what everybody was fearing to hear, that the Brazilian will not return on this season and that he will miss the World Cup, “We must think of the next season, we can’t pretend other thing. We are screwed, because Filipe is a loved player at the changing room, which is very special due to the unity that we have; everybody feel affected. For the moment we will try to have him ready for the pre-season stage.”

Depor’s doctor also said that he is optimistic about the possible evolution of the injury, "Whenever you get a serious injury, traumatic and of this caliber, there may be a sequel, a limitation, and there are players who are forced to retire, but fortunately there are many more that surpass the problems and we must be optimistic. The fact that he has demonstrated to be an athlete is always good; to be a player who runs for so many miles, his ankle joint was perfect and that makes us feel more optimistic. The fact that he is left-footed means good news, because the injury occurred on the right leg. Maybe he won’t return to be the same player of the past, but there are several players that weren’t affected by these kinds of cases."

Finally, the doctor said that the player has taken the injury in a positive way, “He is carrying with the problem really well, and I hope he will continue like this and that we could be happy in a short period of time. He is the one cheering us up, who says to everyone that nothing is happening, he is fine, though I can imagine the pain by the inside.”

The player has received continuous demonstration of affection; Depor’s players dedicated the victory to him as they celebrated the goals showing the number three (his shirt number), while after the final whistle his shirt was shown to the public The fans also sung their name during the match.

At the hospital, he received the visit of his team mates and even the visit of Gorka Iraizoz, who later said that he is feeling screwed with his injury. The Brazilian also received a phone call from president Lendoiro and from Lotina, while his Facebook page received countless messages of support.




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