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27 Jan 2010
A Depor, full of casualties and reinforced by six Fabril’s players, searches the miracle in Copa; and it won’t be an easy task, especially because Sevilla is presenting a solid squad, with all their best offensive players picked for the game.

Lotina’s team needs a 4-0 win in order to advance to semifinals, and it’s a very difficult result to achieve. Deportivo already faced eleven Copa series in which the Galician team lost the first-leg by three or more goals, and only in one opportunity it was able to achieve a comeback. It was for the season 1931/32 after losing the first match against Racing Santander with a 4-1 score; later the Galicians clinched a 5-0 win at the old Riazor and advanced to the second round.

But of the mentioned eleven series, Depor has never achieved a comeback after losing the first game at home by a difference of three or more goals. This scenery has been seen in two opportunities; the first one on the season 1973/74 after Depor lost against the same Racing Santander at the Riazor by 0-3 and later suffered another 0-3 setback in the returning leg. 

And the second occasion occurred just three years ago (season 2006/07), and against the same rival of the present, Sevilla FC. Caparrós’ Deportivo lost the first-leg of the semifinals with the same 0-3 of the past week, and in the second game the Galician team was defeated with a 0-2 score at the Sánchez Pizjuán.

In a thing without precedents, coach Miguel Angel Lotina has decided to pick six Fabril’s players for the Copa clash in Seville: goalkeeper Marcos Valín (22-years-old), right-back defender Diego Seoane (21), left-back defender Raúl Garcia (19),  central defender David Rochela (19), defensive midfielder Daniel Rodriguez ‘Dani’ (21’) and offensive midfielder Juan Domínguez (19), this last one already played a few games with the first team.

Also to appoint that the list includes other four young players that were recently promoted from Deportivo B: Goalkeeper Manuel Fernández Muñiz ‘Manu’ (23), right-back defender Laureano Sanabria Ruiz ‘Laure’ (24), central defender Adrian López ’Piscu’ (22) and playmaker Iván Pérez Maceiras (24). In the end, it is possible to say that Fabril is contributing with 10 players in order to palliate the injury crisis striking Deportivo.

And it’s that the serious injury of Filipe Luis has kept the number of players at the injury room at six: Filipe, Angulo, Sergio, Guardado, Lassad and Mista. Besides, Lopo (left thigh) Aranzubia (ankle) and Riki (knee) have small physical problems and the Basque coach preferred to reserve the three of them for the liga clash against Real Madrid, while Manuel Pablo and Antonio Tomás were also rested for that match.

However, not all the youngsters picked for the game are going to play, the rules of the competition contemplate that only four players inscribed in the B list can be performing at the same time, and Lotina is traveling with seven: Valín, Seoane, Raúl, Rochela, Dani, Juan Dominguez and Iván Pérez. For the moment Lotina has only confirmed that Seoane or Raúl Garcia will cover the left-back position in this game. Seoane is the right-back of Fabril and already was at Depor’s bench after been picked by Lotina on the past liga season, while Raúl is the left-footed choice and this represents his first call to the first team.

All appoints that the rest of the defensive line will be the same one that played in the first-leg, with Manu at the goal, Laure at the right-back position, and the duo composed by Piscu and Portuguese Zé Castro at the centre. At midfield, Juca could be rested for Real Madrid, therefore all appoints that Juan Rodriguez will return to the sector after missing the liga game with Athletic Bilbao due to suspension, his partner should be Juan Dominguez.

The third Fabril’s member at the starting eleven will be Iván Pérez, who could be appearing as left winger, while all appoints that Juan Carlos Valerón is going to be the playmaker in the formation and Pablo Alvarez the right winger. Finally, Rodolfo Bodipo is going to be the central attacker. 

Winger Pablo Alvarez was trying to be optimistic before the clash, “We know it’s complicated, but we still have to play for ninety minutes, because you never know what could happen in football. What we will try to do is to not allow any goal, to score and later to see what happens. Right now the team is very united, we are strong, and the ones on here must fight until death.”

List of picked players (18): Manu, Marcos Valín (goalkeepers); Laure, Seoane, Adrián López ‘Piscu’, Zé Castro, Colotto, Rochela, Raúl Garcia (defenders); Juan Rodríguez, Dani, Pablo Álvarez, Juca, Juan Domínguez, Valerón, Iván Pérez (midfielders); Bodipo and Adrián (strikers).

Coach Manolo Jiménez is not taking as granted the pass to semifinals, therefore he is ready to send a strong squad to the pitch of the Sánchez  Pizjuán, actually for the occasion he has only picked two players from the B squad (Sevilla Atletico): defender Marc Valiente Hernández and striker José Carlos Fernández. Besides, for the first time in two months, Jiménez is able to pick his powerful trio in attack for one single game: Frederic Kanoute, Luis Fabiano and Alvaro Negredo.

Kanoute returned on the past week from the African Cup, but wasn’t picked for the liga game against UD Almeria due to an ankle problem, while Luis Fabiano was out for two months due to a knee injury and already played in the first-leg against Depor. Also to remember that the list of picked players includes the names of Diego Capel, Jesus Navas and Diego Perotti, three skilful wingers that made a lot of damage in the leg played at the Riazor.

The big doubt in the lineup is who will play at the goal, Jiménez gave the same chances to Javier Varas and Andrés Palop. The rest of the 4-4-2 lineup seems clear, with Lithuanian Marius Stankevicius at the right-back position, Adriano on the left side, youngster Marc Valiente and veteran Ivica Dragutinovic playing as centre backs.

At midfield, ex-Depor Aldo Duscher and Manuel Ortiz ‘Lolo’ will be performing on the pivote functions, Diego Capel will be attacking at the right wing and the other youngster in the list, José Carlos, will have the chance to play as a left winger. In attack, ex-PSV Arouna Koné, who has been linked with an exit from the Andalusian club, will have a new chance to prove his value as he will join Brazilian Luis Fabiano, this last one already scored five times against Depor between liga and Copa Del Rey.

List of picked players (20):: Palop, Javi Varas (goalkeepers), Stankevicius, Escudé, Marc Valiente, Dragutinovic, Adriano, Fernando Navarro (defenders); Duscher, Lolo, Renato, Romaric, Jesus Navas, Capel, Perotti (midfielders); Jose Carlos, Negredo, Luis Fabiano, Kanouté and Koné (strikers).

Sevilla: Palop or Javi Varas - Stankevicius, Marc Valiente, Dragutinovic, Adriano - Capel, Duscher, Lolo, José Carlos – Koné, Luis Fabiano
Deportivo: Manu – Laure, Piscu, Zé Castro, Raúl or Seoane – Juan Domínguez, Juan Rodríguez – Pablo Álvarez, Valerón, Iván Pérez – Bodipo.
Referee: Fernando Teixeira Vitienes.
Kick-off: 22h00 CET (Sánchez Pizjuán)
Head-to-head in Copa: 3 wins for Depor, 1 draw, 7 wins for Sevilla.



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