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28 Jan 2010
A solid Deportivo in defence was able to clinch a refreshing victory, it wasn’t enough to achieve the miracle, but at least it motivates the squad ahead of la liga. Bodipo scored and later had to be replaced, while Seoane, Rochela and Dani debuted.

Lotina presented a 4-2-3-1 lineup; the big novelty was to witness the debut of Diego Seoane with the first squad, though he was playing at the left-back position (he is right-footed). Laure was the one performing at the right side of the defence, and the central defenders were Piscu and Ze Castro. In the end Juca joined Juan Dominguez at midfield, while Juan Rodríguez was the playmaker in the formation. Pablo Alvarez was playing at the left wing, Iván Pérez was at the right and Rodolfo Bodipo was the striker, The Equatoguinean was the captain on the pitch.

At Sevilla, coach Manolo Jimenez surprised as he switched the system into a 4-3-3, with a triple pivote figure: Duscher, Romaric and Lolo. Also, in defence Stankevicius was sited on the bench, Dragutinovic was playing at the right back position, while Fernando Navarro was joining Marc Valiente at the centre. Luis Fabiano was alone in attack, and Capel and Perotti were attacking by the wings.

There was a low attendance at the Sánchez Pizjuán; part of the problem was that the series seemed already decided, while the weather was also complicating the things as it was heavily raining since some hours before the game, at least the pitch was in decent conditions.

Both teems seemed relaxed during big part of the first part, like assuming since the start that the tie was already defined. And it’s that both keepers barely touched the ball, but the truth was that Depor controlled the actions, mainly because it was putting pressure in attack (a thing the Galicians never did in the first-leg), that’s why Sevilla was constantly losing the ball. The problem was that Iván Perez and Pablo Alvarez, the most active players in the visiting team, were missing the connection with Bodipo, reason why there were no clear opportunities to score within the first forty minutes.

Sevilla started attacking with a shot of Luis Fabiano from mid-distance that went over the crossbar (1’), but that was one of the only two chances they had in this half. Depor was trying to play calmly, moving the ball over the grass and without any hurry, it controlled the ball but without creating any danger against Javi Varas. Meanwhile, Sevilla also seemed relaxed, the Andalusians preferred to give the ball to the rival and at the same time, they were pushing strongly in order to steal it and launch a fast counterattack. The fact was that the first twenty minutes were a real boredom, with both keepers living a placid game and with the ball spending the major part of the time at midfield.

In this period of time, the only approximation of Depor was a solo-play of Pablo Álvarez in which the winger eluded two rivals at the edge of the area, but Dragutinovic obstructed his final shot (18’), two minutes later Iván Pérez attempted from mid-distance, but his effort missed the target.

The first shot on target on the game came thanks to a set piece, it was a 30-meters free-kick of Juca that Javi Varas neutralized (28’). The bad news for the locals came with Ivica Dragutinovic, who had to leave early after he fouled Pablo Alvarez, the Serbian was hit in the ribs and was replaced by Escude.

Pablo Alvarez, Juan Domínguez and Iván Pérez were constantly switching their positions, and when The Shark seemed more dangerous was when he was attacking by the right side, as example the play that occurred at minute 31 after a long pass from Laure, but Alvarez couldn’t resolve the play when he was at the edge of the area.

The most dangerous play of Sevilla came until minute 39, it was after Perotti sent a free-kick into the area, it turned into a crossed shot that nobody touched and that went out by the far post of Manu. The best of the half came at the end, with Depor having two straight corner-kicks and later with Luis Adriano claiming from a penalty inside of Depor’s area.

And Deportivo surprised Sevilla with a great move of Iván Pérez on the right wing, he sent a high cross that Adriano couldn’t clear at the edge of the area, then Juan Dominguez jumped and headed the ball, it turned into a pass to Pablo Alvarez, who later drilled the ball back to the right post, and Rodolfo Bodipo was there to score his first goal on the season as he pushed the ball into the net with a diving kick.

The goal opened a little window of hope for Depor, now the Galicians needed two goals to force the extra-time. It was a deserved reward for the defensive performance of Lotina’s team, zone that erased Sevilla from the pitch and that never represented any problem for Manu. To emphasise that Seoane was having a comfortable debut with the first team, solid in defence and joining the attacks from time to time. It must be appointed that he was performing in the opposite side that he usually covers at Fabril.

The truth is that Depor never seemed to believe in the miracle, the Galicians took the second part very calmly, and actually Sevilla seemed more in a hurry to find the equaliser. The final part started with both teams practicing a more fluid game, Sevilla had the first attempt to score, it was a lateral free-kick of Perotti that Manu controlled (50’). One minute later Navas replaced Perotti and immediately he sent a cross that Capel headed out (54’)

Depor responded with a new cross of Iván Pérez, but this time Bodipo couldn’t found the goal as he headed the ball out (55’). The goal awoke the game, contrary to the strategy used in the first part, Sevilla was now trying to have the initiative and was having a better ball possession. At minute 62, Luis Fabiano scored, but it was annulled for an offside. Two minutes later the Brazilian headed out a corner of Capel.

Then Bodipo had to be replaced due to a knee problem, he was the captain in the squad and was replaced by the captain of Fabril, Dani Rodriguez, who was debuting with the first squad of Deportivo. He covered the right wing and Pablo Alvarez was now the central attacker. Later David Rochela debuted as he replaced Juca, the central defender of Depor B is used to perform at midfield; therefore he took the place of the Brazilian.

The changes never affected the situation on the pitch, because Sevilla still was the side having the best chances; but Depor's keeper was there to save the goal. Firstly Manu saved a short-range header of Lolo (65’), the same Lolo scored the goal in the rebound, but was offside. Eight minutes later the Asturian keeper appeared again to save a great short-range shot of Luis Fabiano, Depor responded with a great play of Seoane that earned a free-kick (79’)

For the final ten minutes, Lotina put Adrian on the pitch as he replaced Pablo Alvarez, who was playing as central attacker after the exit of Bodipo. In the next play, Juan Rodriguez handled the ball at the edge of the area, and the resulting free-kick was sent over the crossbar by Romaric. Then Kanoute entered to replace Luis Fabiano, the Brazilian sought the goal in the second half, but again ended scoreless.

Adrian appeared once, it was to provoke a free-kick at the edge of the area, but Juan Rodriguez couldn’t capitalise the occasion as he hit the barrier (89’). That was the last clear attempt from Depor, while Sevilla renounced to search for the equaliser after the exit of Fabiano.

It was a decent game of Deportivo, a very different squad to the disastrous side that allowed three goals in the first-leg. The key was that the Galician team put pressure in attack, which reduced the attacks from Sevilla and the suffering of Depor’s defence. The Andalusians looked dangerous in the second part, but Manu was there to achieve the clean sheet thanks to two key saves. The best players were Pablo Alvarez, Iván Pérez and Juan Dominguez

Depor was eliminated from Copa Del Rey with a 1-3 aggregate score, but the game left the positive news of the debut of three Fabril’s youngsters: right-back Diego Seoane, central defender David Rochela and midfielder Dani Rodriguez, who had a decent performance, especially Seoane, who was an starter. The bad news was the injury of Bodipo, it seems it was a knee problem, and the scans will determine the seriousness of the case, his casualty could leave Depor’s attacking line with only one member ahead of the home liga match against Real Madrid (Saturday, 22h00 CET).
Sevilla: Javi Varas – Dragutinovic (Escude 26’), Marc Valiente, Navarro, Adriano - Duscher, Romaric, Lolo - Capel, Luis Fabiano (Kanoute 82’), Perotti (Navas 51’).
Deportivo: Manu – Laure, Piscu, Zé Castro, Seoane – Juca (Rochela 79’), Juan Domínguez – Iván Pérez, Juan Rodríguez, Pablo Álvarez (Adrian 79’) – Bodipo (Dani 65’).
Goal: 0-1: (43’) Bodipo.
Referee: Fernando Teixeira Vitienes. He showed yellow card to Piscu (75’), Juan Rodriguez (81’), Navarro (88’) and Rochela (90+1’).
Venue: Sánchez Pizjuán (15,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (53% - 47%); Total shots (18 - 8); Shots on target (4 - 3); Saves by the keepers (2 - 4); Corner-kicks  (5 - 3); Offsides (5 - 0); Fouls committed (21 - 14); Accuracy in the passes (76.24% - 76.15%)



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